Let’s have facts not union fictions

As usual the mainstream media are publishing union press releases without doing any fact checking. The meat workers union has Eddie at the Standard promoting their lines, and as everyone knows Eddie is the kind of coward who refuses to disclose who he or she is.

Knowing what a bunch of liars the MUNZ were I wondered if the Meatworkers were as big a bunch of liars and decided to find out. Unlike mainstream media journalists who repeat press releases that fit their ideology I actually investigate, so I made some calls and found out the following details. This matched nicely with some of the useful information that has been coming through the tipline from disaffected union insiders.

Reading between the lines the Meat Workers Union of Aotearoa are as big a bunch of thugs as the Maritime Union of New Zealand. hey are certainly helping each other in their campaigns.They want to preserve conditions from a 1993 collective agreement, which has its foundations in the 1960s. The union wants to preserve the 1960s rights, while the modern world has free trade and a floating dollar.

In typical union fashion they have taken exactly the same stance as the port workers. They won’t make any compromises on conditions that would allow processing plants to run more efficiently, costing companies and New Zealand in a tough export environment. Give the union the opportunity to receive increased pay to work on more efficient killing chains they will want the pay but still keep the same old killing efficiency.

Some of the more stupid things the Meatworkers Union have done is complain bitterly about drug testing of workers in an extremely dangerous industry, yet complain equally bitterly about stoned workers getting hurt while at work.

Thanks to some useful information from the tipline I have some very interesting Union promotional material. This union is an extremely militant, reactionary and politically active group, who fight National about as hard as they fight employers.

It seems too that they have recruited Simon Oosterman to run their campaign, and you are seeing the fruits of that with almost identical protest signs flourishing on their pickets. The fonts and style are the same, just the words differ. So too is their website, almost identical to the Save Our Port crowd. Same fonts, same design, same focus on massive families who are allegedly hard done by.

Expect too to see Labour’s own version of Michelle Boag, Helen Kelly, turn up for some union bullying. As more information flows in I will counter the media spin that is starting to flow the way of the mainstream media via professional militants like Simon Oosterman and Helen Kelly.


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  • Dave

    Great work Cam – please continue to expose these seriously deluded and outdated union thugs.   Also love to see the posts re their financials, hit em where it hurts most, their pockets!

    • AngryTory

      Naa, hit ’em where it really hurts most, in the head!

      • Pakeha56

        And claim violence when they rock someone’s car. Yeah Right.

  • hoha

    I just cant understand why these union members cant see that if their company is running at optimum performance that they too benefit from it. Most larger corporation’s give quarterly bonuses for goals achieved yet the union want to fuck around and miss out on a higher bonus.
    I bet these union members with teenagers go home at the end of a day at work and expect that all they have told their teenagers to do around the house to be done and not only done but done to exactly how they have told them to do it, if it hasn’t been done that way I bet they don’t get an allowance, is that not the same principle? Do your job properly or you miss out on a bonus.

    • Nice in theory but the problem is for the likes of freezing workers – and that level of worker it doesn’t EVER apply.  It usually goes to the corporate group eg office workers and managers.

    • jackwhite


  • Duncan Brown

    I detect a note of bias. MSM also quoted the company in a right-of-reply in the same story:

    “Affco operations manager Rowan Ogg said the company was making good on a promise it delivered to workers in a letter more than two weeks ago that it would “not be comfortable” paying for statutory holidays to people who engaged in strike action.”

    Seems to me they checked…

    What the unions are up to is a separate issue.

    •  They’re not on strike aren’t they locked out? How does that work?

  • Robert Miles

    You have to be brave to challenge the meatworkers union, their workforce tends to be tough ugly and dangerous to tangle. After the 51 confrontation the watersiders gradually evolved in the 70s ti the 80s into something rather more individualistic on pretty good generous conditions. Certainly their were elements of danger in their work- with such things as loading logs, ( obviously they pretty quicky halted when there was signs of piled logs sliding, but there were always interludes of work in marginal conditions and various sort of work with chemicals and fertlizers ships was unpeasent and  dangerous. But in the deep provinces keeping open the freezing works is a matter seen as essential even by the local artistrocracies for paternalistic, crime control and maintaining the viability of local commercial so in  reality even the most right wing and moneyed elements will do anything to compromise with the workers union and dissent in those areas is impossible for anyone.
       In  terms of Helen Kelly as somebody who has spent the last 30 years years with studying and engaging with our beautiful militant female defenders of the ordinary man- she is part the identikit type of peace, anti nuclear and pacifist advocate. Those who are unionists are generally by definition hard left – . Bradford is of course the worst example. Once women become fat feminists or destroy their beauty you know your dealing withsomething hard line. Bradford is of course the lititmus test,a nything she supports will be wrong, evil and will promote an East German Communsit society and destroy the freedom of any intelligent individual. The aim of such people is to maximise the employment of stupid ordinary individuals who are devoid of sympathy for the individualistic and beautiful. Most of the militalistic and beautiful are just expressing their contempt for our pathetic society and the lack of the gutz, class and intelligence of men of say the RN, SS or Police Type to simply take them if not actually mount them in public. This is pretty much why Valerie Morse strides around naked and burns the NZ flag its why numerous female students , professional s in their 20s stut around middle class strip clubs in Auck and Wgtn showing of their sexual power and before Dalziel stopped riding everybody in public stark naked for a few dollars. What these women want is shown clearly by Kate Dewes choice of Bucanear nuclear strike officer Robert Green a very nuggety little tough officer or Petra Kelly walzing into the arms of Kurt Bastian the toughtest German Army General and incidentally the son of Adolf H personal secretary. Petra Kelly was incensed when Penthouse did a centerforld ink drawing of her similar to Rampling lap dancing the SS in the Night Porter with  the modification that Kelly was drawn in the deathheadd visor cap , with the long gloves, naked ,thigh boots and black revolver.
      And how does the high maintenance Helen Kelly finance the outshopping from the NY boutiques. Of course there are three types of anti nuclear peace activists the communists, the christians and the militarists who want to clear the decks so they can fight like many real professional militarists and many of the female officers of all services want to unkike the ratings and give scope even to roll back communism and islam. So for the most part its about sex more than ideology except for Bradford and Minto and H.Kelly

    • Salacious T Crumb


      • In Vino Veritas

        I have laughed out loud long and hard again!

  • RobertM

    Correction. My point is that the female officers of all services even inNZ, often want to fight just as much as the men and are entirely different from the ratings. In relation to Dalziel she is an opponent of strip clubs who stopped everybody being ridden in public by the hot chicks

    • niggly

      Hey Robert, I take it you’re the fellow with the military family background (and Corvette advocate etc), if so I’ve seen your writings here and there over the years (and depending on the subject I may or may not agree with your POV) but nonetheless you have some interesting thoughts but they can be hard to follow, could you please slow down a bit and take some time to explain your thinking and rationale? Because sometimes you write as if the reader understands the intricacies of the subjects as you zip from one to another etc.  Not trying to be an arse, just trying to appreciate where you are coming from.

  • Work for a living


    Coming soon to a small screen near you.Triangle TV is launching “The Union Report”, a new current affairs
    programme that looks at the news of the week through the lens of
    industrial relations. Council of Trade Union (CTU) President Helen Kelly and commentators
    Chris Trotter and Mike Williams will be joined by a changing panel of
    guests from prominent trade unions and CTU affiliates to discuss the
    week’s industrial activity from the workers ‘perspective.

    Get the keyboard ready for the BSA :-)

  • Anonymouscoward

    Employers get the unions they deserve.

    Andrew Talley deserves the union he has got.

  • jay cee

    how does helen kelly pay to shop in new york? been there,done that. who the hell cares? and just as importantly whos business is it anyway?

  • AngryTory

    better yet:LET’S HAVE FReedom NOT UNIONS

  • Roadie 50

    worked in freezing works for 42 years and seen numerous attemps by the meat workers union to cause as much problems and disruption as they possibly can, they believe that they should be the tail wagging the dog ,they should be delt with once and for all. Talleys has the right idea, reestablish who the boss is.

    • jackwhite

      bet yiu collected a very healthy super scheme payout