Looking closely at the EPMU

Owl has been looking into the finances of various unions. Let’s start by looking at the EPMU formerly led Andrew Little. Unlike Andrew Little who smears with anonymous emails Owl and I will use facts:

Observation by the OWL


The EPMU websites states that all annual accounts should be audited and available to members on request. (Personally the OWL thinks they would send to all members but that is only my view).

However to claim certain status under NZ Law you have to file your accounts with the MED Societies Office. (These rules EPMU follow very well)

FACT ONE: EPMU is very good at filing their returns

Though for the interest of being good citizens there are a couple of things they may want to tidy up as soon as possible.

FACT TWO: There are no 2005 Accounts filed

FACT THREE: The 2006 Accounts are an excel spreadsheet (20Kb) with no auditors statement or notes. They should file the audited accounts – The audited accounts should replicate the excel spreadsheet accounts already posted and have the Auditors stamp as per their requirements on the EPMU website and as they have done quite successfully for over a decade.

FACT FOUR: The NZCTU, MUNZ were able to upload their accounts when the OWL brought it to their attention within 48 hours so EPMU should be able to do the same . It is a very easy process.

So the Facts are EPMU needs to do a little tidy up homework

The OWL took this information off the MED Societies Offices Website.

For one of New Zealand’s largest unions these sorts of discrepancies show a lack of proper accounting.

With, according to their website, 43,000 workers all paying $6.90 per week, they are raking in over $296,700 per week. With more than $15 million in subscriptions in the latest accounts you would think they would follow their own rules by filing the 2005 and 2006 accounts in accordance with those rules.


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  • Kiwidon

    And Mr Little was at the helm during the years in question! 
    Useful info to have ready at question time………

  • DangerMice

    What on earth do they do with 15 million a year?

    • Dave

      Pay union officials their fat salaries and expenses.    Pay for all their overseas trips to visit fellow union organizers.   And to pay for the catering and alcohol to get the members to attend meetings.  After all why would anyone go to a union meeting if there was no food!!

      • Scanner

        You forgot the piss and the hookers.

      • Owl

        Scanner the OWL does not swear. No conclusion like that has been said. Only interested in process. 2005 accounts not filed. 2006 accounts are a spreadsheet.
        The OWL only works on facts available in the public domain and makes observations. Thank you.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Something whiffy here…

    Surely some legal types could now start some indepth investigations on these clowns?

    I wonder, if MUNZ / EPMU were operating outside of their legal boundries / framework / duties to remain a legal entity – then surely they are legally in breach of the requirements to negotiate in “good faith” when they aren’t even legally allowed to operate without forfilling the minimum legal requirements to operate as a “3rd party”??