Mallard’s Complaint and Len’s office

The Herald ran today an article about Mallard lodging a complaint with the Auckland Electoral Officer about the $15,000 donation by Sky City to John Banks’ mayoral campaign. I have been mulling it over and something just doesn’t seem right here.

You see, in my investigations into James Bews-Hair and Conor Roberts I’ve found some interesting dots that need to be joined.

There are some interesting Labour Party dynamics at play. It is clearer by the day that the Auckland wing of the Party are done with all the beltway politics that is being played by Shearer and his team (of almost resigned staffers).

We all know that in Auckland there is one person who knows more about the Auckland Mayoral campaign than anyone.

We also know that there’s another person rather close to the current Mayor who wrote Sky City’s donation policy (refer to previous post about chequebook lobbying)

It does raise questions why the two gentlemen above would feed the information about the dual Sky City donations (ie: one to Brown, one to Banks) to the serially disloyal Mallard and not to their own man Shearer (has everyone forgotten that Roberts ran Shearer’s campaign for the by-election while Bews-Hair worked with and was Shearer’s boss in Goff’s ministerial office).

Clearly from Auckland they can sense the tide going out on Shearer’s leadership. They’ve given up on their own man, their own mate, the guy they helped install.

The real question is why are they feeding Mallard? Roberts is determined to complete the hatchet job he’s done on Banks’ political career. Bews-Hair is always a more difficult one to work out. May be he has got bored or may be he is backing the other team and wants his old mate (and former employee) Goldsmith to be MP of

As for the complaint. It will come down to what Sky City says they told Banks (about the donation).

Hmmm… and will Banks vote against the Sky City pokies/centre deal? Bloody unlikely.


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  • Mallard’s certainly in this up to his chin. He was gloating about Campbell Live last night BEFORE the hatchet job went to air. His fingerprints are all over this.

  • Macca

    Question:  Does Mallard ever do anything constructive towards the running of the NZ – or any of the Labour party for that matter – or the Gweens?
    Answer;  If he or they do,  I would be interested to know what it is!

    For the last 3 1/2 years, National has been try to get us through the worst economic period the world has seen sinse the great depression – and all these clowns can do (along with the MSM), is muck rake, shit stir and be as negative as they possibly can whenever they possibly can. 

    I rest my case!!!!!

    • jay cee

      and national in oppossition were the epitome of constructive criticism – yeah right! its what oppossitions are supposed to do.

  • Apolonia
  • joe bloggs

    Well asked and answered Macca – the label Nasty Party is particularly well-suited to Labour and its tactics of choice.

    As for why Mallard has been given this material and not Shearer, if it were given to Shearer then it’s Lost In Space time all over again. I have to agree with Chris Trotter that Shearer’s been conspicuously absent from any demonstrations of leadership on the part of the Labour Party. Shearer isn’t anyones kind of leader.

    Sure Mallard is more Onan the Barbarian than Conan, but in the eyes of those doing the feeding, he’s got enough spine to keep his head from collapsing into his pelvis whenever an issue comes along.

  • Jester

    Hey Cam, when you mention Mallard are you referring to the Wainuiomata raised and educated Mallard or the Khandallah raised and educated Mallard?

    Appears to be two Mallards. Unless of course Trevors been bullshitting about his working class roots all these years and was actually raised and educated in privileged Khandallah.

    Three years in a Wainuiomata primary school doesn’t qualify as a local lad in my honest opinion.

  • Bob

    Mallard… washed up loser with no prospects, desperate that Labour gets back in so he can line up some cushy jobs, is the only type he can get, should really have got himself sorted before Labour got shredded, way to many Labour MP’s scrappying over the few union and waster jobs about.

    I see Judith Collins is going to nail him with the slander charges, good job!

    • Gazzaw

      He can always turn to ticket scalping.

  • whalewatcher

    Straying slightly from the topic, but I would love to see the truth behind this accusation, plus Labour to pay back the costs of Helen’s heavily-airbrushed pledge card, plus Winston Peters pay back the $158,000 or so he owes.

    it will be interesting to see how vocal or otherwise these parties will be on this current accusation against Banks. One would expect silence, but political pots do love to call the kettle black…

    Just sit back, and wait for the hypocrisy to spew forth

    • Jester

      Hypocritical is Mallards middle name.

      It’s sad that anyone takes the sad little cum stain seriously.

  • LesleyNZ

    Wonder why the media are protecting and choosing to ignore Mallard’s tomcat behaviour in the beehive office? Why should we taxpayers finance this lifestyle? He doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. He has no shame.