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Manawatu Standard

Henk van Helmond is a bully and is currently in court charged with extortion. Regular readers will know that this is the guy who runs CYFSWatch blog. He also threatened me with a beating and throwing bricks through my windows. He also issued Sue Bradford with a death threat.

Just so you know he also goes by the Twitter name of kiwi1960_1. He likes abusing people…a lot….especially John  Key and me.

He is a angry bitter man, one of the Angry Dads club, men who think that the government has a conspiracy of feminist Judges and collusive government departments depriving them of their kids when the fact is they are abusive bullies.

He set about threatening two lovely women who contacted me after Googling his name…After hearing of his story of tyranny against them and the blackmail attempt I advised them to go to the Police. I am pleased to see that they did.

Apparently he is near death without his computer…and as usual it is all a government conspiracy:

A sickness beneficiary accused of demanding money from a woman has told a court he may die before his next appearance if he cannot be reunited with his computer.

In the Dannevirke District Court yesterday, Henricus Geradus Van Helmond appeared before Judge Bridget Mackintosh on the rare charge of extortion.

The Woodville 51-year-old entered no plea, after limping into the dock using a crutch and carrying a heap of papers, one of which he passed to the judge.

Court documents say that on January 18, in Woodville, Van Helmond demanded $2000 cash from a woman.

Initially Judge Mackintosh didn’t want to have a look at any bits of paper Van Helmond handed forward, telling him to wait until his next appearance, which will be in the Palmerston North District Court next month.

“I may not be alive then,” Van Helmond said.

So the judge had a look at an A4 sheet.

He wanted his computer back from police after they seized it.

“All my diabetes data and MS data is on [there],” he said.

“All my skin is coming off my hands, all because my diabetes is all over the place, and my data is on that computer. I can’t wait that long, the data is needed today.”

Police prosecutor Sergeant Ollie Outtrim said the computer was with analysts in Wellington, but he would phone the officer in charge to see how long that might take.

“This is just an attempt to blackmail me into pleading guilty,” Van Helmond said.


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  • Salacious T Crumb

    Needs his computer to manage his Diabetes? The bullshitter should be charged with contempt.

  • Euan Rt

    Just print off the diabetes related files and hand him the printout.

    • Kthxbai

      He doesn’t need them.  His GP will have his blood test results and managment history.

      And he certainly doesn’t need his ‘MS’ data, in fact he might even be better off without being able to pore over it all day.

      Unfortunately the courts often seem to be sucked in by rubbish being passed off as medical fact – clearly not this time.

  • Mully

    Oh, he followed me, and then abused me for not following him back. Didn’t click it was the same bloke.

  • Mbw1964

    What a cock!

  • Steve P

    “…men who think that the government has a conspiracy of feminist Judges and collusive government departments depriving them of their kids when the fact is they are abusive bullies.”
    Is that the sound of thundering hooves I hear?

    Because the mother of my child and I were not married at the time he was born, I have no legal parental rights whatsoever – other than the right to pay child support, of course (or put another way, my son has no legal rights to a father). 

    Now, the mother describes me as a “gentleman”, however you know better, don’t you whale? It’s because I’m an “abusive bully”, right?

    • Cadwallader

      You do have rights. Get a lawyer who knows how to approach these matters. I suggest you avoid some legal-aid funded deadbeat. If you wish to be a dad to your son, I hope you take this advice. You’ll never regret being their for him and he’ll treasure you for it!

      • Steve P

        Thanks for the advice but you’re missing the point. If you have to go to the courts with a lawyer for something then it is not a right.

      • dad4justice

        Surely you jest when you say? ” You do have rights. Get a lawyer ”
        I don’t like bias gravy trains.

    • Phar Lap

      Not even Guardian rights?Surely a dad cannot be deprived of that right.If you are denied that basic right, a real lawyer  could get that resolved.There would have to be a miscarriage of your human rights on that score.I wish you well.

      • Steve P

        Again, you’re missing the point. It’s not about my case in particular (which I’m just using as an example), it’s about the law in general. Is the law working in the interests of society as a whole or is it, in fact, colluding with feminist interests?

      • GPT

        If he was present at the birth he is on the birth certficate and therefore a guardian – being the child’s father an all.  If mother denies that he is the father he can apply for a declaration of paternity and guardianship thereafter.  Pretty sure can apply to be placed on birth certificate too but need to check how. 
        Sadly it seems these steps are too hard.  Sad for him and sad for the child.

    • Peter Wilson

      You’re saying it can’t be a right if you have to go to court. Surely rights are only granted through the legal system, and the wolrld is full of aggrieved plaintiffs – just ask Maori. Harden up.

      • Steve P

        So if you had to go to court with a lawyer to get permission to vote every time there is an election, would you say that you have a right to vote?

      • Peter Wilson

        Your analogy with voting is illogical because with parental rights you’re talking about competing rights. Where two people have different views on what they see as their rights.

        Perhaps a better analogy would be the fact you have be on the electoral role before you are able to vote. I can’t even remember what you have to do, but don’t you have to prove who you are before you get to go on the role? Just to assert your right to vote.

      • GPT

        Well said – rights only exist in a civil society because of the mechanism to enforce them.  So, for eg, if mother is refusing contact etc saying “I’ve got no rights” is bullocks.  The law is there to protect any parent in that position.  Obviously it is not ideal that the matter got to that point but, surprisingly, humans do not always get on and act sensibly especially when it comes to separated parenting.
        Still it seems that Steve P would rather claim victim status than do anything about it

    • Vwanderson

      What utter bullshit. Sounds to me like your name isn’t on the birth certificate. If you dumb asses don’t like being taken by a woman – use condoms.

    • Mark

      Some sympathy here.. although apparently we have rights, it is all too easy for the mother to cry wolf, by the time you have organised resources to defend yourself, it is costly, and very stressful. And there is a bias against fathers. Fight hard and fair, Child support formulae are changing soon.

      • GPT

        Stats please Mark.  Or are you just of the view that asserting bias makes it true?  Last time I checked in cases that are decided just over 50% are in favour of fathers. 

    • GPT

      Yes well you are wrong.  Exhibit A of why some think there is an anti men bias – they don’t know their rights.

      • dad4justice

        “Last time I checked in cases that are decided just over 50% are in favour of  fathers” Where did you get that bullshit from lawyer type? Everybody knows the family court  is a feminist wankfest- where good dads get shafted by a spiteful gender bias gravy train of liars! Fact!

    • GPT

      Oh i see below you won’t go to Court to enforce your rights and you would rather whinge about it online.  Pathetic.

  • Phar Lap

    Reply to Steve P.
    You could be on to someting here.Personal experience is i found on the journey through the family Court a number of male and female judges would make a decision.The male judges seemed to favour the dads?the female judges favoured the mums.Of course i hadn’t thought of your suspicions up to now.Maybe a survey on Family Court decisions by judges could clarify your comments.

    • Steve P

      It may be so that various judges are biased in their interpretation of the law, but that is not my point. If a child’s parents are not married or in a civil union, while the mother automatically has parental rights the father does not. 

      Now, arguably that’s fair enough; if the man wanted to be the father then he could have taken those steps – as I’ve argued previously, historically that’s what marriage was: the man accepting paternity for the woman’s children (although it does raise the question of what kind of mother is a woman who would deliberately have children without their father).

      However the law says that while an unmarried father does not automatically have any parental rights, regardless of the circumstances he does automatically have the responsibility of child support. So while women have the right not to be forced into parenthood just because they slept with someone, men don’t have that right.

      (waits for all the white knights to rush in, “But it’s different for women…”)

      • tspoon

        C’mon Steve. Once your inalienable right to marry another man is secured, you won’t feel so bad about not knowing your children and all that other pointless stuff fathers always seem to complain about. You’ll also have more parental rights. Win-win!

      • GPT

        Do biology you prat.  The mother is there at the birth.  It’s fairly obvious who the parent is.

  • Mr_Blobby

    This Guy sounds like a piece of shit. If the skin is starting to come off your hands, stop playing with yourself.
    The system is loaded in favor of the Mother though.
    Many years ago an ex turned up at my door for dirty seconds. The next morning she announced that she was pregnant. I asked who the Father was. She replied that I was. I said no I wasn’t. She agreed, but she wanted me to be. The matter ended there. If she had kept the baby and named me as the Father by law I would have been, back then it would have been a long, hard and expensive battle to prove otherwise. With no repercussions on the Mother.
    A friend of mine has a son but the Mother deliberately and knowingly named someone else as the Father. He has no rights and she does not want to face up to the lie and tell  her teenage Son he has a different Father.

    • GPT

      That is not the system.  That is the mother being a cow and your mate not doing anything about it.

  • Callum

    If you happen to father a child to someone you aren’t in a relationship with then you’re doing it wrong. So basically you will need to go to court to assert your parental rights (as opposed to your obligations, such as child support which is automatic) since you didn’t taking steps to establish your rights prior to conception.
    It is a little different for women simply because they assert their parental rights by choosing to give birth (and keep the baby), fathers don’t get that opportunity so must take different steps.

  • Danielryder

    This topic has very little to do with male/female/family court. Is clear after reading whats on cyfswatch and knowing a bit about cyfstalk that this man uses his position to gain information to then use against those seeking help.
    It is also clear how he twists his list of ‘facts’ to suit his view with little chance of anyone being able to defend themselves.
    The man clearly admits to his extortion attempt and by reading what he has written its more a case of trying to rip down another group. Which I’ve also checked out and must say is far more professional than what that low life could come up with.

    My point is this man is clearly dangerous. His weapon, the internet. I hope the courts are successful putting this man in jail which he clearly needs to be and not fall for his using his health or other lies to protect his arse. He brings all on line support groups and those fighting for justice (both men and woman) into a very dangerous level that could see all ‘freedom of speech’ and support sites closed down. As such everyone needs to stand united that men like him can no longer cause the damage this man seems so willing to do.

  • Mark

    Cam, I don’t think you  have any personal experience here. This guy has obviously gone too far, but it is easy to get a bit fucked up when your kids are taken from you.. and you have to fight to get reasonable access. I don’t want to share my experience here, but can say that if Dunne gets his bill passed it will be a very fair thing. 

    • GPT

      True but it is not that difficult not to have your kids taken off you by CYFS