Next they will stop surrendering

The Telegraph

Good grief Nicholas Sarkozy is stopping people eating cheese at the Elysée Palace. What are they going to do next? Stop surrendering?

It is an admission that is verging on sacrilegious for a French president. But Nicolas Sarkozy’s top chef has revealed that the French head of state has banned cheese from the table at the Elysée Palace.

Charles de Gaulle once famously declared: “How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese?”

The fitness mad Mr Sarkozy has chosen to remove the source of De Gaulle’s angst from his sight, according to presidential chef Bernard Vaussion, who is cooking for his fifth French head of state.

The French were famously dubbed “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” by irate US Republicans when they failed to support the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

But Mr Sarkozy has done away with the high-fat stuff altogether after meals, his chef explained, as “it was too much” for him.

His cheese aversion even threatened to spark a diplomatic incident last October, when he offended Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, by telling another EU leader that over dinner “she says she is on a diet and then helps herself to a second helping of cheese”.


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  • cheese is loaded with fat…and is fattening…

    ..and that’s not even going near the health implications from humans consuming baby-cow-food..

    [email protected]

    • davewin

       Where you need to be careful Phil is that the fat from cheese goes to the head. Used a mirror lately?

      •  .putting the somewhat incoherent nature of yr question to one side..

        are you challenging me to some kinda who-is-the-healthiest? smackdown..?

        ..are you sure..?

        ..and ‘around the head’

        [email protected]



      • Travdog

        This has to be the quote of the day:

        ” .putting the somewhat incoherent nature of yr question to one side..” – phillip ure

  • Butts_McButts

    That cheese eating surrender monkeys quote dates at least as far back as a Simpsons episode in the mid 90s. 

    • Mully

       I was *just* going to say that….

  • dad4justice

    I eat a kilogram of cheese a week, good stuff eh. Go infest Farrarfarm. I bet the Germans are laughing at the stupid Frog who is losing the plot big time.

  • Peter Wilson

    I agree with Phillip.

    It’s a disgrace that we even produce cheese, or any other dairy products quite frankly. Our only hope is to stop our “killing animals” attitude and start to live off the land – and develop green industry which is both sustainable, and good for the environment.

    • I do not know if ypu are taking the piss or not?

      But if you werent, yeah lets live off the land which is what agriculture is….
      For that its double servings of cheese and angus steak tonight

      • Mully

         Hmm, I’m planning on BBQing a pork roast, personally

      • Mr_Blobby

        He is taking the piss. Pass the cheese spread please.

    • starboard

      What time do we gather to sing Kumbaya Pete ?

  • titanuranus

    FFS you  vegan fucktards are worse than  fucking christians, if you don`t want to eat cheese then fucking don`t eat it,I don`t like fucking veges so I don`t fucking eat them yet you don`t see me telling you not to eat them .
    So take your fucking life choices and stick them up your fucking arse.

    A disgrace Peter , really? are you OUTRAGED about it?

    • re vegans/christians comparisons:..all i can say about that is that there is far more hard evidence as to the benefits from not consuming animal-bits/bye-products..

      ..than there is for the myths of christianity…eh..?

      ..i had a medical examination yesterday…

      ..everything totally tickety-boo..blood-pressure etc etc…

      ..medical professionals seemed surprised that i am on no medications..

      ..(they asked twice..heh..!..)

      ..i don’t even have a doctor…

      ..i have been vegan for 13 yrs..

      ..i was vegetarian for 15 yrs before that..

      ..vegetarians will attest to ‘feeling better’..after stopping eating animal flesh/fat..

      ..and i too experienced that..

      ..but i gotta say…the ‘feeling-better’-outcome from taking that next step to vegan.. kinda awesome..

      ..and the thing is..that i know vegans older than me..who have been vegan for much longer than me..

      ..three things they have in common are..

      ..glowing good health..

      ..freedom from the pills/potions/high blood pressures etc of most of their age-contemporaries..

      ..and a joy for life…

      ..all i can report is the evidence before my eyes..

      ..(and if animal flesh/fat/byeproducts are so good for you..why are you cautioned to only consume over one week..

      ..the amounts many would eat in a day..

      [email protected]

      • So fit for work then?

      • titanuranus

        I don`t give a shit Phil, my last med check I was “ticketty boo ” too ,so whats your fucking point?
        You can eat all the fucking veges you want,the difference is I do hard physical work 9 hours a day as a carpenter and tomato pasta just does`nt cut it at the end of my working day.
        Try working up a sweat on mung beans and lentils , I would leave you gasping by morning smoko on my worksites.

      • Blair Mulholland

         Pleased to hear you believe in property rights for animals Phil.  Can we convince you of the virtue of them for humans?

      • Dion

        Phil, you smoke cannabis – which causes lung cancer (among other things). 

        You’re in no position to be preaching to us about how to stay healthy. 

      • davewin

         Rather incoherent?

      • Apolonia

         Was the Doctor registered?
        Dr Wussel Norman?

      • Mr_Blobby

        Yes Whore well said go and get a job and start contributing in a positive way to society. That is if you can find one that doesn’t give you and invoice for your time wasting.

      • Steve (North Shore)

        Incoherant rubbish.
        “..i had a medical examination yesterday…”
        “..i don’t even have a doctor…”

        Into witchdoctors or something phool? Tell us more about medical examinations that are not done by a doctor.
        Full moon was last night, idiot

  • i do ‘work’’s called whoar..

    ..i am surprised at that from you..

    [email protected]

    • Travdog

      You don’t make an income from it fool, It’s fucking around not work. You shouldn’t be surprised at all. You might be kidding yourself, but nobody else.

    • BR

      You might call the token effort you put into your tawdry website as “work”, but I defy you to find one person (other than perhaps yourself) who would define it as gainful employment.


      • however you define it..that there are now over 55,000 links in the whoar search-engine.. definite evidence of ‘work’ done..

        ..that i start ‘working’ between 5.5-30..

        ..and find 30-40 fresh kinks each and every day..

        ..must surely qualify as ‘work’..?

        ..still underpaid..i concede..

        ..but definitely ‘work’..

        ..and i guess i need a further definition of what you deem ‘tawdry’..

        [email protected]

      • Super_Guest

        Sweet, Phil. So you should be going down to WINZ on Tuesday to get your benefit(s) cancelled?

      • Super_Guest

        Sweet, Phil. So you should be going down to WINZ on Tuesday to get your benefit(s) cancelled?

      • titanuranus

          find 30-40 fresh kinks each and every day

        I bet you do Phil, I bet you do, wink,wink,nudge,nudge.

      • jay cee

        careful,mind your manners  you could be insulting the host here.

    • you post some evidence of yr ’causes cancer’ claim..?

      [email protected]

      • Roland

        Yes, I would be interested to know as well, Kim Hill on the radio this morning talking to someone called ‘Victoria of Golden Bay’ who said that evidence proves Cannibus cures cancer….. Mind you in a previous breath she had said that the ‘rich were getting richer and the poor were getting poorer’.

      • Mr_Blobby

        No smoking cures cancer. The sooner the fool dies and fucks off the better.

      • Gazzaw

        Yes, she had me Roland until she mentioned that the rich are getting richer. Another fucken liberal greeny Californian, haven’t we got enough of our own? Nelson must be infested with them.

      • Dion


        Also, Wikipedia doesn’t really count as “evidence” – but:

      • Dion

        This quote is particularly interesting:  “Cannabis smoke is qualitatively similar to tobacco smoke, although it contains up to twice the concentration of the carcinogenic polyaromatic hydrocarbons”

    • Mr_Blobby

      How much do you earn cutting and pasting Whore. Thought so. Go get a real Job something that can pay the bills.

      •  (reply to dion..)

        from yr link/evidence..

        “..these studies differ widely as to whether cannabis use is the cause of
        the mental problems, whether the mental problems are augmented by
        cannabis use, or whether both the cannabis use and the mental problems
        are the effects of some other cause…”

        some ‘proof’

        and cd you give a direct link to that ‘interesting’-quote..

        [email protected]

      • Dion

        The quote is from the first link I gave you.

        And like I said – Wikipedia isn’t a particularly great source of facts – so what you’ve pasted there doesn’t really hold water (nor does it address the cancer question).

        As an aside, it’s a bit beyond me why lefties want greater controls on the tobacco industry – but seem to be all for creating a new industry around marijuana that’s just as harmful.  But that’s a debate for another day.

  • ‘kinks’..heh..!

    [email protected]

  • BR

    “however you define it..that there are now over 55,000 links in the whoar

    So how much more “work” do you have to do before Google is usurped?

    “ definite evidence of ‘work’ done..”

    Mowed lawns is “definite evidence of work done”. That doesn’t mean that one should be paid by some third party to mow one’s own lawns.

    “..that i start ‘working’ between 5.5-30..”

    AM or PM? What else do you do in a typical day?

    “..and find 30-40 fresh kinks each and every day..”

    That takes a whole working day does it?

    “..must surely qualify as ‘work’..?”

    It qualifies more as self gratification.

    “..and i guess i need a further definition of what you deem ‘tawdry’..”

    Well here’s another link you can add to your website. Free of charge:


    • Travdog

      and the only thing phool picked up from your message was “kinks.” A clear sign it’s a lost cause.

    •  the difference between me and google is that those 55,000+ links are a best-of…

      ..basically i am trying to pull the best/most intelligent journalism/commentary/analysis/music/humour/w.h.y..

      ..from any given day…

      ..and unlike google…

      ..when you use the whoar-search-engine looking for whatever.. won’t have a million +/whatever further search-hurdle..

      ..instead there will be access to a personal/human selection of the best-of from the last half-decade+

      ..that is what makes whoar unique… well as being a daily news-aggregation..

      ..the passage of time has also turned it into a boutique search-engine..

      ..(a ‘new’ development in the online world..and whoar one of the first..)

      ..oh..!..i don’t do sport…very often..

      ..i did one the other day tho’ that was funny/worth-watching… was a best-of vid-collection of the best brawls in sport…

      ..i hope that answers yr questions..

      ..and thanks for asking..

      [email protected]

      • Mr_Blobby

        Best of what Whore. Nobody reads them and if they did the links are probably down, Fool.

      • Gazzaw

        Yeah right phil I’m sure that you are a fucken genius who will one day win the Nobel Prize but do you actually get to contribute to society by way of paying taxes?

      • Macca

        Maaaate. You are the most abused man in NZ. when I see a comment from you I know that there are going to be lots of posts following. I do struggle with the level of abuse heaped on you especially the very personal attacks such as ‘fool’ ‘whore’ ‘The sooner the fool dies and fucks off the better.’ I certainly don’t want to become their target but they need to get a fucking life.

      • Philip ure a cock

        Oh my god, you really are fucked in the head. Get a fucking real job you lazy deluded cock!

  • hogsnort

    Getting back to cheese come when I dropped carbo and increased protein and FAT, I lost heaps of weight and my blood tests are better than ever before? Sarkozy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Btw, I’ve never met a robust, happy looking vegan. Poor deluded saps.

    •  that is the atkins diet..snort…                     

      ..the health hazards of which are well-documented..

      [email protected]               

      •  i mean..if losing weight is yr only measure of success..

        ..’p’ or smack will also do the trick…

        …and the atkins diet is about as good for you as those two..

        [email protected]

      • Apolonia

         Talking to yourself?

      • Boss Hogg

        Apolonia – of course you are correct.  In Phillips case he likes a “balanced” drug intake.  Smoke some dope and get the munchies.

        All things in moderation eh Phil?

        Phil – how do you think your Vegan dog would behave unsupervised in a butchers shop?   And your deluded definition of a job is exactly that – Deluded in the extreme.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Cheese Burger and fries tonight I think.

      • Boss Hogg

        Extra lashings of Parmesan on the salad is always pleasing to me………..while we are back on topic, thanks Blobby.

    • jay cee

      did you also start exercising more? some people start to move around a bit more than they used to when they change their diet and the two(diet and weight loss) become linked. as for sarkosy, my guess if he’d eaten more cheeese he might have been able to see over the bar withought standing on tip toe. 

    • Macca

      Yes I think its more about sugar (carbohydrates) than fat. I have for example lost 32 kg (5 stone) in 6 months then put on 38kg (6 stone) over the next 5 years  then lost 15 kg in 3 months only to put back on 14 kg over 8 months. Life for people like me is a rollercoaster and as far as I can work it out its all about sugar. Natural as in fruit and vegetables –  manufactured as in processed cereals juices sauces etc. I can take the weight off ok I just cant keep it off because the explanations are too complex. Sugar. It’s the problem/answer. Cheese does have sugar too you know. Lactose . Anything ending in ose fructose sucrose etc. 

    •  reply to macca..

      ..they are scared because i challenge most of what they believe in/do.. it is fear that drives a lot of it..

      ..and some of them are just arse-wipes..

      [email protected]

      • Philip ure a cock

        Cuckoo cuckoo

  • answer to would probably eat some meat…

    ..and then feel sick…

    ..yr point..?

    [email protected]

    • Boss Hogg

      Being a natural scavanger as all dogs are, it would probably eat until it can eat no more and then rest.  How could you know if it felt sick.  Even if it has a wee spew due to being over full, it may be very happy to be full of what his instinct tells him to eat.

      My point is that you are perverting nature by forcing your dog to be on a vegan diet.  May be cruel even.  Have you consulted a vet for advice?

      •  there is a photo somewhere on this ste of the 13 yr old vegan dog…

        let yr eyes be the judge..

        ..and if feeling mischevious/and as a consciousness raising exercise i have been known  to pop into a random vet.. ask the is ok for a dog to live on a vegetarian diet..?

        ..they will go grumble/grumble.but that’s ok..

        ..then i ask ‘how about a vegan diet..?’

        ..after their eyes have stopped spinning..and the smoke coming out their ears..

        ..i introduce them to the 13 yr old..

        ..the last ones’ mouth opened and closed a few times..

        ..and then he asked:..’what sort of shampoo do you use tp get her coat so shiny..?..’’know..!..

        ..and irony-alert…there you are wallowing in the delights of the easter animal slaughter..

        ..and accusing me of mistreating animals..

        ..yr ignorances are as wide as they are deep…aren’t they hog..?

        [email protected]

      • Boss Hogg

        No Irony phil.  I would be as happy shooting dogs as much as goats or deer or rabbits.  All introduced pests.

        The only dogs that deserve to live in my opinion are working farm dogs and hunting dogs.  The rest are stupid ornaments at best and others eat childrens faces at times – is that good?

        I just hope I have pissed you off, unlikely I know, but worth a try.

        Oh look, Pizza is ready with lots of cheese – yum.


    • Mr_Blobby

      Why don’t you act like a Gone Burger and be off, there is a good Whore.

  • i dunno about cancer-curing..

    ..but researchers into cures for alzheimers have noted a phenomenom they call ‘the hippie-syndrome’..

    .. namely that people who smoked a lot of cannabis in their 20’s-30’s in 60’s-70’s and now of an age when alzheimers should be kicking in for a percentage of them..

    ..are not now coming down with the disease…

    ..which really raises more questions than it

    [email protected]

    • Macca

      Well I’m safe then!

  • “..I just hope I have pissed you off..”

    not really.. are the one looking like a primitive fool…

    ..and i guess all the cheese will give natural selection a bit of a hurry up.. are like an adhd-child threatening to jam a pen in yr ear..or something..


    ..knock yrslf

    [email protected]

  • Macca

    Thank God for Phil. There would be very few posts on this blog WO if it wasn’t for Phil. It’s great fun really and I would like to become a Phil just to get the attention but I would definitely not be able to take the abuse as calmly. I would feel the need to hunt down the abusers and …and….yell at them…..ha ha ….or…..

    • Boss Hogg

      I can’t help having the odd nibble at Phil – indication of too much spare time I suppose.


    • BR

       The problem most people on here have with Phil is that he is a shameless bludger. Most of the people who contribute to this blog pay their own way in the world and are forced to pay high taxes to support the likes of Phil, who clearly has no intention of supporting himself through his own efforts. Phil prefers instead to leech off his betters, so you shouldn’t look so surprised when hard working taxpayers respond to Phil’s pontificating with less than fawning enthusiasm.


    • Peter Wilson

      I play plenty of taxes, but I have no time for people that moan about people that don’t – as if ALL non-employed people are bludgers.

      Put it this way, if you’re a middle manager, do you really believe you do more work than your underlings?

      • Boss Hogg

        Peter – Hopefully a middle manager has experience and /or knowledge to justify that position – etc etc.  And no problem about people not paying tax when they dont earn.  I miss your point on this.

        But get this  – Phil is a life long bludger and will be breeding generational welfare bludgers if not stopped.

        Phil has probably never paid tax and never will – that is wrong.  He tells us how smart and fit he is ………….

      • Peter Wilson

        What I’m getting at BH is that everyone is ripping off the system to some extent.

        Should overseas Diplomats be able to rent out their homes and get free accomodation while they are overseas? Oh yes, they and their families are making sacrifices while they are posted overseas.

        And we complain about the MUNZ people.

  • BR

    “What I’m getting at BH is that everyone is ripping off the system to
    some extent.”

    “Everyone” obviously includes you, but who appointed you spokesman for everyone else?

    Some people pay taxes far in excess of any benefits they receive in the way of government services. Are they ripping off the system too?


    • Peter Wilson

      You’re a little confused I suspect. My fault, “ripping off” is probably the wrong term.

      Think of it in terms of the food chain, or maybe an exponential curve and you’ll get the picture.

      Why does the head of a Government department get maybe 10 times the average wage? Because he can, and, oh yes, his “colleagues” are deciding his wages for him.

  • BR

    “You’re a little confused I suspect. My fault, “ripping off” is probably
    the wrong term.”

    So are you “ripping off the system” or not? How about Phil? Is he “ripping off the system”? If neither you or Phil are “ripping off the system”, what would you call the overt bludging that Phil indulges in?

    “Why does the head of a Government department get maybe 10 times the
    average wage?”

    That is not ripping off the system, that is the system ripping off the taxpayer. Socialist governments typically encourage this sort of behaviour. A bloated and expensive public service is good for left wing political parties. No public servant would ever vote himself out of a cushy well paid job.


  • that so many of you get so engaged about ‘the rip-off’ of a sole-parent receiving the govt support they do.. must get really incandescent when you consider how the 1%/elites ripped-off/gouged the rest of new zealand..

    ..with their piling into the ‘guaranteed’-earn from sth canterbury finance…

    ..(not only their investments guaranteed..their profits also guaranteed to be paid by the rest of the country..

    ..woo-hoo..!…pigs in the fucken trough…)

    ..and how just that one company payout to these greedy/grasping/rip-off bastards and bitches..

    ..cost the rest of new zealand more than all treaty settlements to date…

    ..that must really piss you

    ..funny how i haven’t seen any fulminating here about

    ..oh..! that was you…!

    [email protected]


    • BR

       “..(not only their investments guaranteed..their profits also
      guaranteed to be paid by the rest of the country..

      ..woo-hoo..!…pigs in the fucken trough…)”

      You won’t get any argument from me there. I’ve never condoned
      corporate welfare. SCF should have been thrown under the bus along with
      their investors. Public money should NEVER be handed out to failed

      However, SCF and their investors could argue that they have paid a lot
      of taxes over the years, and have not received the equivalent value in
      government services in return, and are therefore due some recompense. I
      have some sympathy for that view.

      Phil, you are in no position to point the accusing finger at SCF. How much tax
      have YOU paid over the years compared with how much you’ve bludged? In
      principle you are no better than the likes of SCF.

      Perhaps if individuals and businesses were taxed less, and people like
      you were given a lot less of other people’s money, SCF and other
      busineses may not have found themselves in the situation they are now in. It might also inspire you to get off your arse and get a real job.

      Now there’s a happy thought.