None round here

A whole lot of shops were apparently caught breaking silly Easter trading laws. None would have been around  Havelock North…the place was like a tomb yesterday.

Twenty-two shops across the country have been caught flouting the Good Friday Easter trading laws, according to the Labour Department.

The breaches come in the wake of a new poll which shows opinion is split on whether stores should be allowed to trade over the Easter weekend.

The Shop Trading Hours Act Repeal Act 1990 specifies most shops must close on Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and until 1pm on ANZAC Day.

There are exemptions to the Act,  with dairies and service stations allowed to sell essential items and pharmacies able to trade as usual.

Shops providing a service, like hairdressers, can open but can not sell any products, while garden centres are only allowed to be open on Easter Sunday.

If a shop does not fall into one of the exemptions under the Act then it is an offence to open and trade during these days. The owner or the occupier of the shop may be prosecuted and fined.

Of the 38 shops visited by labour inspectors today, 22 were open, the Department said.

I think the laws are silly and need to be repealed. I’d love to see the busybodies at the Labour Department try and prosecute a halal butcher shop for opening on Easter.


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  • Pete George

    Current laws are an unworkable nonsense. Yesterday I could go to the movies and buy popcorn (I didn’t) but not go to a garden shop.

  • Bevanjs

    As long as the Servo was open for a pie.

  • davewin

    And so long as staff are completely free  to choose whether to work the day or not, and shopkeepers in Malls are not forced under their lease to open also. I suspect that this could end up the stumbling block..

    Lastly, why in this plethora of regulation are the Labour Department Inspectors allowed to work, and what is their return for so doing?

  • Westlandthelastbestplace

    Don’t criticize the servants! The more prosecutions the better and the more quickly this nonsense comes off the statutes. It would not be a good day for New Zealand when public servants decide what will be and what will not be enforced.

  • havelock north is a ‘tomb’..

    ..where dreams go to die…

    [email protected]

    • Travdog

      no, thats your head, phil.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes stupid Whore. Where did your dreams die, because it looks like you have, not only, not achieved anything in life?
      You have done nothing to improve Mankind and leave the World a better place than you found it.
      You are a net economic drain on society with an ever increasing mountain of debt that you have no hope of ever repaying.

  • Travdog

    A certain garden centre I went to was alive and kicking on Friday, was good to see.

  • Kosh103

    Are these people so money hungry/greedy that they cannot be closed for 3.5 days a year? Really? Are we so driven by making money and keeping people from their families that shops MUST be open every single day of the year?

    I say make the fines harsher. Take every single penny they make on the day for being open AS WELL AS fining them. Make it so unprofitable for them to be open on these 3.5 days that they are forced to close.

    Its 3.5 days – it wont kill them to give up being greedy for 3.5 days.

    • Michael

      Unless they are Labour Department Inspectors, live in Queenstown or Taupo, work at a hairdresser, pharmacy, convenience store, petrol station, bakery, cafe, restaurant, takeaway, movie theatre, travel agent, bus company, airline, train service, bank, insurance company, musuem, video shop or some other services based retailer. You can keep on being greedy if you fit into those categories.

      The really ironic thing is – On Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day you can buy a Penthouse at the petrol station, you can visit a brothel, you can rent a porno at the video store but you can’t buy a Bible at a bookstore.

      • Philip ure a cock

        They wouldn’t sell much though because all the priests would have been at church

    • Gazzaw

      Kosh, I’m kind of with you on this issue. I’m old enough to remember when shops were open Monday to Friday with a late night on Friday evenings and a few holiday areas opened on Saturday morning. I tend to think that the growth of seven day shopping is one of the causes of family breakdowns and less parental involvement in their kids weekend sports & social activities. We can’t turn the clock back & society rightly would not accept that but I’m with you – shops should remain closed on Good Friday, Christmas Day & Anzac Day. What’s more I would add Boxing Day, Easter Sunday & New Years Day to the list. Maybe relax conditions a little for garden centres. 

    • A-random-reader

      Why stop there? Let’s close all the hospitals as well – those greedy doctors should be compelled to take a holiday along with everyone else.

      Fines! Fines! We need more Fines!

      • Kosh103

        Slightly different.

        Also, given what a Dr at a hospital earns working for the Govt – your comment about greed is rather ill informed.

      • Kosh103

        Oh and another thought, when you can tell me how not being able to buy a pair of shoes until the next day is the same as not being able to see a Dr about the bleeding gash in your arm are the same, then Ill accept you have a point.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes likewise kind of agree with Kosh, did I really say that.
      It is not necessary to open every hour of every day of the year. But what days to close/not work should be up to the individual.
      A religious day that has meaning to one may be meaningless to another.
      It is easy to say plan ahead. Or as the ad campaign says get ready. The Christchurch earthquake highlighted that a segment of our community is not ready and if the takeaway is closed then they won’t be able to feed themselves.
      It is amazing that people on a benefit have no time to get ready, maybe grow a few vegetables, or find time to do something useful and contribute in other ways.  
      Get a job Whore.Sorry just slipped out.

    • Bunswalla

      Fuck off you arrogant twat. Who are you to decide when people should or shouldn’t be able to go shopping or spend their leisure time however they want? If you don’t want to go shopping, don’t fucking go. If you don’t want to work for a company that requires you to work on holidays, don’t fucking sign the employment agreement. It’s not rocket science.

      How typical of the entitled public servants preaching at us what we should or shouldn’t do, and when.

  • AzaleaB

    I also agree ( feeling a little queezy about it) with Kosh. Some of us had a discussion on this very topic and the upshot is that the world will not stop revolving if the shops are closed a couple of days a year. In fact I would call it a family friendly policy – encouraging us all to stop working and spend time with the kids. It also inhibits parents using Malls as a babysitting outlet/ dumping zone for their tweens and teens. We all talk about the decline of the family unit…our obsession with earning and spending what we earn is at the heart of it in my view.
    If you want to do planting or similar( like we are currently doing this fine weekend), plan ahead and buy the requisite items prior. This allows those garden centre employees to have time off and maybe play in their own garden, with their kids.
    365 days in a non leap year  – and 3.5 days of no-trading. There is more to life than money and spending.

    • starboard

      Id also agree with kosh to a certain extent..but because its kosh ..I disagree..

      • You’ve just shown a perfect example of prejudice… have to disagree just because of who said it WTF?

      • starboard

        its called sarcasim Neil…

  • A-random-reader

    In the Herald it said that Parliament has tried to change the law 14 times buit it has been voted down every time. Most recently in 2019.

    I’d suggest that the busybodies aren’t just restricted to the Department of Labour.

    • A-random-reader

      Sorry – meant to say 2010.

      • Tristanb

         Don’t worry, in seven years you’ll still be right.

    • Mr_Blobby

      You are waiting for Surrender MonKey and his troupe of Clapping MonKey’s to do something. The ship is sinking and they are busy “Arranging the deck furniture”- Rodney Hide the Nation.

  • Nookin

    Downtown Wanaka was full of people — mainly tourists — yesterday. They are on holiday. They expect the shops to be open. Shop-owners need the custom.  I didn’t see too many people suffering because of it. Nor did anyone’s god visit his/her wrath on the wicked and greedy.

    • AzaleaB

      Pity ( about the wrath or lack thereof)

  • Mr_Blobby

    Interesting that we live in a multicultural society with religious freedom. But we enforce some Christian religious days but not others.
    I know of a business that opens on these Days. It is very much appreciated by there customers, nobody is forced to work, but all do. A willing buyer and a willing seller. No losers, no body hurt, should be no crime.
    All the staff are Buddhist and Christian holidays have absolutely no meaning to them. However next weekend is one of there Buddhist days and they will be closed to celebrate it. There customers are very understanding when told that they are closed because it is there religious day. No losers, no body hurt, is not a crime.
    So why can a business in such circumstances not substitute one religious holiday with no meaning for one that does.   

    • Kosh103

      I dont think ANZAC day is a religious holiday.

      Religion aside –  its 3.5 days, thats it. If a business is going to fall over because of 3.5 days, well there was something very wrong to start with.

      And as for people who want to shop – are they going to fall over dead becuase they cannot buy crap for 3.5 days?

      • Bunswalla

        Er, what fucking business is it of yours?

      • Kosh103

        I am a NZ citizen so it is 100% my fucking business thankyou very much.

        And if thats your attitude, tell me waht fucking business is it of yours if the shops are made to close?

      • Jester

        I think you may have a different oppinion if you actually owned a business and  had to make ends meet in a depressed market instead of being a teacher on the tit.

        I see alot of SME owners around who would give their eye teeth for an additional +3.5days turnover.

  • Shame WO there used to be a garden centre and Arataki Honey place also used to open I’m sure I recall – at Havelock Nth.

  • chockhigrad

    havelock nth has turned into basically a shopping centre for the luvvies anyway… its all beauty parlours, womens clothing/shoes/accessories, orgifty type things. So its little wonder they were closed. All the Trugs get filled on a Saturday darling, Easter Friday is a day for GnT

  • jay cee

    agreed with kosh and gazzaw. i too am old enough to remember weekends being mostly shopping free.this is where i become a tad hypocritical as i  enjoy trawling the malls at the weekends now. correct me if i’m wrong but i understood that shops could be open on good friday and christmas if they were family run and manned. hence all the indian run dairies that were open.

  • Steve P

    You wanna know why we have extended trading hours? Up until the late Sixties married working men could support their wives and families (because that was the law), so wives usually only worked part-time if at all – giving them time to go shopping during the week and prepare family meals. 

    With the various equal pay acts the real purchasing power of salaries and wages has gone down, forcing both adult members of the family to work full time in order to make ends meet. Hence late-night and weekend shopping, along with fast-food mega-franchises, “meal solutions” in supermarkets and a whole lot of other corporate windfalls (including car sales – if mum and dad are both working they both need a car).

    This is not right-wing propaganda; check out decidedly left-wing Elizabeth Warren on two-income families.

    • jay cee

      i thought it was the big malls opening on saturday morning,then all day and then all day sunday was the reason there is 7 day shopping. wasn’t it the employment contracts act that  drove down dads wages meaning mum had to go out to work as well?

    • Mort

      gotta agree with you there, the govt has been stealing the wealth of Nation and every worker in it by the insidious creep of inflation.

    • Bunswalla

      Steve you’ll find that both adult members of the family don’t work to “make ends meet” they choose to work to fund their latest iPhone, flat-screen TV, holidays in Coromandel, overseas trip and a new car every 3 years. Or to move into the bigger house in the better neighbourhood with a nicer view and better schools, where people like Kosh don’t teach.

      Everyone has choices to make and nobody’s forced to do anything they don’t want to do. Don’t try and paint this as some sort of forced-labour (ugh! repugnant term) treadmill where everyone’s working 16 hours a day just to stand still. That’s just bullshit.

      • Gazzaw

        And you know what Buns, just like Moroney they haven’t learnt anything from the GFC either. The stupid fuckers are still putting those indulgences on their mortgage linked credit cards & barely servicing the interest. Come the next GFC and we will have another crop waiting for a government handout.