Not going to happen

NZ Herald

Audrey Young picks up on the whisperings of Nick Smiths mates and talks about his possible return to cabinet just two weeks after he resigned.

John Key’s reshuffle yesterday promoted Simon Bridges and Chris Tremain and leaves the way open for Nick Smith to come back if the Prime Minister deems he has been punished enough.

Frankly anyone who is touting that hypothesis is dreaming.

David Farrar lists a soft sell reasoning about why Nick Smith probably won’t return to the ministry.

He has however left off two other possible reasons:

  • John Key is unforgiving of people who lie to his face. He axed Richard Worth when he caught him out and it was one of the reasons Nick Smith had to go. This reason alone would prevent Nick Smith returning.
  • Who knows what other documents or letters of information is contained in the ACC files relating to Bronwyn Pullar from Nick Smith. The Privacy Commissioner and the Police are currently investigating and I can well imagine that numerous media agencies have dropped rather complete OIA bombs on the Minister’s office for correspondence between Boag, Pullar, and Smith, not to mention Collins. If even a single new letter emerges then refer to my point above regarding the lying.

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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Couldn’t agree more here… and that’s probably the main reason why Labour don’t like John Key – he’s honest. He tells the truth and he won’t allow lies or deceit – where as the Labour Party were spawned from a heritage of lies, deceit, antagonism and confrontation… hell they even sent their Party President off shore digging for dirt – but all he found was bovine excrement under his nails – from decades of associations with Labour / unions… and having lived their pittiful existance in such a vaccuum of political ideologies – they simply can’t fathom an honest politician with ethics and morals…
    …at least not when they look around all their comrades and cronies and wonder if it is possible?

    • jay cee

      john key is honest?! we are talking about this prime minister right, the same guy who can be heard “lying” by omission everyday.
       a ploy of used car salesmen and real estate agents.
       truly a case for the electorate of caveat emptor 

  • Evan Johnson

    I think Nick Smith will be back but only if he wants to be back.  
    Right now the focus is on lots of other National people.  It may be that John Key decides that Smith’s indiscretions were in the context of something much much bigger – involving others.  Would that be a fair conclusion to reach?