On matters Labour

Some interesting things have come to my attention.

Of course last week there was a nice opinion piece by David Cunliffe in the Herald.

Then this weekend he delivered a big key note speech where Chris Trotter and other commentators were specifically invited and is now being seeded nicely across the left wing blogs.

Then there are the moves by Moana Mackey who is busy trotting around visiting MPs. Of course Moana was supported in her list ranking by none other than Jordan Carter and Alistair Cameron, Shearer’s new chief of staff. I hope she can count better than the last time she ran the numbers.

Jordan Carter has burst forth on his blog again, in support of David Cunliffe’s nicely timed keynote speech.

Someone pointed out to me too that I may have been a bit wrong about Alistair Cameron’s loyalties…that they quite possibly weren’t with Grant Robertson, given his close professional and personal relationship with former president Mike Williams.

Who then pops up this morning commenting in the media today about how secure Shearer is….anyone fancy a Tui.

He told 3 News Firstline this morning, that Mr Shearer has the support of the vast majority of Labour MPs.

“I rang around some caucus members yesterday… and there’s no mood for change at the moment, I can tell you that.”
Mr Williams says if Labour does decide to change leaders, again, it must do it by the end of the year – two years out from the next general election.

As they say the Ducks are lining up…the wonder is if one particular Duck is lining up on the right side or the wrong side.

With Shearer off being entertained by corporate lobbyists on the weekend instead of shoring up his support, things are looking dodgy for him to continue much longer.


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  • Dave

    Dodgy for him to continue, or ousted by a duck ???    Caution Mr Shearer, keep looking over your shoulder/s  Both of them.  

  • Blokeintakapuna

    I wonder how many in the Labour Party actually visit your blog Cameron to actually get the “Real story” around what’s happening inside their party – without the BS and deceit away from the official party lines? Kinda ironic really eh!  

  • Roger

    Perversely Cam has probably given a Sheep another month or two in nominal charge. As Cam broke the story that a spill would happen in a week or so (much to the chagrin of the MSM who did not pick up the rumbles) the Labour scaredy cats will be desperate to avoid another harpoon scalp to Whaleoil and will delay their et tu Brute moment. All sheep in New Zealand are halal slaughtered – this one is still on deathrow and the timing is unimportant to all but he. The good thing is the agony is prolonged for the Left. 

  • Positan

    Interesting how Chris Trotter is still regarded.  After months of ignoring or downplaying his party’s rot, just a few of weeks back his credibility had seemed to be rising.  Sadly, it didn’t last.  

    The toughest hurdle facing every socialist commentator is to write with objectivity – especially when party interests conflict, or are at stake.  Credibility is only so important when calculated against the tangible possibility of discouragement from physical but mentally-ill-equipped party/union types who’ve been offended by the writer’s thrust.But what’s really fascinating and yet to become the subject of such writers’ “defence” – has anyone noticed how quiet all those normally vociferous union front-people have become since Whale Oil’s spotlight began to focus on the matter of their “books” and financial affairs?

    • johnbronkhorst

      Oops..misread that…thought you said “Interesting how chris trotter is retarded…”Factual either way, me thinks!

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Yep – and on this Saturdays news stories about “Asset Sales Hikoi” I didn’t see a single Labour Party politician. (Didn’t see the entire story though) and my immediate thought was that they were all too busy “running the numbers” and covering their asses, posturing and positioning for the arrival of the “new leader”… Echo’s of North Korea with their “Dear Leader”

      Maybe Labour couldn’t run the Coup over the weekend due to the timing of the “Titanic” TV programmes – too many similarities wiht rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic?

      Ok – off topic a bit – but just sayin’…. 

  • Grandstream

    interesting how Mike Williams is regarded…..isn’t he busy ripping off thatg anti P charity ? No wait, they gave him the boot !  Surely the media are going quote that fat prick they need to also need to qualify any commentary with his exploits in the lead up to the 2008 election….ie flying to Australia to dig up dirt on John Key.  All he found was a bunch of cold meat pies, ate the lot and came back empty handed !