Otane and Putorino

Yesterday I spent the morning writing blog posts…apparently you can’t hunt and blog at the same time…in the afternoon I went back to the vineyard at Otane I was at yesterday and spent the afternoon shooting waxeyes and starlings again.

Before that I picked up some supplies in Hastings. As I was walking down the street a guy introduced himself to me…turns out he is an avid reader…he offered to drop me off to where I was heading about 2 km down the road. It is always nice to meet up with readers, fans and the lurkers.

With the birding at the vineyard, I’ve tried a few techniques from sneaking along and popping up to striding down the middle of the vines. Sneaking is necessary against starlings…but the waits are long…once you bomb them up they tale 20 minutes to come back…and they watch you.


By far the most effective was striding down the middle of the vines, chatting loudly. We were about 6 rows apart and moved the length. This makes the birds jump and break above the vines and then we can bomb them up. It was much more productive.

Towards evening we got out the clay thrower and shot through a box of clays. I have fired about 300 rounds through my Beretta today with out a single jam or fault. I am very happy, apart from my shoulder which is a bit tender and red.

Today I am going to Putorino overnight to hunt some Reds. I called the landowner and they confirm that they are roaring nicely.


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  • Pete George

    Eddie has effectively admitted his story was based on flimsy assumptions here.

    I’ve responded here and await savagemicky’s foam.

    • They are so obviously beltway that they have no idea that broadband has reached the provinces.

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  • Travdog

    Well that post from the stranded was a great read for a Sunday morning Pete, didn’t think the rabid pinkos took so much of an interest in what cam does in his spare time, or put so much effort into whether or not he’s actually doing it.

    Not surprisingly mickeysavage had fuck all to add but speculation, backed up by….no not evidence…..but by rabid pinko’s frothing at the mouth with equally empty comments.

    Accusations of not even being away, having the posts for the weekend ready for release before even going away, speculation of who he’s with….are the knob jockeys on The Strandard really that sad? Or are they jealous Cam is away enjoying himself? Either way, it’s bloody sad and oh so pathetic.

    (or maybe that the strandard is getting left behind in the blog readership stats?)

  • Lol, my tablet does not like The Standard so will need to log in using the main PC.
    But seriously whatmis wrong taking a break from blogging? Or more to thr point those muppets who never leave the beltway are truely technologically deficient. How hard is it to blog on location using a laptop or a tablet with a 3G connection?

    Lol The Standards infatuation for this site is some what disturbing. I wonder how low their readership numbers can go

    • Travdog

      Oddly my tablet does not like The Strandard either, but it’s not a bad thing.

      • Maybe our tablets are trying to tell us something, stay away from The Standard bearer of unfetted enterprise in all things sht

    • Philip ure a cock

      Same, my iPhone craps out whenever I try to follow a link to the stranded. Another good thing Steve Jobs did for us :)

      • Pukakidon

         Sounds like tablets are a good preventative to a standard disease.