Photo of the Day

The tipline

A reader emails:

Hey WO,

Saw your pic of the day and thought you might like this one from the Waiouru training area about 4 years ago before 1RNZIR Mortars was disbanded. The photo was taken by a Vehicle Mechanic/EIR tech Sgt Heath Palatchie who is also an amazing amateur photographer. Enjoy

Keep up the good work!


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  • Caleb

    shame about the battalions and the army in general.
    loved the support company aspect, too;
    HMG, Mortars, Recon, Snipers, Sigs ,Aslt pioneers.
    would have much rather seen something like Landrovers and UH60 for the army.

    • Travdog

      “shame about the battalions and the army in general.”

      care to elaborate?