Pouring shit into rivers

It isn’t just dairy farmers that pour shit into rivers. Councils are doing it too.

This has happened for years all over the country, and councils have failed to take action. Usually they put off fixing sewerage schemes so the next council has to raise rates to fund a scheme, and try all sorts of weasel clauses to get out of stopping pouring shit into rivers.

I met some people in Hawkes Bay who have been trying to get the Central Hawkes Bay District Council to stop pouring shit in to the Tukituki and Waipawa rivers since 2004. In 2008 they thought they had an Environment Court ruling and some resource consents that told them they could only pour shit into rivers until September 30th, 2014.

Now they are claiming to ratepayers they have another ten years in their latest newsletter. They don’t. They have to obey the resource consents unless they get approval from the private citizens who litigated against them to get the final date. The chances of the private citizens agreeing to a change apparently is nil, but expect the council to weasel out if they can.

If you don’t think it is good enough to pour shit into rivers you can tell the CHB council by submitting to their draft Long Term Plan.

Tell them you expect them to adhere by the following consents:

Waipukarau Discharge DP030231Wa & DP030859Aa
Waipawa Discharge DP030232Wa & DP030860Aa

You can see where the shit goes into the Tukituki from the settling ponds in the picture below.

The Waipawa has shit poured into it here:


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  • Travdog

    Used to fish the Tuki often after work in my days trapping down in the Bay, but always upstream of the shit ponds. It irritates me no end that this practice still continues. They need to learn to get their head around the fact that storing and discharging waste into a river is no solution to the problem. Application to land away from any waterways would be a much better solution, such as fertilizer for nearby orchards/farms/vineyards. Not a perfect solution, but alot better than pouring loads of shit in the rivers.

  • whalewatcher

    It used to happen in Warkworth in the 80s & early 90s, and for all I know, probably still does.
    The older parts of Warkworth were (and may still be) full of old sewer pipes that were short lengths of old clay-type pipe. The Northland kikuyu grass and tree roots get into the joins, then when it rains, the rain seeps in and overloads the sewerage system.
    The Warkworth Sewage plant, right beside the Mahurangi river, can cope with this most of the time, by storing the overload, then processing it once the rain stops. But if it rains too long, they have no option but to discharge the whole lot, raw, into the Mahurangi, which usually by this point is flooding anyway. So it all washes out to sea, past the Mahurangi Harbour commercial oyster beds.

    The problem may well have been fixed in the last 20 years, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it hasn’t.

    • @BoJangles

      It hasn’t, and Pt Wells community shit leaches straight into the Omaha estuary.

  • Fergus

    Pouring shit into rivers….Why did russel norman go swimming again?

  • Vlad

    If the Greens would focus their attention on this instead of promoting lunatic frauds to wipe out rainforests for palm-oil and carbon credit scams to rip money off taxpayers to give it to 3rd world dictators I might vote for them.   Well hang on, maybe that’s going too far, but I would give them a little bit of respect.

    • Gazzaw

      NZ cockies aren’t quite so sexy to feature in greenie ads as cute little homeless orang utans Vlad.

      • Travdog

        the Greens prefer to exploit children for their campaigns, well they have done for the last couple of elections anyway.

  • Michael

    This also happens in the Hutt Valley – when it rains heavily the storage tanks overflow and untreated sewerage is dumped into a local stream. Council do some enforcement work but very little education.

    There is also an outflow of treated sewerage into the same stream near the Hutt River mouth when the amount of treated water exceeds the capacity of the main outflow pipe, or when the pipe is out of service for repair.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    And it happens on the North Shore. Why else would the Clown from Campbell’s Bay piss on a tree? He knew the wastewater system was overloaded

  • Tristanb

    If only we had a political party that cared about keeping our rivers clean. We’ve got National, ACT (basically doesn’t exist anymore), Winston Peters’s party, Labour – who are the party for the trade unions, criminals and unemployed, the Greens – who are the party for the trade unions, criminals and unemployed, Peter Dunne – who is like a blank Scrabble piece (fills in whatever you want, but you can’t make a word using blank pieces), Maori Party – who are out to make money for their iwi mates.

    If only there was some sort of party that put environment issues ahead of left-right ideology.

    It’ll never happen though.

    • Gazzaw

      Whores one & all Tristan.

  • Rufus

    Masterton does the same into the Ruamahunga River – been an ongoing problem for 20+ years or so.  Solution still a long way off.

    • nasska

       It hasn’t stopped the useless spendthrift bastards from tossing money around on showpiece culture & sporting vanity projects.  Now the poor townies have to pay to subsidise running these white elephants AND pay for a sewage scheme that needed upgrading twenty years ago.

      Meantime we in the country pay enough rates dedicated for roading to have a four lane motorway from Mt Bruce to Castlepoint.

      Overspending scum the lot of them!

      •  i actually have to agree..

        ..if you are building a sports arena..

        ..and you still have sewerage pouring into wherever..

        ..you can just go get fucked…

        [email protected]

      • Travdog


        If you are commenting and not contributing rates/tax towards the upkeep of the sewerage system……you can go get fucked too.

  • Frederico

    Taupo District Council has a good system, in the early 90s their developed land near the town boundary to sprinkle irrigate waste water on to, 150ha off the top of my head. Today that land produces 15000 bales of high quality grass silage which is eagerly sort after by farmer as it is of consistent quality.
    Contractors are used to harvest and loadout bales at i would guess for that number of bales, $45/bale
    On average the bales would sell ex farm for between $70-$90/bale, last season their pre sold all stock before making it due to drought conditions, but probably avg $85/bales ex farm, so that gave TDC a tidy margin of $40/bale x 15000= 600k to inject into the waste disposal system ….but only their know if its worth it or not!

  • Mort

    what really annoys me about all this is the hypocrisy that councils display towards anyone else who inadvertently defiles waterways. It would be interesting to compare the volumes of effluent the councils pollute versus the volumes that they have the audacity to prosecute others for.

  • RW

    Otane CHB does aswell…easy to find on google maps…discharges through a local farm…to the tukituki river…can get pictures of the do not go in the stream signs if you want.

    • Yes please, would love some photos