Questions for Delegates at Regional Conferences

Today kicks off regional conference season for National. This conference is in Dunedin, and delegates should ask a few questions rather than lamely sitting there being lectured at:

For Steven Joyce: Who will be National’s Coalition Partners after 2014 that will allow it to continue governing?

For the Prime Minister: When will we stop borrowing $265m a week? And if we went through a massive austerity program would this reduce the level of the dollar and grow the economy through exporting rather than government spending?

For Peter Goodfellow: What is the party doing to recruit good candidates for 2014 when there is very little chance of new candidates getting into parliament unless they win a safe seat?

For Board Members: When will National Party conferences be interesting, rather than just a stage managed show where delegates get lectured from the stage?

For Greg Hamilton: When is the candidates college going to start again or is it going to be a last minute meeting just before the National conference in July?

For MPs: What did they do for recess, and if they took a two week break so soon after the summer recess why?


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  • Kosh103

    Another good question would be what do they do when Key eventually leaves?

    A prime example of how much the party needs him is the Casino mess. While Key was overseas no one in the party seemed to know what the hell to do. It wasnt until Key started providing direction and counter the truths that were being spoken about dodgy national deals that anything happened.

    At this point in time (and I am not the only one who thinks this – Paul Holmes mentioned this last week on Q and A) without Key National are lost.

    • Dion

      Agreed – they’ll be as rooted as Labour are now sans Helen.

      • AngryTory

        Bullshit. Because Labour are lying commie scum, there’s no way NZ can ever compete with Labour & the Unions around – look at Queensland: why should NZ ever have a Labour/Green govt again?

        Joyce. Ryall. Parata. not to mention “Crusher” Collins. “Basher” Bennet. “Trasher” Tolley. Finlayson. Carter. 

        In fact the lowest-ranked Nat MP would be a better PM than anyone else currently in parliament.

      • Dion

        Parata is a remote possibility.  I don’t believe the others you mention have the charisma to get the traction National needs to win an election.

        Remember that it’s harder for National – a hostile media and no lunatic fringe (Greens, Hone) to get them over the line if they don’t get an absolute majority.

        The fact that Labour are basically a bunch of worn out old teachers, drug addicts and protestors doesn’t change any of that.

      • Dion

        Also, Simon Bridges may be a man to watch – but it’ll take several years.

    • davewin

       I too agree with Kosh.We need to see development of those to lead them forward. To me it needs to be someone who can establish a clear view of where national is and where it needs to go, someone who can work with other parties, but from a leadership perspective.

  • thor42

    For John Key and Bill English – when are you going to axe the ridiculously wasteful, expensive, inefficient and useless Working for Families scheme?  

    • starboard

      add to that..when are you going to REALLY take the knife to welfare specifically DPB and the dole. I want to see it slashed to the bone.

      • Kosh103

        Yes damm it, we need people not only starving and unable to pay their bills but dead on the streets.

        Ahhhh the right wing way.

      • starboard

        no kosh…bludgers just need to get off their arses and work for their keep. Why the fuck should I pay for a bum like phil ure to sit around on his arse all day? Why should I pay for slappers to pump out babies ? Dont get me wrong…if someone needs a short term safety net no problem , I’ll gladly contribute…make a lifestyle out of it at my expense…get fucked.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Little bit of miss direction there Kosh.
        I’ve been to countries where there is no welfare at all. You work or you starve, funnily I didn’t see any body starving to death everyone worked.
        The general population and the Authorities are a lot more tolerant, than here, to people who just want to make a living.
        There is also a lot less anti social behavior and people are a lot friendlier to each other. Crime was not a big problem like it is here. The prisons were genuine shit holes; unlike our 5 star prison hotels and recidivism is very low, wonder why.
        Respect was earned not a right. People went out of their way to earn your respect and respected you. Unlike here where some piece of shit gets upset, when you ask them what have they done to earn anybody’s respect?

      • Pukakidon

         Kosh you little drama queen!!

        The thing about the typical Labour bludger is, that nothing is every enough.  It does not matter how much of my money they take, they are never happy.  Ungrateful moaning pricks and always wanting more.

      • Travdog

        hate to say it kosh, but starboards comment below about bludgers getting off their arses and people with a genuine need for help makes a good point. I don’t have a problem with funding for assistance, but not someones lifestyle. 

      • AngryTory

        I want to see it slashed to the bone.

        Fuck “slashed” – you mean like Ruth did but now it’s more than ever?

        Just stop paying them. Singapore has no dole. HK has no dole. China sure as fuck has no dole. Just stop paying them. 

        (Oh – and that goes for the codger-dole aka “super” too)

      • Kosh103

        Trav I have no worries if people want to put the boot into the bludgers. The problem is this lot on here would happily do it to every single person getting help, and they would do it with a smile.

        Too many on the right think anyone getting help is a bludger. This why I would never support thier type of refrom.

      • Tim

        Bullshit Kosh, just crap. 
        There are very few people that have a problem helping out those who really need. Take your labour blinkers off.

      • Blokeintakapuna

        I think National really would have dealt to the over-bloated welfare, nanny state… except the 2 little minor things such as the GFC and the Chch earthquakes kinda meant having to trim back the trimming…

        Like the shampoo advert – it won’t happen over night…

      • starboard

        Have to disagree there AngryTory re cutting the superannuation entitlement. Of all people the aged deserve a pension payment much more than some tart on the DPB or dole like bludger Ure. Generally pensioners have paid income tax etc all their lives ( you always going to have some cradle to grave leeches aka phil ure again ) but they deserve to be looked after in their old age unlike the sponges who just take take take. Nail the DPB…nail the dole , hit ’em hard but leave the pensioners alone.

      • Scanner

         We should all start a system of credits starting from a nominated age, the more you put in, the less you take out.

        I see no reason I should contribute all my working life to ensure some fucking bludger gets a pension, or some scum MP with a political knighthood that has been convicted of a criminal offense get subsidized air travel and a whopping pension even after he negotiated a treaty deal that will have my as unborn grandchildren paying.


      • AngryTory

        Of all people the aged deserve a pension payment much more than some tart on the DPB or dole like bludger Ure. 

        Why – cos they’re “old.  They’re still bludgers. Add in all the “healthcare” the cost us and its nearly as expensive as a DPB mom.  More to the point, the dole stops Kiwis from taking personal responsibility for their own retirement by saving and is thus one of the biggest causes of NZ”s financial woes

        Stopping the dole is win-win: it saves tens of BILLIONS per year, and it ENSURES people save privately!   Throwing existing codger-bludgers off makes the even more important point that people simply cannot trust the state to provide – that there own resources are more dependable.  Without that move, everyone in NZ will still keep their bludger mentality, won’t work, won’t save, and no doubt some stupid future National govt will bring back “National Superannuation” all over again.

        2 little minor things such as the GFC and the Chch earthquakes

        Are two huge reasons why cutting faster and harder is the only sensible policy!  We can’t afford either of ’em – borrowing a BILLION per week at least for welfare – oh Great!  Denominated in NZ dollars, so when the crash hits NZ and the NZD comes down to 25p rather than 50p our debts double and double again as the interest kicks in! 

        which part of “NZ is one of the most indebted nations in the world” don’t people understand? 

    • Can it, and replace it with tax cuts at the middle tax bracket. There’s my proposal.

      • AngryTory

         tax cuts at the middle tax bracket

        Tax cuts for bludgers on under $70K – why the fuck bother.

        I’d put up the tax rates on anyone earning under 250K, say, and zero thereafter.

    • AngryTory

      You mean that ridiculously wasteful, expensive, inefficient and useless communism by stealth

    • Tim

      Bullshit Kosh, just crap. 

      There are very few people that have a problem helping out those who really need. Take your labour blinkers off.

      • AngryTory

        And there are far far fewer people in NZ who “really need” anything and far far far far fewer who both “really need” anything and deserve it

        Getting rid of the dole, DPB, super, health & education is what the National is for and what Key was elected to do!

  • Apolonia

    National could go into coalition with Labour. There’s not a lot of policy difference. Borrow and hope.

    • AngryTory

      So you like the idea of being run by the unions do you?

      good grief.

      Can’t you remember what NZ was like under Hellen?

      • Kosh103

        A hell of a site better than it is currently under National.

      • starboard

        you know thats crap kosh. Liarbor are a bunch of washed up has beens who couldnt run a bath. Rudderless since the departure of klarkula . Hell will freeze over before they ever get control again. Wuhahahahahaa!!!

  • Peter

    What is National’s strategy for the upcoming Epsom by election?

    • Euan Rt

      That’s simple, we’d vote Banks in again, or any other Act candidate who would stand.

      • Kosh103

        If Banks is found guilty then you wont be voting for him and ACT will be dead. A very good outcome for NZ all and all.

      • Gazzaw

        Kosh, ACT could put up Bambi for Epsom and still win it. Do you really think that the good people of Remmers and Epsom would be stupid enough to let labour or the greens in the back door?

      • Kosh103

        Wrong gaz.

        If Banks is gone and ACT implode over this Im betting Key will put in a strong runner and take the seat for National.

      • Greg M

         Correct Euan. I am in Auckland central, two ticks blue for me, but I have recently spent 20 bucks and joined the ACT Party.
        It is absolutely vital that National retains or adds a coalition partner for 2014.
        If there was a by-election I would hope that the Conservatives, as well, would put up a strong candidate for Epsom.

        There are not a lot of dimwits in Epsom, most residents are there due to hard work and good decisions.

        Penny Bright MP for Epsom?? Hahahahahaha!!

    • AngryTory

      Colin Craig.  Duh.   

  • Vlad

    Very good questions.  Given that Labour has shot its bolt (a reasonable assumption) how does National, with some kind of coalition of the right of centre, survive and thrive to keep our country on track?  MMP could derail all our best expectations. 

    • AngryTory

      The put Colin Craig in Epsom or elsewhere, and go with the Conservatives.

      And if we went through a massive austerity program would this reduce the level of the dollar and grow the economy through exporting rather than government spending?


      • Travdog

        Colin Craig needs to make some waves (positive ones) between now and the next  election or he’s just wasting his time.I for one want to see his party increase in popularity, but he needs to become more visible to mainstream NZ, not just people that will go out of their way to find out what his party is up  to.

    • Kosh103

      Colin Craig is just a National wanna be. He will have an almost impossible task of getting into Parl.

      • AngryTory

        Like Banks, Hide, Winnie & Prebs you mean?

        We’re talking about a party that polled three times as much as ACT, twice as much as Maori, with no history of parliamentary representation.

        It’s not fucking rocket science: either we drop the threshold to 3% or we throw Craig a seat.   Either way that’s a solid coalition the commies can’t break.

        Did Hellen manage to wipe the meaning of “Natural Party of Government” from everyone’s memory?

        (And of course if Key did what he was elected to do, Labour & Greens wouldn’t even be in parliament – so the Conservatives would make a nice opposition to National.)


    Simon Lusk had a candidates training in Christchurch the other weekend 

    • And your point is what…I know I was there helping him.

  • Peter

    Colin Craig is not in favour of Assett sales. 

    • AngryTory


      At 4% or 5% why does that matter?

      He hates Labour & the Greens: that’s what’s important.