SAS on the their way home

NZ Herald

The SAS are coming home from Afghanistan…one month earlier than Phil Goff promised they would return if Labour was elected.

New Zealand special air service troops are returning home from Afghanistan at the end of their two-and-half year deployment.

The fourth deployment of SAS troops to Afghanistan was posted in 2009, with their official mission coming to an end yesterday.

Defence Minister Jonathan Coleman today formally acknowledged their contribution, saying they had helped ensure Al Qaeda could not maintain safe-havens in Afghanistan from which to plan further attacks.

“In this sense, the NZSAS deployments have directly helped protect New Zealanders from the risk of international terrorism,” he said.

“The SAS have served New Zealand with distinction over the course of their deployments in Afghanistan. It’s been a job well done.”


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  • Scanner

    Heres hoping they have a large bag of scalps for their trophy wall.

    • Polishpride

      Seriously….!?!   I sometimes wonder if we have any chance of a decent future at all when you have thinking like that….. sad really. I can only hope oneday soon you will wake up. 

      • Guestalso

         The enemy is there to be exterminated and to be made fun of.Cover them in ham when they get wasted and then take a dump and a leak on them like the garbage they are.

  • jakewhite

    lets hpoe tvnz and the herald dont splash their faces all over the front page

  • Guest

    I hope so too Jake, but lets be fair if the press do its because the Ministry of Defence has stuffed up and allowed a situation where it is possible for the press to take their photos to start with.

  • patriot

    Remind me why these brave, accomplished people should remain anonymous. Who in this benign country would wish them harm?

    • Hawker

      Perhaps it is not so much the people in this country but rather the people they may have been fighting against….. being aware of their identity.

      • thor42

        Agreed, Hawker. It’s not the people *here* (apart from a few local Muslims) that would wish them harm. It’s the overseas Muslims prowling the net that would be the problem. 

  • parorchestia

    No matter how much of a brave face we put on it, it is a sad ending to an only too predictable affair. 
    We, the Western nations, are not Alexander the Great, nor are we Mongols, so our chances of success were very poor.  We have now joined the very long list of countries that sought to invade Afghanistan in order to bring order to this benighted place, and failed.
    Surely there is a better way than pouring money into military efforts and getting  our bravest killed?
    I honour the soldiers, but their political masters need a kick up the pants.  It is Clark isn’t it who should be lined up for the honour of the boot?

  • Ghostrider1

    I am sure that some are happy to be home and others will be disappointed – my thoughts are they should have stayed as they were making head way with the CRU. Mind you with all the local and national political pressures dictating their every move always slowed down their capabilities. They will also be glad to see the back of the silly camp rules that were enforced around them by useless nations – such as speed limits and dress codes!!!

  • Greg M

    Very good job well done, Thank you SAS, and welcome home.