Sex Scandal engulfing Gillard government

Daily Mail

Peter Slipper is fighting for his political life as is Julia Gillard’s government as a sex scandal threatens to engulf the government:

The Australian Labor government of British-born Prime Minister Julia Gillard was facing its gravest crisis today amid claims of a gay sex scandal involving Parliamentary Speaker Peter Slipper.

Mr Slipper, 62, is said in court documents to have employed a younger male adviser purely to pursue sex – claims that have shocked the minority government of Miss Gillard.

In the legal documents, James Ashby claims Mr Slipper, who is married with adult children, only recruited him ‘for the purpose of pursuing a sexual relationship.’

He says that Mr Slipper would regularly send ‘bizarre’ kisses to him by ending text messages with an ‘X’ and he was also asked by the Speaker to shower with the bathroom door open at his Canberra home.

On one occasion, Mr Ashby claims, when Mr Slipper arranged for the adviser to give him a massage for a sore neck, the Speaker made moaning noises indicating ‘intense sexual pleasure’.

Mr Slipper is also said to have asked Mr Ashby whether the adviser preferred ‘twinks or bears’ – homosexual slang.

The NT News had the best front page for Peter Slipper’s sex scandal.


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  • Random66

    Females are perhaps better at handling this sort of thing (as we are more often put in these situations), and we normally sort it out with no drama by just clearly drawing our lines.  For example, shut the shower door, ask what the ‘X’ means, stop or even better never even begin the massage and when asked a question of a sexual nature, just flick it off with a ‘none of your business’ response.  Worked with males most of my working life, (prior to being in business with my husband now) and most tricky situations can be handled without hurting anyones pride or feelings by just being consistantly clear.  This advisor can’t have been very good at his job because he couldn’t even give himself some good advice.

  • Pokerface

    Has the “advisor” resigned yet? Is he applying pressure for gain? Sounds a bit speculative. i don’t know anything about either of them, but mud sticks. 

  • ben

    buzzwords: labour government in power, speakers office, chris carter, tim barnett, jonathan hunt, ian wishart, jevan goulter etc…..seems a bit of a trend

    • Kosh103

      LMAO, anyone who believes that little troll Goulter is a fool.

      Having conversed with Jevan and seen him at work – he is a nasty person who will do or say anything to get attn.

      • ben

        haha not saying i believe him, just observing how curious it is

  • ConwayCaptain

    How many of these Gays and Closet Gays inhabit the upper reaches of the Larbour Parties of the world????

    • Guest

      Heaps. But not as many as the clergy or Republican Party.

  • Troy

    I thought the picture looked like Mallard, albeit an older version. 

  • Sarrs

    I think Peter Slipper deserves the benefit of the doubt here. If it’s true, his behaviour could be construed as inappropriate but equally, he could just be an odd person who hasn’t actually done anything wrong. The amount of people in Australia these days trying make their name and some cash through dubious sex scandals seems to be constantly increasing. 

    I’d like to see more information than a tacky news headline in a regional paper. Remember when Fred ‘I interview my typewriter’ Tullet of the Southland Times claimed to have broken the story about Israeli spies in the wake of the Christchurch Earthquake? What a load of unfounded nonsense that turned out to be. 

    The media are equally as guilty of trying to make their names and a bit of cash through ‘exclusive’ stories that are reliant on vague evidence at best. 

    • MrV

      They don’t call him Slippery Pete for nothing.
      Looks like he’s tried to slip one in the backdoor, as it were.

      BTW it’s all over SMH, Age, News Ltd. etc.

      • MrV

        I should add the law firm bringing the case seems to have pretty good record, hardly see why they would want to ruin it over this.

      • Sarrs

        Well that’s true, maybe he is just a dodgy old man whose been getting away with it for too long. I just struggle to understand the arrogance of people like that – do they think, in this day and age, people are just going to put up with it and not sell their story to a newspaper? Jeezo, I guess minions like us just can’t imagine ever getting away this that behaviour for even a day, let alone years!

  • Robert Miles

    I think its most unfair and rather bitter jealousy to restrict the sex lives of MP’s and Union Leaders. Australia has certainly had many vigorous performers in this area, Bob Hawke being an outstanding perfomer in this area with a long career of ravishing staffers and hotel maids.Its so unfair to Dominic Strauss Khan. Even the most boring British Political leaders have been stars at this- with the most unlikely runners like Prescott and John Major taking full advantage of their privileges and entitlements.
      Before the outrageous unfair exposure of Profumo- Britain even had many brilliants active bi sexual cabinet ministers who were at it , every way like Bob Boothby and Crossman- both deeply into beauties young and old of both sexes.
      Not in anyway being close to the Labour Political scene it would be interesting to hear accurate information why Clark chose to promote the rather unctuous school teacher , Chris Carter to high cabinet rank while keeping that ‘hom fatalle ‘ Tim Barnett on the back benches.
      In terms of Profumo, his title of Minister of War was largely honorary- it was not an important position in the UK at the time, the service ministers and the CDS Mountbatten along with the defence and intelligence chiefs were the real inner group in British defence policy making and access at the time. Keeler was simply a young working class beauty who grew up in a railway carriage, had her first professional breaks as a London stripper, with Led Zeps later  manager Peter Grant acting as her personal minder and was adopted by a London society doctor , Ward who enjoyed the company of beautiful young women and used them to decorate his parties of London political , military and intelligence officer society- employing them sometimes for intelligence purposes as with the liason with Ivanov – which appears to have been approved by the UK Cabinet. A far more interesting issue to speculate on is whether Mountbatten used sexual blackmail to advance the cause of the RN while imposing heavy cuts on the RAF and the Army in the late 1950s. Mountbatten was well known to film his nympomanic wife Edwina have sex with prominent personalites, probably including Duncan Sandys the Defence Minister and Churchill’s son in law.
      It would be difficult to regard many of the current MPs as particulary, hot as Jacinda is a bit willowy and I never favour policeman’s daughters. Bridges would have been regarded as handsome by some and Winston probably had a vigoorus sex life in the past. Lianne was definitely good looking around the turn of the century. Helen Clark doubtlessly had a good body up until her 50th,but did she ever use it-but her sex appeal definitely contributed to her rise. I would never have described her as a sex bomb as Laila Hare did, but.

    • Kosh103

      Ok – while I am quite the Helen fan I do not recall her ever having sex appeal. Ever.

  • Exclamation Mark

     “Helen Clark doubtlessly had a good body up until her 50th,but did she
    ever use it-but her sex appeal definitely contributed to her rise”

    What?!  I… I just.. how can you… surely you’re …atkj hd fbasmk;’;,f.sasd

    • Sarrs

      Was that last bit you vomiting your Sunday lunch up on your keyboard? 

  • Ricardo

    Up to her 50th what?

  • Robert Miles

    Well generally Ricardo when people hit the big  5 0 , the age of 50 they start to age. But actually to calm the over excited ”éxclamation’ who is probably a 34 year old female primary school teacher and member of a militant PC Labour Branch, I wasn’t implying anything of the dear leader , Helen Clark who was a thorougly professional PM. It was just a bit of light humour to finish a very serious blog. NZers are markedly lacking in a sense of humour or the ability to laugh at themselves, and to stifle serious political satire and commedy by claiming PC offence on some irrrelevance or minor issue. In 2001-2 I performed as  a stand up comic at 3 christchurch venues, after 10 performances stand up comedy was closed in Christchurch with 20 patrol cars, down Manchester St and Kentucky National Guard and local skinheads running wild- while I was more left in those days and probably made some jokes about W43s wife’s car accident as a teenager and Jena’s social life, it is possible some comments I made about , the right of the weak, disabled, mentally ill and pretty boys to be hetrosexual and a few asides about how homosexuals were disposed of in Dusseldorf during the war- may have been misinterpreted by powerful homosexual politicians in Chrsitchurch .I suspect the constabulary were parly motivated by the dubious activities of someone else on the bill who may have been locked up for long years ago.
      In terms of Helen Clark I was suggesting that she may have been largely asexual or sexually inactive, but I wouldn’t acutally have any information on her sex life, other than the fact that she was easy on the eye drew a number of people, men, staffers and peace activists  to assist her political rise particularly in the 1980s. People help attractive people. Its a fact of life recognised in every other country. Its a bit of commedy like the break and clowns , Shakespeare puts in his plays.
       Of course everybody else in this blog entry has obviously had a vigorous recreational sex life.
    And and I am very much opposed to the left wing interventionist paternalist kill joy sanctiomonious politics of Helen Kelly , Lianne Dalziel and Sue Bradford. Not to mention minto. They are entirely fair targets in my view.

    • BR

      Easy on the eye?? She had a face like the north end of a south bound hippopotamus.


      • davewin

         And a personality to go with it!

    • Pukakidion

       Heluns sex apeal!!!!

      You want to get out more.  You sick man.

      • Pukakidon

         Sorry I mean “Heluns Sex appeal”

        I was cringing, my hands were shaking and I was reaching for the vomit bowl, as I was typing.

  • Phar Lap

    Probably a story like that waits NZ, if and when Shearer gets shafted ,not literally.Just imagine who and what lies in wait for his job.