Shelley is right

NZ Herald

Shelley Bridgeman is annoyed about the waste of the Yellow Pages. I’m with her…I walked around the back of my place and chucked the whole lot in the wheelie bin:

At about this time every year Yellow Pages Group dumps three unsolicited volumes of telephone numbers and advertisements on the footpaths outside Auckland houses. I can’t be the only one who finds it wasteful and inconvenient. This year, like the preceding few years, the ones outside our place were immediately deposited in the recycling bin.

“Every year we produce 18 regional and 22 local directories and distribute 2.7 million across the country,” says Yellow Pages’ website as if that’s something to be proud of. It probably is when trying to get businesses to pay to be in its pages. But it’s an incredibly misleading figure that doesn’t take account of the growing number of people who consider it an outdated insult to have such tomes foisted upon them.

Google is my friend…not Yellow…and their website sucks too.


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  • Vlad

    Telecom’s cunning sale of Yellow is a case study in private equity buyouts failing in oversight, strategy, implementation and management.  Will be taught in schools in the future. 

    • yellowperil

      yep, the pension funds and the banks got well and truly stitched with this deal.  as the late kerry packer once said when he sold his channel nine network to bond media,  “you only get one alan bond in your lifetime, and i’ve had mine”.  i’m sure similar sentiments would have been expressed by the board of telecom….

  • Dave

    It is interesting that they have had reshuffles after restructures, and change management within change, yet no one clear strategy.   A colleague of mine was employed by them, moved to Auckland, then went through three restructures in SIX months, whilst they struggled to gain ground.    A business with a long term strategy that defines them in the market against their competitors is doomed.   Clearly, their strategies, no mother how good, would not deliver the results needed to support the turn the PE firms needed after their massive, and ill-considered investment.   Watch the space – Localist – Google – many others and then there is old and very inefficient……….   YP.   I’m with you and Shelley Whale, ours are straight out for recycling – Google is far more informative and its always in the car with me thanks to an iPhone.  

    • Gazzaw

      It’s interesting Dave that not only does Telecom’s management appear to be inept but they appear to fuck up other companies when they are moved on as a consequence of restructuring. I don’t go along with you on Localist – those bastards dropped unwanted, bulky literature in my mailbox today. That went straight into recycling too.

  • Michael Duke

    They make good monitor stands, all I have used a paper directory for in the last 5 years.

  • toby_toby

    The last time I tried to use the Yellow web site, it was utter dog shit. I can’t even remember when that would have been, but I wonder if they’ve improved things since then. I’m guessing not.

  • Top Bloke

    The Yellow pages have a unique place in many NZ workplaces

     …….. as a monitor stand.

  • Straight to the rubbish bin mate

  • Fidosoup

    Yes the yellow website along with the white pages is pathetic.. 

  • MarcWills

    While I’m impressed with how cool and hip you guys are with your iPhones and website savvy, do you not think that other customers have a right to a format which is helpful to them. Seems you are all a bit up yourselves, and couldn’t give a stuff about anyone else. Get over yourselves.

    • JimboBug

      You can still have a printed version that people could opt in to get (or have an opt out) – the waste isn’t in printing it but is in printing it for people whomdon’t want it so stick it straight in the recycling.

  • Greg M

    I am managing 44 apartments in central Auckland .To my office they delivered 44 sets (3 books to a set) of Auckland phone books, How many apartments wanted a set? 3.
    Complete and utter waste, now I have to dispose of them.

  • guest

    When the power goes out, the phone still goes but its fuckn hard to find google

  • Gregandtania

    That is so true, can’t remember when I last used a phonebook.

  • And for 100% pure irony I have the 2012 Yellow pages open in front of me as I look up someone who can install a remote controlled cat door.