Sky City Donations

TV3’s Pedro Gower  last night revealed that Sky City donated $15,000 to Len Brown’s election campaign. Sky City also donated $15,000 to John Banks’ campaign as well. That seems fair until you look at it in the context of previous behaviour by Len Brown’s Acting Chief of Staff (and usual Principal Policy Advisor) James Bews Hair.

This blog was first to reveal Bews-Hair’s chequebook lobbying tactics in the use of seemingly above board donations.

So when Len says he really has no idea what is going on at Sky City he really is stretching it just a little. Len knows that thanks to some wheeling and dealing behind the scenes he has got New Zealand’s best convention centre, a theatre that he thought he’d have to fund from rate payers, use of the Sky City corporate box at Eden Park and various other “wins”. The question will be when do we find out what Len needs to do in return. I am guessing he just needs to be quiet, stay on the fence and not attack the Government or Sky City for the increase in the number of pokies in Auckland City. All stuff that a good Labour Mayor would attack.

I can also reveal that Bews-Hair has had a hand in Sky City’s appointment of all subsequent Government Relations Managers – thus the techniques and tactics are handed from lobbyist to lobbyist.

Interestingly, the Government Relations role has just been vacated and Sky City (no doubt with Bews-Hair’s assistance) will be looking for a new appointee. Whoever could it be?


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  • that brown is claiming to ‘have no opinion’ on the sky-deal…

    ..especially given the (well-documented) financial havoc wreaked on the poor by pokies.. just a (bad) joke..

    [email protected]

    • Salacious T Crumb

      What about the financial havoc wreaked upon the poor by alcohol, tobacco, drugs and too many kids Phil? There is a common element here, choice.

      Agree that Brown is a weasely little shapeshifter, but lets not lose sight of the fact that nobody is forcing people to drive into Auckland and pay exhorbitant parking fees to pour money into slot machines.

  • Mark

    The Government relations manager has just started at ANZ. Widely known that he practically begged for the job. His appointment to ANZ followed no proper process. All very murky

    • D M

      Name names, sunlight on these murky figures would be very helpful.

    • Bob

      psssst… I heard that the Sky Tower is infact a space craft that crashed and has been disguised as a tower, the extra poky machines are an alien trick to take over the world. Len and John are in on it… murky indeed…

      • Guestosterone

        Polish Porkies

  • Len Brown, Secret Mayor of The Centre Right :O

  • the shocker fact of all that the pub-pokies return 37% of revenue to the community..(far too geared to bloke-sports-teams..but that’s another story..)

    ..whereas sky returns 2.5%..

    ..(that figure again..?..2.5%..)

    ..2nd shocker fact is that minister in charge of this clusterfuck of the rest of us..

    ..didn’t know that fact… we have any recent examples of more eyewatering incompetence..?

    ..3rf shocker fact is that those machines will make sky city an extra $42 million per yr..

    ..(that’s $42 million per yr sucked out of our community/city..all heading away off-shore in profit-taking..) that means the convention centre will be paid for in five short years for sky..

    ..from then on in it will all be cream..

    4th shocker fact is that sky have given joyce a list of further demands..

    ..lessening the few restrictions that there are on this vampire-sucking-beast…

    ..surely opposition to this stinker of a deal will be trans-ideological..?

    ..conversely..someone from the right could try to defend this howling incompetence by joyce/key..and this stinker of a deal..

    ..this deal was done on the back of a cocktail-napkin..

    ..with joyce/key now scrambling to fill in the blank spaces…

    ..this at the behest/direction of sky…

    ..two solutions to rectify this and the mistakes from the past..?

    1)..either leave the top-end casino…and ban pokies everywhere..


    2)..nationalise the whole casino-industry… off the current operators for the buildings etc..

    ..and then send them packing…

    ..then if they want..they can still have their convention-centre…

    ..funded the same way…

    ..and all the cream..100%.. to be plowed back into our community..

    ..what’s not to love about that..?
    [email protected]

    • Euan Rt

      Yeah phil and we return far too higher percentage of our income to support you. You’re addicted to the public teat. 

      •  that’s all you’ve go to contribute there..euan..? ad-hom..?

        ..that’s it..?


        ..carry on..!

        phillip [email protected]

    • Karlos

      Oh Phil, where do I start.

      Pub-pokies are run by community charities, as such they are requried to only cover costs (staff, pub room rentals, office rentals, vehicles etc) and the rest must go to community projects, hence 37% go back to the community. Sky City is a listed company, so they have no obligation to pump any $ back into the community, but do anyway!
      So your second shocker isn’t a shocker at all, are all minister supposed to know how much every privately listed company puts back into local community projects?

      ‘..3rf shocker fact is that those machines will make sky city an extra $42 million per yr..’
      Brilliant, get a job, buy some shares, and the profit will go to you and stay in NZ, not rocket science.

      4th ‘shocker’, this means tax payers don’t have to fund a new convention centre that Auckland so badly needs, this will allow Auckland to hold international events that they currently miss out on (maybe even a convention on how/why weed shortens your attention span, and lowers motivation, so you can finally realise that it is probably the reason you refuse to get a job!).

      Your 2 solutions are both dribble, and not required since your 4 reasons for implementing them don’t stack up to even basic scrutiny.

      Have a good day Phil

  • Adybombs

    Boag is going to need a job once all her clients flee her tainted company.  She has the credentials, not above a bit of blackmail and seems to think nothing of buying people off and given all the harm she has done to National over many years has to be the new darling of the left.  She should apply

    • jay cee

      er no, nobody on the left would see boag as a darling, ever!

  • Apolonia

    No wonder so many people voted for Colin Craig, an independent Mayor for Auckland. 

    •  snigger/snort.!..’colin craig’..!

      ..whenever his name is mentioned i remember him pissing a half a mill up againt a wall..promotong his pro-kid-smacking agenda..

      ..and promising ‘the biggest demo auckland has ever seen’..

      ..on the day..(i was there..reporting/laughing….)

      ..the cops outnumbered the marchers.. was beyond sad..

      [email protected]

      • Mark

        Don’t often agree with you Phil. But you are spot on on this one. Couldn’t agree more

  • graham

    its a sad day when i agree with phil