Sledge of the Day

I was driving through Tokoroa today when Question Time started, and I nearly ran off the road with Question 1. Bill English was on fire.

Especially when asked about confidence in ministers by Grant Robertson:

All I can say is that the Prime Minister has more confidence in his Ministers than the deputy leader of the Labour Party has in his leader.


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  • Positan

    For all the thousands of dollars it costs every second to run parliament, shouldn’t its main focus be far more on running the country than on posing petty questions, purely party-political in nature, and therefore completely irrelevant to the actual interests of those whom MPs are supposedly there to represent?  

    • Chiefsfan73

      Perhaps one of the reasons they are now on the opposition benches.

      • Gazzaw

        Precisely, Chiefsfan. A masterly performance of ‘Trivial Pursuit’ from he who would be king (or maybe queen?) 

  • Arnold

    Peters makes me cringe whenever he speaks….geez, god can you please call winnies supporters sooner than later

  • Davewin

    Peters has lost the little mojo he once had. I am wondering how long it will take the media to twig that his performances in the House are becoming more and more irrational and incomprehensible. Then there is the terrible Barbara who look 70 but still gazes at him with the goo goo eyes of a monnstruck calf.

    In a word NZ First is pathetic.

  • jay cee

    i’m not surprised at bill english’s wit, hes had plenty of practice with all those patsy questions that the national back benchers are forced to ask him.