Some advice for Mallard

 The Australian

Mark Latham has some very sage advice for Trevor Mallard, advice he would do well to heed:

“When you start lying about stuff you risk this scale of avalanche of votes against you,”

He was talking of course about Anna Bligh’s Queensland Labor rout. But the sentiment holds true for Trevor Mallard. Latham goes on:

“The public distrust and cynicism about public life is so severe there is no room, absolutely no margin for lying to the electorate and Bligh paid the penalty.”

Substitute Bligh for Mallard and you can see what I mean.

Trevor Mallard is a serial defamer, it is time that some one sorted him out. if his own party are too gutless to do it then it will have to be Judith Collins.

Meanwhile Mallard will be running the numbers against Shearer as sure as night follows day….another of Latham’s comments:

“And inevitably, as certain as night follows day they will change leaders before the next election. They can’t possibly go to the next poll with Gillard.”

David Shearer, through his unwillingness to rein in Trevor Mallard is unfortunately doomed. It will be sooner rather than later.


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  • Ian Verry Levin

    Trevor Mallard is skiting that the defamation case will not go to court because the National party
    is scared that its dealing with right wing bloggers will become public (9AM ZB news)
    What have you got to say about ?

    • I laugh at his bravado…he is a cock smoker.

      • Dr Wang

        Trev sure chases a lot of skirt for a cock smoker…

    • nzd.gbp

      scared about what sorry?

    • Cynic

      Should be more worried about Labours relationship with its left wing bloggers. Standard anyone? What a putz.

    • he should be more worried about the relationship of Labour politicians communicating with me, which they do.

  • Dave

    Mr Latham is the wrong person to go around talking about lying and anything to do with political leadership.   His tenure on the Australian leadership is legendary stuff, and he was ousted in spectacular style, and is no stranger to the courts as well.

    He is not taken at all seriously in Australia, why should we take him seriously here.

    • johnbronkhorst

      So you are suggesting that the NZ (and Australian) public are so stupid that they will put up with this guys antics (or gillards) forever???? Mallard is a looking to be PROVED a liar just as clarke was, he is also a coward, which never washes down well in NZ.

      • mara

        That prick Mallard has been sucking on the public tit forever. What’s changed to be getting rid of him now?

      • Dave

        No John The drake is not worthy of any political post or even as a public servant (which all pollies are of course) and I don’t like his style of flicking mud from his sheltered bunker hoping it sticks.

        But, Latham is not a great example, his tenure in Aussie was short and his demise spectacular, he and mallard and a few others have a very similar and somewhat dishonest style. There are lots of articles of Latham, including assault!!

        By comparison to either Mallard or Latham CollIns is a saint.

        Time for someone from the National party to prepare the BBQ, I can see BBQ Duck on the menu very soon.

    • Troy

      It’s perplexing that Mallard is welcoming being sued for defamation – stating that it will make things “more interesting”.  I’m guessing he plans to mudrack using the court system to do so – perhaps it will end up biting himself (?).

  • Kosh103

    Anyone who thinks this will end up causing any major dammage to Mallard are crazy. Colins is the one who needs to be careful how this is carried out.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Why would he try to smack her down like he did with Tau?
      Mallard represents everything loathable in a politician; dishonesty, self subserviance and a total bully.

      • Guestosterone

        i’d buy a ticket to see the court proceedings

        will the duck be touting them on trademe..?

    • Gazzaw

      How so kosh?

    • Kosh103

      Because Gazz Mallard is used to getting “down and dirty” and will have no issue in using any dirty trick he can in order to slap Colins around. Colins is suing because someone said a mean thing about her.

      Good luck to her, she will need it.

      • Guestosterone

        “Mr Mallard said he had taken “really good legal advice” on the matter.”

        You’re right Kosh, he can’t possibly not come out of this smelling like roses!

      • Dave

        In reply to Guestosterone.    Of course Mallard has taken legal advise, he will be trembling of course.   Best bet is he knows he is at risk, and is bluffing his way out hoping Collins drops the case.    Or, he might apologize on the court steps.   
        Rumour has it the Mallard season starts on the 5th of May, at any local mai mai.  

  • Super_Guest

    Best advice for Mallard would be to get a real job. Then again, he has less skills than a MUNZ member so that might be tough, but I’ll trade a 100K a year beneficiary for a 10K a year beneficiary any day.

    • Gazzaw

      He was pretty crap as an asparagus picker.

    • Kosh103

      So are you saying SG, that no one in Parl has a real job?

      • Boss Hogg

        Kosh, I asked you yesterday, “what has Mallard achieved in parliament and what is he respected for?”

        Then it will become obvious.  You do worship him so I am sure you will know the answer.

      • Super_Guest

        Hell no. They’re public servants there to represent us. Overpaid public servants at that.

  • Anonymouscoward

    The Ayatollahs on the Court of Appeal have issued a fatwa against politicians suing people.

    Lange v Atkinson 

    • I think you will find that case won’t apply.

  • Peter Wilson

    It’s a high risk play from Collins, and I do wonder what she has to gain.

    If Mallard and co. continue to mock her, what then?  Especially since she’s on her own with no cabinet backing.

    Most politicians would just ride out the bluster in the hope the truth will come out and make fools of their opponents.

    • @BoJangles

      But we know most politicians are spineless

      • Boss Hogg

        Bo Jangles- Fully agree.  A gutsy move from Collins and I really hope that she wins and then she will have major sledging rights in the house.  If she wins Mallard of course should resign – but we know he won’t because he is otherwise unemployable.

        Kosh – $100 on a Collins victory  Yes/No ???  Up the stakes if you want – I like to work at double ups through the course of the case.  Keeps the interest up I find.

      • Peter Wilson

        I’ve rather put my money on a draw. The case will never go to court and we all know it.

    • Pete George

      It’s also high risk for Mallard – unless he’s planning on retiring soon.
      It’s very high risk for Little – could make or break his whole political career.

      And it could be a decisive factor for Shearer, it looks like he’s backing his leader on this:

      The defamation suit may end up being the inquiry the opposition’s been looking for.
      “It’s certainly not the inquiry we would like to have come out so the
      fact that this is going to go to court means that there will be some
      ability to have a real look at what was going on within Judith Collins’
      office,” he says.
      Mr Shearer doesn’t think his MPs should apologise and doesn’t think Ms Collins has much of a case.

      If this backfires on him I don’t think he’ll have much of a case in the next Labour leadership challenge.