Some advice for Trevor Mallard

Andrew Sullivan

Blogging is so rewarding, and by blogging I mean reading and writing of blogs. I was thinking this morning as I loaded the ute with a couple trays of 12ga that Trevor Mallard really is a tool, but that was a rather crude moniker…apt, but crude.

Then I checked Andrew Sullivan’s blog and this was the latest post:

“I will never know why it took so long. It’s not easy looking at everything you thought you knew and saying “Wow, was I ever full of shit.” But eventually, if you have two remaining brain cells bouncing around your thick noggin, the amount of evidence becomes unavoidable and undeniable. Even for someone who voted for Bush twice,” – John Cole, apostate, in a searingly honest and moving post.

Perhaps Trevor Mallard, instead of commenting on his thoughts about whether or not other people are stuffed, might like to read that article and consider his own position in life and parliament.


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  • Blair Mulholland

    You really do need to stop reading (and copying) Andrew Sullivan, he’s nuttier than a fruitcake, and he says (and links to) a lot of blatantly stupid shit.  This fellow John Cole starts off complaining about Republicans spending too much money, so he becomes… A DEMOCRAT?!  That’s like me joining the Greens because National won’t mine DoC land.  Also he whines on about the contraception issue, where Democrats want to force insurance companies to cover the contraception costs of every woman in America, which will put up everybody’s premiums.  So much for fiscally responsible.

    You should read Althouse, Breitbart, Hot Air, and Rush Limbaugh, all of which are much better sites dealing with American politics.

  • Fergie

    I you keep reading that diatribe of right wing nutcases Blair – you will never have you much needed ‘road to Damascus’ moment…… as for you mention of Rush Limbaugh  …. now I know you are joking right ???

  • Blair Mulholland

    Most people who criticise Rush Limbaugh have never actually listened to him or read transcripts of his shows.  He’s not right about everything, but he is a lot more sensible than Andrew Sullivan.  His views are very mainstream.

    I already had my Road to Damascus moment when I moved to London eleven years ago and saw the effects of sixty years of socialism.  There’s a big difference between being open to logical argument that disagrees with your point of view, and being a complete flake with too much oestrogen (like Madame Sullivan).

    • Fergie

      Sadly Blair I have read and listened to Rush – he is a bully and a bigot whose vitriol knows no bounds. A logical argument requires a clearly defined debate, not just a series of outrageous statements and name calling !
      Seems you are a bit muddled about the 60 years of socialism Blair – UK have been governed by Conservatives for most of the time you point oit – 11 by the Iron Lady her self – maybe what you saw was the after effects of a crazy time whenthe Tories waged crazy wars drove the economy into the ground by driving down wages and creating an underclass – sort of what Richardson and the Nats did in NZ in the 80s.

      • Blair Mulholland

        Your commie talking points have no bearing on reality Fergie.

        There is nothing bigoted about Rush.  But his opponents, who continuously misquote him, are another matter.

    • Valerie

       He’s not right about everything? is he right about anything?

      • Blair Mulholland

        He is right about Obama needing to be a one term president.

      • Fozzie

        in your dreams Blair – Obama will cream Romney !

  • Fergus

    Some MORE advice for mallard…dig a hole and bury yourself, you ascorbic piece of filth!!!