Stupid boy

The first little runt to have his car ordered to be crushed thought he would be clever. But he wasn’t clever enough.

“The first car in New Zealand destined to be crushed under tough new boy racer legislation has been seized again by authorities, after police say it was the subject of a last minute switch.

Police confirmed yesterday they had recovered the 1982 Toyota DX belonging to Karn Clarrie Forrest, of Milton, which was the subject of a court order last year.”

What an idiot. Because now he’s made things worse for himself:

Insp Sparrow said police had interviewed a “number of people in relation to this matter and charges are pending”.

No surprise that the brave boy racer is not so cocky now:

“Forrest declined to comment when asked about the alleged switch.

“I don’t really feel like talking to you.”

And he’s not getting any sympathy from Anne Tolley:

“Justice is being done and this should serve as a warning to any boy racers who want to try and evade the law”.

“If they take part in anti-social and dangerous behaviour then their cars are at risk of being crushed. And they can be assured that the police will find their car, and it will be destroyed.”


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  • another brilliant effort from nact/colllins..

    ..three and a half years on..the first car is crushed..

    ..and it was the wrong car..


    ..(you couldn’t write this stuff..)

    [email protected]

    • Boss Hogg

      Phil – you can not read or write.  Better to be thought a fool……….you know the rest

    • Mr_Blobby

      Whore you truly are a complete Fuckwit. I might have to start dogging you in the hope that we both get banned from the site, so the others can have some peace and intelligent conversation.
      Why don’t you get off the drugs and work at contributing to society in a positive way, you could start by paying back some of what you owe.
      How about going back to the people you terrorized in your criminal past, apologize and ask for forgiveness every day until they ask you to stop.

    • Super_Guest

      “Nact” that’s clever, you think that up all by yourself? Hang on, you’re a left-winger, you can’t even begin to come up with an original thought without running it through committee, and then taking it to the “smartest” academics to make sure it’s 100% politically correct, finally it needs to comply with the Treaty and advance the cause of the “worker” (using the word worker in relation to Phil is ironic, I know) and then you can speak your mind. 

    • Michael

      The idea of the law was to stop Boy Racers.  If they are not being caught anymore, they’ve been stopped. 

      Given the boy racers don’t race up and down our road anymore, a huge success.

    • Troy

      Phillip ure has extreme difficulty in writing full complete sentences so best everyone just skip past his posts hence which I will do from

      • Philip ure a cock


    • Rightoverlabour

      This is why most mouses have a scroll button –   Its a bit like an “if else”   statement as in: if philliilip ure, scroll, else,  read. Simple really.

  • Dave

    Was the car crushed……. I don’t think it was.  But if it was, no probe, the little turd will have 2 cars crushed for the price of one.     Now they have the actual car used to commit the offenses, I hope it is crushed very soon, and he gets to serve time in a cold southland jail for quite a while for perverting the course of Justice. 

    Oops, forgot, we provide heating in jails for the criminals, but not for the elderly.   

    • Sarrs

      I’ll have you know Milton is in South Otago! Don’t bring Southland into this! [insert regional outrage and overly parochial attitudes :P ]
      That means he’s about 2km away from the fancy new prison at Milburn. The draughty, nasty looking prison in Invercargill (Liffey Street University) would be much worse punishment.

    • AngryTory

      A prison cell is too good for scum like him.

      Just fasten the seatbelt with superglue, and drop the car into the CRUSHER.

      CRUSHER COLLINS crushes cars
      and soon she’ll CRUSH MALLARD!

      • Mighty1

         Yea Mallard is Flucked!

  • davewin

    Maybe we should get  Phil to drive the car into the crusher to ensure it is working properly.

    •  maybe we could get davewn to stop pretending he is farrars’-future…

      [email protected]

      • davewin

         Phil, Phil, Farrar is a mere sylph in comparing body shape, as you are in comparing massive intellect!

      • Pbhps

        hey phil go fuck off back to molesting those dogs of yours. 

  • This car crushing business is just so disturbing on a number of levels.

    • Adybombs

      How is it disturbing, he broke the law and endangered his own life and the lives of others on three separate occasions.n( In fact they were just the times he got caught, I am sure he did it far more often)  He knew what the potential consequences of this were before the first time he did it.  Good job I say, can’t wait to see his car crushed and may it be followed by the cars of any other clown who is stupid enough to continue to offend in this way 

      •  Why it’s disturbing – from a post I wrote three years ago:

      •  garretts’ car should get crushed..

        ..he drink-drives..

        ..drunks on the road are far more dangerous than boy-racers..

        ..drunks kill people…

        ..if you are going to crush cars..why not theirs..

        ..and ‘crushing’ is just mindless stupidity compounded.. 

        ..seize and sell if you must..

        ..(give it to a poor family..anything rather than crushing..

        ..crushing is just mindless vandalism..

        ..appealing to the basest irrational instincts…

        ..the actions of a thoughtless barbarian..

        [email protected]

      • Adybombs

        The one concern I have always had is the position of a finance company that may  hold a security over the vehicle.  Do you know what happens in that instance?
        With regard to the possibly of the offender selling the vehicle the potential buyers are his boy racer mates who are probably quite aware of the situation.  To excuse crushing the vehicle because it has been sold would just mean he could sell the vehicle to his mate for $1.  The legislation should provide for the crown to place some kind of lien over the vehicle immediately after any third offence to prevent it being sold. 
        Your argument about punishing the vehicle not the person doesn’t wash with me. The vehicle is the tool by which the crime is committed; no vehicle, no offence, hence crushing is removing the ability to offend again.  Remember the person is also going to be heavily fined and suffer loss of licence as well.  As for Dad if he is too stupid enough to cut son’s access to the car after 2 offences, yet alone 1 then he will get what he deserves.  I did even think about selling the vehicle with the crown taking the proceeds such as happens in the case of equipment used  by commercial paua poachers but once again that is just selling the car to the next boy racer, i.e likely offender.

    • akka

      Well the one thing it is teaching me is to NOT lend my car to anyone.
      Trust is earned not given. Time passes before Iend my vehicles out, so I can know the type of person I”m lending to. If I get caught out and my vehicle get crushed then its MY FAULT. 
      I obviously did not know that person as well as I thougth. No-one else to blame but me..
      I say lenders choose your “friends wisely”

      • Euan Rt

        Too right! And as for the argument of finance companies having an interest in cars to be crushed, it would be no different for them if the car was driven by a drunk driver and written off – still no insurance. Just give the culprit bad credit so he will have trouble buying a new car.

    • James

      Maybe they will include a couple of Gays and an abortionist in the crushing to make you feel better Lucia………….

    • AngryTory

      You “Libertarians” are really “Leftertarians” aren’t you?

      The only thing disturbing about the law
      is the disturbingly low numbers of cars being crushed!

      Heh. if we had both CRUSHER and an ICAC the could make a start with all the EPMU cars around the place…

      • James Gray

        Yes, I’m a leftertarian, I eat lefties for breakfast

  • Vlad

    Nothing disturbing about it, but come on you objectivists, let’s give the little turd a point for having a go to beat the bureaucrats.  

  • ConwayCaptain

    On the subject of penalties which has been discussed here at length, when I klived in Jersey in the Channel Is in the 1950’s they bhad the birch.

    Similar to S’pore with the rattan.

    No One ever went back for a 2nd dose.

  • Justme

    Gotta agree with Phil on “drunks kill people”. In fact anyone who causes another motorists death, maims or severely disrupts their life; should be banned from driving for many years. Mechanical fault perhaps the only leeway depending on the cause. Why can’t motorists just obey the road rules, not drink and drive and not be considerate? Simplistic but a no-brainer. More cops on the roads; much harsher penalties. 

  • Jimmie

    Yeah should crush cars of stoners too Phil -druggies kill innocent folk as well.

  • dad4justice

    Car crushering  from Nutional wimps. Try tackle the gang problem you pathetic jerks!!! Who killed Kirsty Bentley and the Kahui Twins you brain dead POLITICAL CREEPS???
    Oh by the way,why is Peter Davis not allowed in the USA John Key?
    Hate to be YOU when it all comes out YOU gutless Burnside disgrace. Ask Kevin Barry what he thinks you dog shit.

    • Jimmie

      easy now d4j. I know its almost the full moon but chill out a little please.

      • dad4justice

        Full moon time, oh that’s right the ex minister of police, Annutte King (much like ex family court lawyer crusher bitch) said crimes rise on the full moon and the silly kiwi brain-dead liberal fuckwit public morons lap up the bullshit from dirt bag political scum of the earth. 
        This country is a sick joke!

    • curmudgeon1

      d4j…..oooh so bitter. What is the contribution you imagine you are making to this particular discussion u f*wit? The mere fact that the ‘dropkick’ in question has gone to some length to ATTEMPT to avoid the implications of the legislation suggests the message just may be getting through.  

      • dad4justice

        Oh cool , keystone cops deal to boy racers but let gangs rape and murder without accountability. Wonder who Banjo is smacking on the head with a hammer tonight. Oh look the keystones are bashing up 17 year old petrol heads while the gangs deal P to primary school kids!

        Priority you fuckwit. 

      • WayneO

        d4j if you don’t like it here then fuck off. North Korea would suit you.

    • Mighty1

       Oh Dear Dad – Time for your wee Jab.

      • Cadwallader

         Dad thinks this country is a “sick joke.” Poor Dad can’t afford even a budget airfare out of here. No wonder he is sad, penurious and redundant.

      • dad4justice

        Grow up gutless one.

    • Peter Wilson

      I agree, crushing of cars is ridiculous. Why waste a resource?

      They could instead be donated to community groups, or what about solo mothers struggling with kids and no transport?

      • Arnold

         again…why the solo mums…dont they know how it happens…if you said widows or widowers struggling with kids i would support….i have had 3 marriage splits and pay for all my kids directly, not one of their mums has blugded on the state…s

  • napalm in the morning

    Boy racers are the easy target on the street and in view of the sensitive public, who seemed to get upset because of the noise they create. If any of you had any balls, you would admit to doing the same in AP5 Valiants,PB vauxalls, crestas or old v8s. dad4justice is on the fuckn nail, you guys just dont have balls to admit it!!.  

    • Greg M


      245 Hemi Vali-tank, followed by 253 V8 HQ Premier, fuck I wish I had kept that…

      Mind you, at that time we ALL drove pissed, there was no breath testing, and the speed limit was 80 kph. ( A modern rice burner will do that in first gear ), there was no “kronic” and we watched the road, weaving home on an empty road from the Albany Pub at 10.30 pm, not the txt msg on the cellphone. Car numbers have also more than quadrupled in the last 20 years. Not making excuses, just saying that it is a hell of a lot more dangerous to be a hoon today than what it was 20-30 years ago.

      This dude deliberately tried to evade justice, and for that reason alone he needs to be clobbered hard.

      Now I am missing the old grunty Valiant.

    • dad4justice

      Balls are hard to find in wimpland.

  • napalm in the morning

    2-3 crates in the boot, nominated barmen, 1 glass(couple of spares in case of accident) and off on a round the mountain trip 3 or 4 carloads. Everytown had a trip of similar proportions or time and everybody pissed , sometimes you had to let the girlfriend drive. You look at these kids and you see that they have a nominated driver , they spend all their money on their car and they are impressive. I know they get a bit carried away and christchurch had problem(EQ fixed that) but car crushing was pathetic reaction. Still think they are easy target for police and politicians as they are scared to tackle gangs because of race issues etc. It just pisses me off when you see them taking morale high ground on minor issues and doing fuck all about whats going on in this country re gangs etc 

    • Greg M

       Yep. I am with you on this one Napalm.

    • AngryTory

      Biggest GANG in NZ is MUNZ

      what’re they doing about that?  sending in the AOS & STG to sort ’em out?

      yeah no bugger all!

    • nzd.gbp

      I agree, crushing cars is straight out stupid. Boy racers often spend shitloads on mods and to have all these great parts crushed instead of auctioned off is ridiculous. What if it were a Bugatti Veyron or some other classic? Pure vandalism.