Stupid People die in Stupid Ways

NZ Herald

This is a really a case of stupid is as stupid does:

The family of a 30-year-old mother who died suddenly say her 7.5 litre-a-day Coca-Cola habit was partly to blame.

Mother-of-eight Natasha Marie Harris died on February 25, 2010 after a cardiac arrest, Coroner David Crerar heard at an inquest yesterday in Invercargill.

Pathologist Dr Dan Mornin told the court Ms Harris’ main cause of death was cardiac arrhythmia, but she also had severe hypokalemia – lack of potassium in the blood – probably relating to excessive consumption of soft-drink.

He said although it was difficult to confirm this from post-mortem tests, it was consistent with her symptoms of tiredness and lack of strength and with other cases of heavy soft-drink consumers.

Dr Mornin said it was probable a combination of factors, including poor diet, played a role in her death.

The court heard Ms Harris had a poor diet and was a heavy smoker, with a 30-a-day habit.

But her family is convinced her Coca-Cola consumption played a part in her death – and they say the popular drink should carry warning signs.

Of course the 30 plus cigarettes a day and a poor diet didn’t contribute in any way to her early demise….no of course not, it was all the fault of Coke.


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  • Agent BallSack

    OMG Coke is bad for you? Well Fuck Me! Stupid bint did us all a favour.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    The Darwinian effect…

    • Alloytoo

      Sadly she reproduced

      • Anonymous…

        8 times too…

      • 8 kids by the time you are 30 would be enough to kill anyone. Seriously – bodies are not designed to handle being pregnant for ten years non stop. 


    Warning:Dont be a dumb fuck and drink 7.5ltrs of Coke, smoke 30 a day,and eat shit.You will die.

  • Sarrs

    She is a 30 year old with 8 children. Being a baby factory probably isn’t that beneficial to your health either

    • Sarrs

      *was a 30 year old with 8 children

    • Orange

       Very likely anemic as the result. That combined with the smoking and lack of fruits = very poor combination.

    • Foetuses are like leaches. They take all of the good and nourishment that we put into our bodies in order to grow and thrive in the womb, and leave behind the bad. One of the reasons that most women acquire dental problems during pregnancy. 

      8 babies and only 30 years old had to have a detrimental affect on her health. 

  • maninblack

    thats the sort of shit you read about in america.. unbelivable.

  • Magoo

    During my 40 a day smoking habit I used to drink 2.5 litres of Coke a day. The Coke is needed to dissolve all the snot, blood, & phlegm that results from excessive smoking – without Coke it’s difficult to chain smoke.

    One of man’s great inventions Coke – first fire, then the wheel, & then Coca-Cola. Smokes on the other hand are shit & should be banned – you don’t even get anything out of them except a slight relief when you quell the cold turkey withdrawal symptoms.

    • Random66

      I was starting to feel guilty about my must have little green can called ‘V’ (otherwise known as mother’s little helper) and then I read your comment and thought whew, there are worst things.

      • Magoo

        Anything to help Random66. Shit, I wonder what an absolute masterpiece Coca-Cola would’ve been when it had real cocaine in it, instead of caffeine.

      • Random66

        Magoo I actually received an email about that sometime ago.  It was just showing old advertisements for Coca-Cola as well as cough medicine etc, all of which contained cocaine and the advertisements suggested giving a daily dose to the kids.  If I can find it as well as work out how to put a link up I will show you – definitely worth a laugh.

      • Magoo

        I saw a documentary on sky about Coke. It was invented by a pharmacist and you used to get it from the local chemist on tap.

  • Mr_Blobby

    The main concern is that she was an active breeder. Will the 8 kids follow in mums’ footsteps, probably?
    How do you afford to drink and smoke so much with a family that size?

    • Blokeintakapuna

      With over-paid WFF and other benefits of course…

      Just goes to show – there really is no such thing as real poverty here in NZ – only poor decision making by adults not accepting responsibility for the past and actively not accepting responsibility in the present.

      At least she can be used as a bad example now though…

    •  “Working” for families…? I still can’t believe she could actually drink that amount…hate to think how over-worked their toilet was and…nah can’t go any further to much information…

  • Euan Rt

    ….and bottles of water should carry warnings “not a complete food”. WTF

  • Euan Rt

    I reckon the family is playing for a payout from Coca cola. Otherwise this is just dumb….Just dumb anyway.

    • Sarrs

      I don’t know if the story mentions it or not, but Coke had to hire security guards to shadow their staff because apparently this guy was making death threats against them.

      • Top Bloke

        Sarrs – Sounds suspiciously like crap to me. Which guy the partner / husband?
        how many security guards; 2 or 300 – which staff got them? all the staff or just management. The family is in Invercargill – Coke is not.

      • Flood79

         I recall that story as well.  Here is a link to it on Stuff

      • Pukakidon

         Oooooooh   Top Bloke you got burned there…..

      • Top Bloke

        Apologies Sarrs – Truth is always stranger than fiction!

    • Pukakidon

       Next they will sue the school system for not teaching her that drinking that much coke was bad for you.

  • In Vino Veritas

    The truely laughable thing in this, is that the family are seeking compensation from Coca-cola! I guess there are no surprises there.

    If the Government want to put warning signs on anything, they should put “DANGER, STUPID PERSON” on people like this. And if it is shown that you can catch stupidity, addtional warnings should be added.

    • OldDad

      Jeff Foxworthy srings to mind…”Here’s your sign!!”

  • Gazzaw

    Yeah, warning signs on Coke would have been a big help. She didn’t take too much notice of the warning signs on her cigarette packs FFS.

    What the fuck was her husband doing? Where were her family?

    Be warned. Get ready for another burst by the food nazis. Another appearance by Kedgley on Q&A maybe?

    • toby_toby

      “What the fuck was her husband doing?”

      Unfortunately the husband is just as thick. He said in the Herald “I never thought about it. It’s just a soft-drink, just like drinking water.”


      Apparently the kids have been taken into care. Thank god for that – they need protection from their remaining parent. Unfortunately they already carry the stupid genes of very stupid parents.

      BTW, the mother didn’t die of coke or cigarette consumption. Sure, they were factors. What she really died of was Excessive Stupid.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Waiting for the usual hand wringing response from the left about the need to legislate against this, put more warning labels on and increase tax on product.

    Has anyone asked the family if they thought of seeking help or suggesting this wasn’t a particularly healthy lifestyle?

  • Richard B.

    Here is a test for someone as stupid as this woman.

    Take any food item off any supermarket shelf.
    Read the reccomended daily intake.
    Consume 10 times that amount every day for a year.

    Expected Result:   YOU WILL PROBABLY DIE!!!!

    Add in 30 smokes a day and its a sure thing.

  • Evan Johnson

    Full marks to you Cameron – coke, ciggies, diet .. plus being a mother of 8 at age 30.  Does not say much for the partner – he should have had her locked up.

    Interesting that today there has been publicity about a move to plain packs for cigarettes.  We need a plain pack for Coca Cola.  And plain packaging for plain people who have such ridiculous addtictions – coca cola, cigarettes and (apparently) sex.

    • Boss Hogg

      A slight increase in the condom budget would have saved the tax payers millions………..and this will probably play (and pay) out over another few generations.

    • Pokerface

      This is a cop-out. You can’t legislate for stupidity.  And “addiction” is a well over used word. Try a little self control. The result is sad, but the finger pointing should have been done a long time ago.

  • Well gee, if you are averaging 7.5 litres of _any_ liquid a day it will kill you.

    • MrV

      Exactly. 8L of anything and your kidneys will be getting a workout!
      The average human only has about 5L of blood!
      Once again piss poor knowledge of science from the reporting staff.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Heard on the radio…you guessed it….the familly are……..attempting to get………………………………………..COMPENSATION!!!

  • CommonSense404

    What got me was the headline in the Herald – Coke blamed for woman’s death, or something similar! The reporting was all about ‘creating the story’ and blaming ‘someone else.’ Man I’m getting sick of this.

    • Ronnie Chow

       There is not much that is newsworthy in NZ on a daily basis . The gut reaction from The Herald and Stuff is to squeeze every little point of interest into a headline , basically to sell the newspaper  . The facts are irrelevant to the journalists , as they are to Greenpeace , the Mana Party , the Labour Party and every other voice pushing to be heard in a very overcrowded media market

  • DreaF

    hmmm gone are the days of personal responsibility.  Much easier to blame Coke than the person actually consuming the product.

  • dirk diggler

     As a raving socialist, I refuse to make any excuses for this silly woman’s behavior.

  • Nigel201065

    $7500 on cigs and over $2500 on coke and the stupid bints partner  claims they had to do without food WTF that works out to close to $200 per week on just this shit what did they spend on booze and other crap
    all I will say is stupid white trash
    it is socialist and the lets just keep on handing out money to produce more kids shit without any responsibility that allows this sort of behaviour
    I am working 50 plus hrs a week and i don’t have over $200 a week to spend on utter shit but I own my own house and look after myself, all that socialism has done is dumbed down society and will continue to do this till this is normal

  • Coke Hater

    Dopey bitch got what she deserved and she committed manslaughter against herself.
    (Was she Irish?) oh & Seize all the family assets to pay for the care of the children.Sell the house i.e everything.Bloody selfish silly cow…

  • Flood79

    Her sister at least diplays some common sense;

    “However, Ms Harris’ sister Raelene Finlayson yesterday said no-one had
    forced her sister to drink the Coke, and she did not hold Coca-Cola
    responsible for her death. “Nobody forced Tasha to drink all that …
    it’s like anything, we all know anything in moderation is okay,” she

  • Dopey Bitch

    Coke should sue the fuck out of her estate for showing them in bad light etc.

  • dragonfly

    Yes, this lady’s family attempting to get compensation from Coca Cola is despicable. But I feel there must be a very sad story behind someone who led a life like she did. I doubt that she was that stupid. And I am sad for her children.

  • Mr_Blobby

    She was that stupid and stupid people have stupid kids and the cycle goes on. The problem is that they breed like rabbits. Probably multiple fathers and a range of other addictions.
    Of course they will blame somebody else and also try for compensation. No personal responsibility.
    Who was the dipshit expert whose expert opinion was that Coca Cola were drug dealers.

  • whalewatcher

    nah, it was a virus

    Coke-sucky virus ..

    seems it’s contagoius, as well –

  • Travdog

    Natural selection, one idiot eliminated.

  • W.Austin

    Darwin award coming up.

  • jedmo

    Tragic for this woman’s family, my sympathies. Mr blobby, Blokeintakapuna, Nigel201065, raise a good issue. Benefits, and or WFF, will have provided a large income for this large family – this family can be seen to have followed Govt monetary incentivising, in the way they lived…