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NZ Herald

Every time I post on marriage equality the bigots come out of the woodwork and hurl all sorts of abuse. I think I may have found the answer:

Homophobia is more common in people who have an attraction to the same sex but have been forced to suppress their desires, according to a new study.

The paper, due to be published this month in the Journal of Personality and Psychology is the first to look at the role parenting and sexuality play in the formation of the fear of homosexual people – including things like self-reported anti-gay attitudes, backing of anti-gay policies and implicit hostility towards gay people.

“Individuals who identify as straight but in psychological tests show a strong attraction to the same sex may be threatened by gays and lesbians because homosexuals remind them of similar tendencies within themselves,” the study’s lead author, Netta Weinstein, told ScienceDaily.

“In many cases these are people who are at war with themselves and they are turning this internal conflict outward,” said co-author Prof Richard Ryan, from the University of Rochester.

Researchers conducted four different experiments around the US and Germany, each involving about 160 university students.

Evidence suggested for the first time that fear, anxiety and aversion that some people have towards gay people could grow out of their same suppressed desires.

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  • Peter Wilson

    Every time I post on marriage equality the bigots come out of the woodwork and hurl all sorts of abuse.

    I think it’s disgraceful the way bigots come out and object to being labelled bigots !

    Don’t worry, I’ll be back later to “analyse” the rest of the article!


    Hell that will piss off a few on here.Let the fun begin.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Some, maybe, but be careful the generalisation……..some just have a different OPINION to you. that doesn’t make them bigots, intolerant, homophobic or even covering for latent homosexual tendancies……just a different opinion…the subject matter is irrelevant!

    • Kosh103

      Given what most have posted, very very few simply have a different opinion.

      Most are filled with A LOT of hate for homosexuals.

      • johnbronkhorst

        most???or just a few …over and over again!!

      • Kosh103

        Most John.

        The most amusing one was the fellow who called me and my sexaulity demonic. Never had that one before.

      •  For once I don’t disagree with you Kosh. I’m still a bit torn on the gay marriage issue; I have a close family member who is gay, and of whom I’m incredibly proud, but it does conflict with my faith. I guess I’ll stay on the fence for a while longer.

        One thing to note though Kosh; the venom isn’t just from the homophobes; “gay activists” can be pretty demeaning too, at times.

    • It is fine to have a different opinion but when they resort hate filled rants about gay people as thought they are retards beneath contempt then that is bigotry for sure.

      • Steven P

        I don’t believe I have ever resorted to a “hate filled rant about gay people” (mainly because I don’t hate gay people), however that hasn’t stopped you, Whaleoil, from calling me a bigot for my different opinion.

      • I didn’t call anyone in particular…I don’t think I would even call you that….however I can say that Andrei, D4J and Lucia Maria are bigots

      • Michael

        Actually, it’s not fine to have a different opinion according to the homo activists. If you disagree, you hate them. There’s no middle ground.

        Forget that they are the ones preaching tolerance. Only the opinions that they agree with are to be tolerated.

        I don’t agree with hate filed rants on either side. Honest debate and open dialogue should be encouraged though.

      • Steven P

        I consider it to be be poor form to show up the host of the site on which I am a guest, however:

         “This discussion has nothing to do with polygamy, polyandry or anything else other than two people wishing to marry each other. the fact you have so quickly jumped to this shows your arguments are based on bigotry and nothing else.”

      • So you think I “resort [to] hate filled rants about gay people as though they are retards beneath contempt”, when what I actually think is that they are people enslaved to sex with their own gender, and are trapped there because society gives them only two options – accept or deny.  As I have said before, Christ can transform a person to be free of this type of slavery.  If that’s bigotry, then I’m happy to be called one.

      • dad4justice

        Hey whale check with police as who found James B on the coast before you call anything you fat dumb fool.

  • Kosh103

    LMAO, watch the homophobes on here spin like a pack of nutters.

    • David Garrett

       May I engage you on your use of the word “homophobic”? It may surprise some tender souls here that the word was unknown until the 1980’s, when it was invented by the gay rights lobby to suggest that anyone who opposed – or was even uncomfortable with – gay rights or aspects of the gay lifestyle themselves suffered from  this new syndrome: “homophobia”

      The word means, of course, “frightened of homosexuals”. But what of those who are not frightened of gays, but a bit ….uncomfortable …..with what they do? For example, I am not in the least “frightened” of men who get off having their organ sucked half a dozen times a night through a glory hole in a toilet. But I am damned if I like the thought of it, and nor can I be persuaded that it is in any way “healthy” sexual expression.

      Since I am happy to leave my much loved children in the care of their godfather, a fragrantly gay friend of more than twenty years standing, I don’t think I can be classed as “homophobic”…”Homo-uncomfortable” perhaps? “Homo-disgusted” ?  Buggered if I know, if you will pardon the pun..

      • Justin Thyme

        Is your children’s godfather a smelly gay friend (fragrant) or an openly gay friend (flagrant) or just openly smelly?

      • Bunswalla

        Or just a friend with a smelly opening?

      • Bat Crazy

        Actually, homophobic means fearing or hating homosexuals/homosexuality.  So you probably are.

  • SHG

    When I see a politician, particularly a conservative male proclaiming his religious faith and family values, attacking homosexuality or decrying attempts to legislate for marriage equality, I instantly think “yep, totally gay.”

    • Kosh103

      And if they are a Republican then its almost a dead cert. ;0D

  • Brian Smaller

    Didn’t Whale himself say that he used to oppose gay marriage before he had some epiphany or other? So, does that mean Whale used to be a closet gay but is now cured?

  • “Individuals who identify as straight but in psychological tests show
    a strong attraction to the same sex may be threatened by gays and
    lesbians because homosexuals remind them of similar tendencies within
    themselves,” the study’s lead author, Netta Weinstein, told ScienceDaily.

    “In many cases these are people who are at war with themselves and
    they are turning this internal conflict outward,” said co-author Prof
    Richard Ryan, from the University of Rochester.

    Or, they understand the sexual struggle involved.

    • BD

      Your an idiot

      •  Thanks for the abuse, BD.

      • Steven P

        That would be, “You’re an idiot.”

        If you’re going to call someone an idiot, you should probably familiarise yourself with basic English first lest you appear an idiot yourself.

    • BD

      All your posts, not just this one, are abusive. Why can you just not accept there are going to be groups out there that differ from your opinion, why is there the need to reform them? A gay lifestyle is not exactly what I would choose but I dont give a rats arse what they do in their home, having dinner out together and then walking home hand in hand or having a civil union. What ever there (like spelling incorrectly because it racks off Steven P’d my pants) choices are it is not going to effect the my life at all. If you want to do something useful put your efforts into righting buggered orphans and choir boys.

      • Michael

        Where is the abuse in that post?

        Disagreeing does not equal abuse or hate. Why are homo supporters so intolerant of opposing views?

      • Steven P

        “…Steven P’d my pants…”

        Wow. We are in the presence of a superior wit here, folks… well, at least you’re half-way there, anyway…

      • Peter Wilson

        Disagreeing does not equal abuse or hate. Why are homo supporters so intolerant of opposing views?

        Does the phrase “bigoted view” ring any bells?

  • Oh dear – now they have research to prove I was right all along….

  • Lofty

    I am proud to classify myself as a male lesbian…..after all, I have never seen two women do anything to each other that I would not do to them also.

    • Dave

      In this serious and definitely multi sided debate, I loved your comment Lofty, and agree…..   But would you let them do to you, what they do to each other ????

      • Peter Wilson

        He’d need an operation first, for that to happen.

    • Bunswalla

      I also strongly identify with my latent lesbian tendencies, which isn’t bad for a 51 year old father of two. After all, I’ve seen just about all their movies.

    • Gn35

      you are obviously a fag and going to hell then. 

      • Lofty

         Yeeha I can’t wait, what fun to be had in Hell.

  • The Baron

    That just isn’t true at all Cam! After the challenges of the last few days, I’ve been doing a lot of reading to try inform myself about the well thought through and intelligent reasons for opposing gay marriage.

    You’re clearly an ignorant idiot, so I will do you the honour of listing these here. Hey, D4J, Blair, Groans or Andrei, please make sure you correct any of this if I get it wrong – I wanna do the team justice!

    1. Gay marriage is an evil plot by the lefty islamist environmentalists to destroy western culture as we know it. AND ITS WORKING.  

    2. Once the gays get marriage, they’ll use it to first adopt, then abuse, children. Even though all the research shows that most abuse happens from heteros, this research can be discounted because it is part of the SAME PLOT AS #1.

    3. Also, gays want to marry their brothers and aunts and stuff, because incest is basically the same thing as homosexuality. So if you support gay marriage, you’re basically saying you wanna bone your mum. WHICH IS TOTES GROSS.

    4. The bible is like totally crystal clear on this, and given that that absolves me of the need to think through anything apart from which parts of the bible to ignore, that’s good enough for me. HATING GAYS IS WHAT JESUS WOULD DO.  

    5. Because if you google marriage it says man and woman. GOOGLE IS NEVER WRONG!

    I am sick of me and my fellow warriors of faith having our clearly thought out arguments called bigotry! Its all of you that are bigots for calling us bigots. STOP TRYING TO SHUT DOWN THE DEBATE BY CALLING US ALL DISGUSTING HOMOS.

    • Shaun Wallis

      You’re definitely The Baron of sarcasm. Great parody.

    • David Garrett

       Sir, you are, like, totally amazing! Your post is clear, well argued, and the reasoning is, like, impeccable! I haven’t been more impressed since someone pointed out that the best evidence that Elvis Presley is ALIVE is that “Elvis” as an anagram of “lives”. Awesome.

    • Peter Wilson

      No, you’ve got it all wrong Baron.

      The problem with the notion of Homesexual marriage is simple:

      It’s just plain embarrassing!

      • Kosh103

        No its not.

  • Blubberisaliar

    Says the ignorant bigot who called me a cock smoker, what do you and luskie do when your in the forest not writing blogs for your faction blubberboy? 

    • Dave

      Best you keep your hand on what WO describes you smoke Blubber…….  Better there than on any keyboard typing meaningless trash.   

  • Steven P

    Uh huh. Would you like me to list all the things I’ve been called on this blog because I haven’t jumped on the “gay marriage” train?

    The OP is logic fail. Oppostion to “gay marriage” ≠ homophobia. There are some gays who oppose “gay marriage”.

    If anyone’s in denial, it seems to me to be those who are stridently support “gay marriage” for fear of themselves being accused of homophobia… WO as much as admitted that himself yesterday.

    Since I’m opposed to polygamy, does that make me a… repressed… straight… as well as an overt straight… how would that work…?

    • David Garrett

       Quite so Sir…my fragrant (it’s a metaphor) gay friend is one who is adamantly opposed to gay marriage…or adoption of kids by gays for that matter…or the “Hero” parade…

    • Kosh103

      I am opposed to smoking. But I wont stop others from doing it if they chose to.

      See how that works Steven.

      • Bunswalla

        I’m opposed to smoking and if you smoke that thing anywhere near me ima shut you down BOOM

      • Steven P

        Once again you miss the point Kosh (charming name, BTW).

        To run with your analogy, the point would be that being opposed to smoking makes you a repressed smoker who overcomes his anxiety by developing an intense fear or hatred – a phobia – of smokers (reaction formation).

      • Kosh103

        Wrong path Steven.

      • Steven P

        I’m never sure whether you’re dissimulating or just obtuse, Kosh.

      • Peter Wilson

        Oh dear. That’s not such a great analogy Kosh. We must now assume you are in denial about the danger second hand smoke can cause to innocent people.


        Still, it’s a comment from a heterophobe not laced with bigotry, so we must give you credit.

      • Kosh103

        Oh Peter, telling lies by calling me a hetrophobe, still Im not surprised.

    • BD

      What is the reason your opposed to gay marriage and while we are at may as well chuck in polygamy also.

      Please feel free to correct any grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes also if it makes you feel like a better person.

      • Steve P

        Right. I’m going to spend half an hour carefully typing out a detailed post just so you can call me an idiot too. I don’t think so.

        See how it works?

  • Ben

    I’m a pretty right wing conservative, I would be lying if I didn’t agree with David somewhat that I find aspects of the lifestyle can be a bit out there, but certainly nothing that could be described as a phobia, I wouldn’t say going to a party where a proportion choose to turn up wearing wings, dress as gaga etc… is something that is particularly frightening, what did shock me (even living down south) was working down the main street for the good ole 3am post town maccas and seeing the type of heckling and abuse some of the people at the party I was at of that orientation were subjected too in a supposedly free society why should anyone care. Sure its not my cup of tea but its hardly as if I have homosexuals coming to my door and forcing it down my throat (not the best turn of phrase), or dropping off watchtower or ranting in the streets but that’s okay apparently, any true conservative would take the view that what consenting adults get up to and how they choose to live should not be the states concern, provided it isn’t impinging on others and that is how it should be, whether gays, gypsys or even greenies… or in a nutshell who really gives a fuck!

    • Kosh103

      And yet it is supposed true conservatives that find what goes on in our bedrooms one of the most intresting things ever and they just cannot keep their noses out.

      Go figure.

      •  Do they hide under the bed?

      • Kosh103

        Who knows what they do. But they are more than a little bit creepy.

      • Well, if you haven’t found any in your bed or your closet or hiding outside in the bushes by your window or asking you what it is you do in your bedroom and hanging onto every detail when you tell them, then you can be pretty damn sure that true conservatives are not in the slightest bit interested in what goes on in your bedroom.  At all.  Or what happens in the toilets or bars or out in nature, like on the beach up the road from where I live.  Don’t want to know and would prefer it stayed in the bedroom where it belongs, whatever it is.

      • Kosh103

        And yet true conservatives are the first to condem homosexuality, attack us for who we love, attack us for wanting the same rights.

        Or at least they keep screaming that they are true conservatives with the moral right to attack and condem us.

  • unitedtribes

    I dont have opinion one way or another regarding Gay people. What I dont like about them is that they just want shup up talking about themselves and what they are. Just get on with it without insisting we all have an opinion on them.

  • BJ

    What a crock. Studies are generally geared one way or the other depending on who’s running the show.  To be bombarded with ‘Me’ or “Others’ prior to emotive loaded questions being asked in quick succession is simple brainwashing to get results in favor of ones study.  The way questions are asked can be so manipulative.  Cynical I know -but a lie detector test would be more credible.

    Also – homophobe is a gay made-up word and name calling people with opposite opinions to theirs as such is no better than me suggesting that all gays are heterophobes – which may be nearer the truth – scared of the opposite sexual orientation to them – so lets drop the name calling.

    I would agree that true ‘homophobes’ probably do have issues with their sexuality but that is all encompassing and is much bigger that who you want to have sex with and I believe is at the heart of homosexuality – a study on that would be far more useful.

    • Steven P

      “…but a lie detector test would be more credible.”

      I believe these studies are sometimes done with a plethysmograph (yes I had to look that up); in which electrodes are attached to the subject’s winkie to detect, um, changes while he is shown various of images.

      Presumably the studies take into account the effect of the hot nurse who attached those electrodes…

  • Bunswalla

    This whole debate’s starting to look well, a bit gay.

  • Jackhenderson00

    As long as minorities continue to strive for equality by way of emulating the dominant status quo, they will never have their own voice. They will remain in the slave position, to the master. They need to strive for their own values on their own merit.

  • Jackhenderson00

    I have a show I’d like to pitch to TV executives and the folks at home; ‘Straight Eye For The Queer Guy’ – oh wait, that would never fly.

  • Steven P

    On further reflection, maybe the OP is on to something after all…

    A Remuera psychiatrist’s office, some years ago:

    Shrink: Do you have a girlfriend?

    Me: No.

    Shrink: Are you an homosexual?

    Me: No.

    Shrink: Are you sure?

    Me: Er…*somewhat at a loss for words*…well, admittedly I’ve never actually tried it, so…  I’m pretty sure though…

    Shrink: *doesn’t look entirely convinced*

    True story

    • Random66

      O.K. I know I shouldn’t ask, but I’ll bite.. so how did this story end?

      • Steven P

        I’m afraid it ended, erm, anticlimactically… the shrink just looked at me skeptically and said, “Let’s move on, shall we…” and the subject, um, never came up again…

      • Random66

        You know I would have pegged you for a shrink or something similar based on your comments.  Maybe the guy was just hoping you did bat for the other team.

    • Travdog

      Are you completely sure he was qualified Steve?

      • Steve P

        He certainly charged like he was…

  • The premise of the study is just plain wrong.

    If I consider behavior XYZ to be morally wrong that does not mean I have a phobia about it, and it certainly does not mean I want to secretly engage in behavior XYZ.

    There are a large number of things I believe to be morally wrong (and yes, I do consider homosexual acts to be in that list).

    I believe drinking to inebriation is morally wrong. I don’t have a phobia about it, and I don’t want to secretly go out and get plastered.
    I believe fornication is morally wrong. I don’t have a phobia against it and I don’t want to secretly go out and have sex with other woman (I’m happily married, my desire is for my wife).
    I believe murder is morally wrong. I don’t have a phobia about it. And I don’t want to go out and murder people.

    And before the cries go out of “hey you can’t compare homosexual acts to those things”
    1. There are a fair number of indicators that Alcoholism could be nature or nurture related (i.e. genetic or environmental). This doesn’t give the alcoholic a free pass to walk around completely inebriated. Indeed Alcoholics are expected to work to overcome it no matter how hard it is.
    2. I don’t think I need to explain that one.
    3. I’ve seen a number of theories recently arguing that violence is genetic etc. We don’t say “oh well I suppose you were born that way, I guess you can do whatever”. 

    No we expect people to exercise restraint and self control. We expect people to not be controlled by their desires but to control their desires. Regardless of whether or not homosexuality is the result of genetic or environmental causes, engaging in the _acts_ is not suddenly morally right. 
    And with that, I bow out of the discussion as I am meant to be working. 

  • Robert M

    Surely there’s no such thing as sexual orientation. Everybody adult wants to have sex with hot yong bodies 16-26 in age . People do what they can. I prefer women and even find 20 year old wahines very attractive. My leading question would be are you 17 to 23. Frankly as Martin Amis said people are gay to get more sex. Or as Martin Amis friend Christopher Hitchens said he gave up his extensive career of gay love including several future tory cabinet minister because by the time he was 25 he was no longer hot enough for any male to want.
      Beyond that the Niki Kay career of patronising and support the gays and the idea of an Auckland Mard Gra seems hopelessly outdated. Being homosexual and gay these days is stupid and noone is interested in the real world because in an open society anyone can be hetrosexual and people were only gay because society was repressed and there was little controception.
    Gay marriage is an absurd idea as they only were doing it for hot sex.

    • Kosh103

      My thats a rather rambling pile of nonsense you have there.

      • Groans

        I think you left wingers should be more gracious, us social conservatives have lost the war but at least give us some credit for fighting to the end

      • BJ

        What he is saying is that being gay is old fashioned and outdated. Didn’t you know its now cooler to be straight

      • Peter Wilson

        Just about right BJ.

        Homosexuals have realised that, indeed, noone cares about their anti-society statement anymore. Just like I tell my cannibas smoking mates my no-drugs attitude is a statement against mainstream society – think about it.

        So, for homosexuals, it’s a bit of an “oops” moment, as they flounder around for something else to shock society with.

        I should wish they’d keep their bigoted attitudes where they belong – in the closet.

      • Kosh103

        Well I will say this for you lot Groans, you will hang on for dear life even as the boat begins to sink below the waves.

      • Steve P

        The former revolutionary Liberal Left is now completely mainstream – it’s the conservative/reactionary who is now the revolutionary on the edge of society.
        Question is, is it the leading edge or the trailing edge? 

        I couldn’t say for sure, but I get the feeling that younger people – who naturally rebel against their parents  – are now rebelling against their parents’ Liberalism. 

        Could just be selection bias/wishful thinking on my part of course.

  • Peter Wilson

    I think it’s a given that there is research out there that says the exact opposite: that homosexuals can’t cope with their natural inclination towards heterosexuality, and so turn elsewhere.

    Who knows which side is correct, probably the truth is somewhere in the middle, as usual. I tend to go with Lyndsay Perigo’s notion in such instances, go with the logic, until proven incorrect – this, when he was referring to the existence of a god.

    My logic tells me that more likely than not heterosexuality is the norm, and that homosexuality is more about confidence issues, and possibly sexual dysfunction problems with the opposite sex.

    • Steve P

      There is *some* evidence that homosexuality later in life is related to childhood abuse: 

      Of course, that “evidence” comes from statistical surveys conducted by sociologists, so take it as you will…

      • Peter Wilson

        So, the suggestion now is that homosexuality is some kind of psychological disorder?

      • Steve P

        Honestly I don’t know and have no idea Peter W, it’s a field that is so politically charged I don’t think there will be any honest, unbiased, scientifically pure research for many years, if ever… and from a compatibilist POV, the question may be irrelevant (and if gays are happy being gay then it’s no skin off my nose… shit I think my gay friends are happier than I am)

        I am however a little bit tiddly right now so I may not be making much sense

  • Mr_Blobby

    I think I’ll have the last word here.
    Who gives a shit what people do in the privacy of there own home? As long as they don’t bother me with it.
    All you pro’s and Con’s, on this subject, need to get a life and start living.
    The only thing Whale is in the closet about is that he is a closet lefty, one day he will have an epiphany. The result will be he and Phil the pill Whore will run off together and make happy happy.

    • Peter Wilson

      Missing the point, as does WO. Only a fool would think homosexuality is an issue. Or a born again christain, who seems to think nothing happened before he/she was reborn. Er, wasn’t a law passed to that effect back in the 80s? 

      The issue is the status of marriage in general. Why should de facto couples, for example, have the same status in society as genuinely married couples – however society might choose to recognise that status?

      The bigots on both sides of the debate should think about this.

    • Gn35

      no you wont, I’ll agree with you

  • dad4justice

    My homo m8 is a real bigot. He hates normal things.

  • GeorgeRomero

     I’m with Roger ,(no pun intended) do whatever you wan’t in your fucking bedroom , just keep it to yourselves K?. The gays stole a very good word and now i’m not allowed to be happy and joyous and GAYYY cause i dont belong in their club/scene/lifstyle/movement/preference.They stole the word and now the fags have come for the word marriage.

    • Kosh103

      Oh good lord what a load of crap.

      • dad4justice

        And you would know all about brown crap eh kosh. Yuck I feel sick………..

      • Kosh103

        Oh look D4J is dribbling garbage again.

    • Peter Wilson

      You make some good points George. The problem is your inflammatory and passionate language is bringing out the bigotry in the likes of Kosh.

      • Kosh103

        LMAO, oh please tell me how I am a bigot for wanting equal rights, and taking NONE off any straight person.

        This should be good.

      • Peter Wilson

        Oh my, I would have thought it perfectly obvious, Kosh.

        Basing an argument around a premise you are expecting everyone to agree with is surely the epitomy of bigotry. I’m not talking about the validity, coherence or even veracity of your interlocution, merely your delivery.

      • Kosh103

        So wanting to have the same rights as hetros by you is bigotry.

        Basing an arguement around what is morally right is not bigotry. Denying someone that right because of the sexuality is.

      • Peter Wilson

        Kosh, you’re assuming your position is the only valid one, and not respecting that other views have merit is bigotry, by any measure.

      • Kosh103

        I am not denying you your right to have your opinion. And using your take on it every single person on Earth is a bigot.

        I am saying you are morally wrong to deny someone the rights you have based on their sexuality. It is no different than denying someone equal rights based on the colour of their skin.

        Explain to me how it is morally right to deny a law abiding human being something based on their sexuality.

      • Steve P

        And what, exactly, is it that you’re being denied, Kosh? Be specific; vague hand-waving like “equal rights” won’t cut it.

      • Kosh103

        I have been specific, every single time. The right to marry whom we love (and dont bother with the bullshit you can marry, just marry a woman – becuase thats a bullshit argument. We CANNOT marry whom we love, as opposed to hetros) and full adoption rights, as well as amending the parental rights so that a married gay male cpl are both seen by the law as a childs parent.

        That is it. That is all that is left to deal with in NZ. We are very advanced when compared to the rest of the world when it comes to gay rights, so lets be the first country in the world to have no second class citizens.

        Now tell me, how is it morally right to deny someone the right to marry whom they love, and to be a legal parent to their children based only on their sexuality?

  • GeorgeRomero

    Good LORD??? , i thought fags hated all things  lordy and religious like.Aww, are you yearning for an alter and book complete with a fag profit to justify a ceramony you could call ‘marriage?’ 
    An alter and a book and a profit to call all your own kosh103 , eh , eh , eh?
    This conversation needs to happen , they need thier OWN alter and their OWN book and their OWN profit.I’ve got a suggestion for the profit , he needs to be a famous figure from the ancient times, that he’s been documented extensivley and there are images of the prospective profit to hang on the wall of fag alter.

    • Kosh103

      Well thats quite a little ramble you have going there.

      And please do not use the f word when addressing me. I find it abusive.

      We do not need our own anything sunshine. We are all humans and should ALL be treated as equals. Sexuality is only a small part of a person, yet too many straight people cannot understand that.

      • Gazzaw

        ‘Sexuality is only a small part of a person, yet too many straight people cannot understand that’.

        Kosh, you should understand by now from my posts that I am not anti-gay in any way. It just isn’t an issue that concerns me any more than whether a person is young, old, white, black, short, tall etc. A person’s sexuality is irrelevant to me. However, you say that sexuality is only a small part of person & you are quite correct but it seems to me that a larger proportion of gays than straights want to be right out there blatantly flaunting their sexuality eg the Hero parade with some pretty blatant posturing that does nothing for your cause. I view the Hero parade in the same light as Boobs on Bikes so it is in no way a gender thing with me. The industry that I have been involved with for most of my working life has a significant number of gay employees and bosses & it’s my perception that gays are a hell of a lot more sexually aggressive & predatory would not be too strong a term when it comes to dealing with younger gay workers. Again, I am not suggesting that behaviour is any different to that of some heteros but it is highly visible & equally reprehensible.

        Just a perception Kosh but not exclusive to me.   

  • Evan Johnson

    The gross ignorance of so many contributors here is so depressing.  And to think homosexuals have had their rights for over a couple of decades now!

    The concept of de facto marriage rights is their to protect the interests of both partners.

    Cameron, I am amazed that your views on this subject stir up more dissension than many of your more contentious views. 

    • Peter Wilson

      Thanks for your contribution to the debate Ewan. I’m sure your views have enlightened many of us. BTW, since when has marriage been about rights, rather than trust and committment – which, if you think about it, are the opposite focus of “rights.”

      Just for your interest, the views of “Cameron” are rarely the subject of debate – but the subject of his posts certainly are.

    • Steve P

      “The concept of de facto marriage rights is their to protect the interests of both partners.”
      If a couple want their interests protected then they can take the (hardly onerous) step of getting married or forming a civil union. Peter W is right to ask the question.

  • Unklefesta

    Since when was ‘marriage’ a right ? … I always thought it was a choice to be legally bound to another.

    • dad4justice

      Indeed, a point missed by the morons who rant here.

  • Guestosterone

    Do you fags and Bible bashing morons seriously have nothing better to do?

    May the scythe through the public sector account for you all