That’s it!

I’m over them. National that is…cuddling up to Boag.

I think I will join the Labour party. They seem to be having so much more fun right now.

Plus, since they are the nasty party they should welcome my particular skills.


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  • Notrotsky

    …. and happy 1st of the month to you too Cam

    • Troy

      Joke is, the Labour Party would probably believe it given they are bunch of self-serving twits lol

    • Gn35

      I heard Cam has been offered a blogging spot on The Standard already, anonymous of course.
      Its to be called “The Whale Stranded on the Standard”.

  • I’m sure they’ll welcome you with open arms. Lynn Prentice will even give you posting rights at The Standard!

    • Travdog

      after censorship, of course.

  • Mickysavage

    Sorry Cameron but the Labour Party has standards. Try NZ first however. I hear they are looking for members.

    • Clearly very low standards, they allow third rate conveyancing lawyers from west Auckland join, and then there is Shane jones

      • Kosh103

        As opposed to white collar crims, people who cannot control their fists, people who are ashamed about their own sexuality etc…

        We can play the standards game too. And I am willing to bet that we would win.

      • grumpy

        You mean Trevor Mallard and Darren Hughes?

      • frosty

        Listing Labour membership criteria Kosh?

      • Kosh103

        Ahhh grumpy and frosty –  if you really think that the National party has any right to claim purity on moral behaviour then you really are thick.

      • frosty

        Not saying the National party have any right to such a claim – my comment was not a comment on National but a comment on Labour in response to your clearly stupid hypocritical post.  Grumpy clearly pointed this out by providing examples.
        People who can’t control their fists?  You’re one to talk.  Seriously, a person in your position should be more of an upstanding man than a childish brat.  It’s embarrassing to have wankers like you carrying on in parliament when you should be contributing to the running of this country.

        The only thing ‘thick’ here is the shit between your ears.

      • Kosh103

        Yes Frosty people who cannot control their fists, and lash out at weaker people. If you think Labour is alone with Trevor then you are a bigger fool than you have already proven yourself to be.

      • frosty

        Once again, you missed the point that Labour was the subject of my comment, therefore in no way could I imply that actions such as ‘lashing out’ were limited to Labour.  Your ‘if you think’ bit was entirely pointless.  You need to work on your comprehension and give a reasonable reply, not resort to calling me ‘thick’ and a ‘fool’ – that’s just lashing out with words instead of your girly arms because you have nothing. 
        I think you’re wrong –  ‘people who cannot control their fists, and lash out at weaker people’  – more like ‘weak people who can dish it but can’t take it lash out with their fists’ – case in point Trev vs Tau.  It was like the school geek snapping and trying to take on someone from the first XV – pathetically entertaining but entirely unnecessary. 

    • Michael

      Mickey’s right, Cam – you exceed the maximum moral standards for the Nasty Party. You don’t scalp tickets, make shit up, get fascinated with opponent activists, root around, punch opponents who taunt you in the same way you taunted others, break electoral laws, steal from the taxpayer, ignore corruption by political allies, …

    • titanuranus


       Where do you keep them?  

      • Mully

         Under the stairs, where no-one can see them

    • Salacious T Crumb

      “Sorry Cameron but the Labour Party has standards ”
      Care to explain what exactly they are Mickey?
      Of course you will get the right of reply here, that is one of the “standards” right leaning blog sites tend to apply.

    • Hagues

       Good to see a Labour lacky get into the spirit of being an April Fool.

    • frosty

      Hahahaaa you nearly had me there Muckysalvage!  Points for joining the April fools game…  but ‘has standards’ is too far fetched to fool anyone, other than yourself…  

    • Peggwes

      Peggity Gwesland ???

    • FapFapFap

      Your legal business must be thriving with offices like these.

      I can see why you are desperate for labour to get back in and throw some crumbs your way before you have to grovel your food from the bins out side MacDonalds.

  • Pete George

    It’s a good time to get ion behind Labour, David Shearer has made a major statement putting an end to destructive politics and putting the people’s and country’s interests before petty politics.

  • Peter Wilson

    All jokes aside, there’s a grain of truth to what WO is saying….(no, I won’t say, “as usual” haha)

    Every political party needs to guard against in-fighting. It’s the nature of politics I guess, but it’s a challenge to balance personal ambition vs good of the party.

    • Pete George

      I’d prefer to see the good of the country come first with our elected parties and representatives.

      It’s nuts that the main focus of then opposition is to try and destroy the government of our country.  Sure ther government should be held to account, but destructive campaiging goes far beyond that.

      It’s the old ideology of any means is justified to try and get power.

      Imagine how much better parliament (and MPs) may operate if the good of the country and people was the top priority.

      •  Go fuck yourself you sanctimonious hypocritical poseur.

      • Pete George

        Yeah, yeah, that’s your usual Sunday prayer, but don’t you think “It’s the old ideology of any means is justified to try and get power” sums you up well?

      •  bloody hell..!..i am agreeing with redbaiter.!

        [email protected]

      • Pete George

        Oh woe, both the loony right and the loony left are against me.

        I must be getting something right.

      • Mr_Blobby

        I’m with Pete George on this one. It should be about what is best for the Country. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.

    • Peter Wilson

      I’m all for negative campaigning, if it’s about the issues and positive realistic alternatives are put forward, instead of the usual rubbish about “selling the family silver,” or “destroying working families.”

      • davcav

        Then what you really mean is you’re for positive campaigning where it’s about the issues and positive realistic alternatives are put forward.

        Be honest, what you actually mean is that you’re for negative campaigning especially since your side has no positive realistic alternatives to put forward.

      • Peter Wilson


        Your terminology is a little confusing. Since when does the governing party put forward alternatives?

      • davcav

         Damn, with a post like that I would have sworn you were a Labour supporter.

  • Vikingonmars

    Actually I’m pleased Boag has done this. If the leadership really had any guts at all (and they don’t) they would root out the CEO and Board of ACC which is about the most disfunctional business in NZ. and do what the useless Smith was supposed to do and turn it into a proper function Acccident Compensation Corporation which is what it is supposed to be, and isn’t.
    It treats its funders and customers like lepers, the Medical profession like leaches, (possibly right of course), lawyers as the enemy, (which they have to be), and one wonders if its not just some meoney making scheme for the benefit of actuaries and fund managers.
    Its loost its way a longtime ago.
    Now that doesn’t mean process should not be clear, transparent and rigourous. But,ACC is none of that.
    Simply on the issue of the inadequate computer and file secutiry the CEO and the Board should go as they have neglected a very basic function of their responsibilities.

    If I recall correctly a retired director of Cam’s favourite company POAL is also a director here . Does this tell us something of the ability of the board to manage the business?
    Was it managing its business. POAL certainly hadn’t been.

    • Boss Hogg

      The whole fucking thing (ACC) should be rolled flat.  It is just another form of welfare.  Gov run insurance company – stupid.  Less Government the better. It should be Police, Defence, Education and Infrastructure only.  The rest is business.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Have always said it that Whale is a closet Labour supporter. No Joke.

  • kayaker

    Mike Williams (as per Q&A this morning) reckons Michelle is a closet Labourite anyway. Bless.