That’s the spirit

? The Telegraph

Colonel ‘H’ Jones’ widow would like to think they would do it all again if the Argies attacked the Falkland Islands:

The widow of Lt Colonel ‘H’ Jones has spoken of her hope that Britain would “do it all again” if Argentina launched a new occupation of the Falklands.

Lt Col Herbert Jones, universally known as ‘H’, died leading a charge against an Argentine machinegun post at Goose Green while commanding 2 Battalion, the Parachute Regiment.

Speaking ahead of the 30th anniversary of the Argentine invasion today (Monday), Sara Jones, 70, said: ?We stood up for what we believed in. We didn?t like to see a small country overrun by somebody who had very little claim to it.”

She told The Daily Telegraph: ?The islanders have always been fiercely British and want to stay that way. I would like to believe that we would, if we could, do it again.”

Her comments come as William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, accuses Argentina of intimidating, harassing and threatening Falkland islanders.

In a strongly-worded article for The Daily Telegraph he describes the South American country’s recent aggressive actions as ?deeply regrettable.? Mr Hague pledges to defend the sovereignty of the islands and says the combative policies adopted by the Argentine government have ?impressed few people, including in South America.”