The Fisking of Fisk

The Telegraph

Damian Thompson gets stuck in to lying lefties, in particular Robert Fisk, the darling of the left:

Crusading Left-wing journalists thought the internet was going to be their friend, enabling them to broadcast the evils of capitalism to a new audience. But things haven’t gone quite to plan. Instead, the web has thrown a spotlight on liberal hacks indulging in a habit that they just can’t kick, however hard they try.

I refer, of course, to making stuff up. With the best of intentions, naturally.

Let’s start with a journalistic hero of the London/New York literati who is being accused of breaches of professional ethics but denies any wrongdoing.

Step forward Robert Fisk, Middle East correspondent of the Independent – former employers of Johann Hari – who is in an extremely tight spot this weekend. Private Eye has printed a round-up of allegations made about him by fellow foreign correspondents on a private Facebook forum. They accuse this ferocious anti-Zionist of (and I’m choosing my words carefully) embroidering news reports that invariably cast the leaders of the “US-Israeli axis” as Bond villains.


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  • The real problem here is that true journalism has been sacrificed to cultural Marxism, with most universities employing a string of far left lecturers as “educators”, and nowhere has this been more prevalent than in journalism classes.

    Fisk and Hari are just the tip of the iceberg. Journalism basically covers about 20% of the political spectrum starting at the extreme leftward edge, and anything that breaches that 20% margin is deliberately labelled “far right”.

    This is why in the news we have items full of words like discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobic, multicultural, etc etc while words that refer to such concepts as freedom, or liberty, or individualism, are as scarce as rocking horse excrement.

    Journalism as a craft has been utterly corrupted by the left, and as a result, our mainstream media services are almost completely worthless as a source of news (and opinion).

    It won’t change until they all go broke, or if government funded, run out of taxpayer’s money. That day draws closer all the time, and if ever any of NZ’s disgustingly corrupt media outlets are finally shut down, that is the day I will drink a toast to one more nail in the coffin of cultural Marxism and its evil and cowardly and false acolytes.

  • AnonWgtn

    Does Fisk still live in Beirut ?