The Huddle

The Huddle from yesterday afternoon on Larry Williams NewstalkZB Show.

I was on with travel Blogger David Farrar.

One of our topics was Labour dying in a ditch to cuddle sex criminals and paedos in jail. The other two were the Falun Gong “asylum” seekers and the moronic Moroney Paid parental Leave bill.


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  • Grandstream

    Regarding these so-called asylum in transit to NZ – they were interviewed last on TV3 nightline, and bascally they wanted to come to NZ becuase there was  lawyer here who would work for free on their case ! WTF!!!! Same itme had teh bottom feeding lawyer Deb Manning commenting – or pitching for new clients…..just what we need in NZ….roll on the Tui Billboard

    • Wayne

      Agree, the Deborah Manning’s of the legal fraternity will be rubbing their hands in glee. What is required here is for the Govt to stand resolute and, send a representative of the Govt up there to advise these people “queue jumping” won’t be tolerarted and should they turn up on our shores they will be immedfiately put on a flight back to Malaysia, where they have refugee status. From there they can then apply through the proper channels to come here as refugees, end of story. 

  • AnonWgtn

    Heard that they have already got refugee status in Malaysia. If this is so they can stay in Australia. But the Aussies are already in very deep shit with the Chinese over shutting out Huawei in their roll out of broadband. China are looking at mineral contracts elsewhere. So up yours.
    They just want our easy welfare system.
    We don’t put them into camps first. We have a commiteee to greet them, and lawyers if required.
    We give them welfare, a house, food and anything else they want.

  • Karlos

    Is it just me or does David Farrar sound like a slightly camp version of John Key with a nasal infection?