The Meat Project

Since I have a chiller full of meat the suggestion was to make some Bresaola. Instead of Beef though we will use Venison.

So I will outline how I am going to do this on the blog…nothing like a good meat recipe to follow.

First things first though. I need some ingredients.

These are the reccomended ingredients for the dry cure:

100g of coarse salt,
100g of sugar,
5g black pepper,
and 5g of Prague Powder #2.

Three are easy to obtain but where the hell do you get or I can obtain Prague Powder #2. You can get Prague Powder #1 easily and cheaply on Trademe but it doesn;t appear to be able to be got from there.

I need some assistance. It is a vital ingredient because it is the one that stops the meat rotting.

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  • Brian Smaller

    Perhaps give a local butcher who makes speciality meats and salamis and such like a call. They may be able to put you onto some #2 powder.  

  • nzspambot

    make it yourself?

    Prague powder #2 contains 1 ounce of sodium nitrite and 0.64 ounces sodium nitrate per pound of finished product (the remaining 14.36 ounces is sodium chloride) 

  • Alloytoo

    All you need is a box with a low watt encandescent bulb and an extraction fan (PC cooling fan will do)

    ready to eat in three days. 

  • Andrew

    You could use saltpeter (Potassium nitrate)

  • Pierre

    Dunninghams sell pre-prepared cure

  • Coventry

    Prague powder #2 Ingredients:
    • Sodium nitrite

    • Sodium nitrate

    • Uniodized sea salt Directions:
    A mixture of 1 part sodium nitrite, 64 parts sodium nitrate and 16 parts salt. It is primarily used in dry-curing.

  • Richard B.

    Excuse me please Mr Whale, have you also invented a Taste_Blog?

    I hope you are going to make enough for all of the loyal followers you get each month.

  • Never in the dark….

    We South Africans have been drying meat without Prague Powder for years….. here are some recipes:

    That said, I have known saltpetre to be used as a substitute, just be cautious about the measure.

  • Owl

    As long as you don’t put a recipe for OWL soup I will be happy WO

  • David Whyte

    Sodium Nitrate is E251. You can purchase this from overseas suppliers as it doesn’t look like any for sale online in NZ>

  • Quarkvi

    Have a look here (only place I know of that sell small amounts of salami culture) 

    and don’t miss their forum which has a stack of good recipes 

    Otherwise I would also get some premixed cure from Dunninghams. Last time I tried to get saltpetre at the pharmacy for making up a cure I had a whole song and dance having to explain why and then they would have to order in etc. etc.

  • Guest

    I can definitely help you out there, with minimal cost for postage. You know how to get hold of me.

  • Jacquescronje

    No need for Prague powder. Make it like SA biltong. The drying cabinet with the globe and fan will prevent mould. Small tip though, the lack of fat in venison will result in ROCK HARD dry product, ver difficult to eat, you might do better with thin strips. Salt, pepper and vinegar, no rotting – or just buy Freddy Hirsch spice from any SA shop.

  • Richard

    Hi, did you ever find any prague #2 powder? I have been hunting for it for years with no luck in NZ. Amazon has it. My recipe says you can not substitue #2 with #1. #2 is for dry sausages etc whereas #1 is for hams, bacon & the likes. That said plenty of butchers make salamis without #2 but when I have asked them about it they just say they source instacure from dunninghams (#1). I would be keen to get hold of some.