The talented Mr Shorten

The Guardian

Bill Shorten has to be the most loyal politician in the world. It doesn’t even matter that he has no idea what Julia Gillard has said, he is sure she is right.

Australia‘s Julia Gillard gets a minister happy to tell a TV interviewer that whatever his prime minister said, he agrees – even if he doesn’t know what it was.

Bill Shorten, the Australian workplace relations minister, was asked by Sky News Australia whether he felt the parliamentary speaker, Peter Slipper, should be allowed to go back to his job after being accused of sexual harassment and misuse of funds.

Aware Gillard was abroad, but unaware of what she’d said on the matter, Shorten replied: “I haven’t seen what she’s said, but let me say I support what it is she said.” Pressed by an astonished presenter to confirm he backed his boss even though he didn’t know what she’d said, he nodded: “I support what she said … My view is what the prime minister’s view is.” A new record in on-message obedience?


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  • Mediaan

    He wouldn’t be in Cabinet long if he didn’t say that.  

    • Cadwallader

      Ipso facto, Gillard’s cabinet is a group of vacuous plonkers.

  • Jman

    hah this is classic. What a pathetic yes man. Obviously never heard of thinking for himself. 

  • nzd.gbp

    So he has no confidence that the PM is morally right, because he could have then guessed what her position is. He’s just admitted that it’s a complicated pragmatic decision, which he doesn’t dare take a position on.

    Fat lot of use for his workplace victims he is.

  • Asta

    Why doesnt place the interview from ABC1 7.30 which is similar but he goes on longer and makes himself look a bigger idiot than he does on Sky News?