Tolley takes aim at paedos, Ctd

Charles Chauvel whinged about the proposed paedo register being unnecessary, that the current system works just fine.

This is of course the same system that allowed Te Rito Henry Miki, the sex offender/teacher to operate with impunity for years.

And who was responsible for that regime….why it was Phil Goff:

“I do not lightly promote legislation which in part may conflict with Bill of Rights requirements. However in this instance the risk posed by such offenders is real, and the vulnerability of our children and the need to protect them must be our paramount consideration.

“I make no apologies for insisting that protection of children takes priority over those convicted sex offenders who the court believes are likely to re-offend.”

Of course we now know that Goff’s law was hopelessly inadequate.

I welcome Labour and the Greens continuing to cuddle up to paedophiles and other criminals.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    My father ran a swimming pool in the UK and a known paedo came down to the pool.  Dad said to his foreman who was an Old Contmptable and had the DCM, “what do we do”

    Fred said Nothing!!!!  Dad looked at him aghast.  Fred said you stand there, i’ll stand here and we get a few of the members to stand around and we just keep looking at him.  He will soon get the message.

    He never came back.

  • Le Sphincter

    So how is Phil Goff responsible for something that happened on Tolleys watch. She ‘was’ Minister of Education.
    Thats why she was bumped sideways to Police and Corrections, where she is heading  to be as hated as much by the police as the teachers, when she cuts wages and  training courses,  police vehicles and so on.

    • Pukakidon



      You are a real arse.  Typical Labour buffoon, everything you say is un-researched and wrong. You should have stay at school longer than 3rd form

      • Le Sphincter

        Matapihi School 2009 plus two other Auckland Schools that still have name supression which takes us right up to when he was caught out.
        That gives us 3 schools while Tolley was minister of Education and as well  Collins  was Minister of Corrections who were supposed to be supervising him.
        Quelle Horreur

      • Harry

        Sphincter, you appropriately named dumbarse. What they are saying is Goff made the rules in 2003. The rules don’t work, because they are crap. So this government are changing them. Get it now?

  • Jester

    Tolley was never Minister of Education in 2004 when Miki was arrested for indescent assault. Nor was she Minister of Education in 2007 or 2008 when Miki went onto teach under an alias at Stratford Community Learning Centre, Rangitahi College and Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Te Koutu.

    I believe you are looking for 1999-2005 Mallard(Labour), Benson-Pope (Labour), 2005-2007 Maharey (Labour) and lastly 2007-2008 Chris Carter(Labour).

    Lift your game.

  • Guestposter23

    Employers can already get this information from the Ministry of Justice when hiring someone, so what is the point of duplicating that information by creating a sex offender register?

    • Kosh103

      The more their names are out there the better.

    •  Probably so the local vigilantes can keep an eye on them when the professionals aren’t

  • Michael

    I suspect Phil Goff would support this, just been over-ruled by the Labour caucus.  Story of his leadership as well…

    • Le Sphincter

      Guess what, when you have a register of names , the offenders use aliases.

      Not the brightest light on the L’abre de Noel are you

      • Tim

        I think you mean L’arbre de Noel. 

        Sorry that was me who accidentally liked your comment. 

  • Blair Mulholland

    There is a register here in Texas and it works very well.  You get released from prison and you have to say where you live so it can be put online.  If you move address, you have to notify them.  Anybody can look up and know your name and where you live.  If you are found anywhere else, or caught lying, it’s straight back to prison for you.

    It is a godsend.  I don’t understand why politicians in NZ can’t even get a “secret” list together?  What are they so goddamned scared of?!

  • Dave

    It is somewhat amazing, once a director is banned, or someone becomes bankrupt they go on a list, and have to update their details if they move or travel etc…… ……  but be convicted of an  indecent act, rape etc, and we will play nice and not put on any list, as it might impinge on the offenders civil rights!!!   

    Seems we have our priorities wrong F## civil libertarians!!.