Top Ten Blogs for March

Open Parachute has the latest blog rankings for March.

Thank you to all my readers and commenters for supporting New Zealand’s number one blog and helping to continue to grow the traffic and readership.

I’m pleased to note that Martyn Bradbury’s little read blog gets about the same number of readers in a month as I get on a good day.


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  • Agent BallSack

    Well done Whale. ‘Tis a pleasure, to be sure.

  • Great stuff Cam; the million page views a month mark can’t be that far away. Keep up the sterling work, which these rankings are a testament to.

  • They do not have all New Zealand blogs listed. If they did – mine would be in the top 20. 


    •  Hey Jackie – how about including a sitemeter on your blog then we can add it to the list?

  • Jackie you need to install Sitemeter code and advise Open Parachute.

  • NX

    Can’t be right… Lprent claims The Standard is NZ’s most popular blog :P.

    Congrats WhaleOil.

    Does the Sitemeter take into account RSS? Because that’s how I mostly read your blog.

  • Michael Wagener

    Until I read this I was quite happy with 1000 per month.  Still I guess politics has a slightly wider readership base than cricket statistics.

  • Duncan Brown

    Congrats Cam! I enjoy most of your posts, and disagree with a few, but aint that the fun of it? Thanks for posting the stats, as a newbie blog-reader and commenter, I have found it difficult to find NZ based blogs. That lot should keep me amused for a while :-)

  • Scanner

    Well done Cam, great to see good beating down evil, the other great thing was the strong position maintained by Red Alert, looks like Claire “The Shreiker” Curran and Trev “The Studmuffin” have got some ground to make up, or is because they’ve baned everyone with a brain from their site.

  • Peter Wilson

    Interesting that Kiwiblogs page views have a close co-relation to site visits. That tells me that users visit Kiwiblog and then leave pretty darned quickly.

  • Greg M

    Awesome, good on ya Cam.

  • Jester

    I pointed this out to LPrent last week and they seem to think you have a bot operating. Typical The Standard respone. Cant be that people enjoy this site or theirs is inferior :)

    • Pffft…how could I have a bot operating, according to the same Lprent I am a technical heathen who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow.

      •  what can a ‘bot’ do..?

        (and no..i’m not thinking of getting one..

        ..they sound nasty..

        ..who would name something after the flu..?..)

        [email protected]

      • Guestosterone

        where is your blog ranked phil?


        thats right

        you’re always here

    • Super_Guest

      I assume DPF has a bot running too? Because it’s just ridiculous that people wouldn’t want to enter a vitriolic cesspit of 1930s politics mixed in with paranoid Green cow-towing. 

      •  “..Green cow-towing..”(sic..)


        [email protected]

      • Bunswalla

        Haha! Phil calling people on spelling and grammar – whatever next!

  • Tony

    When you said “Martyn Bradbury’s little read blog” did you mean “little red blog” ?

  • Mr_Blobby

    Yes. Well done that Man.
    If Phil the pill Whore spent more time working on his Blog and less time here. He would still be bottom of the Bottom 10.


    And the army grows.Good on ya Cam,enjoy my daily dose of whale.

  • Vlad

    Where’s Cactus Kate’s excellent blog?  Is she not on Sitemeter?

    • No she isn’t and doesn’t care

  • Bunswalla

    Some interesting results – the Canterbury Atheists blog is ranked quite highly (37th with almost 7,000 visits per month), yet the last blog entry was made in October 2010, almost 18 months ago…

  • Kiwidon

    Well done WO!

  • Mr_Blobby

    Just been over to Kiwiblog. Fuck me Phil the pill Whore is over there to. Half of the responses in the General Debate are telling him to go away. My Favorite.
    1.      Morning Phool
    391 (Auckland) Minimum wage jobs advertised on trade me this morning.
    I suggest you start applying for them immediately, actually, as one who pays your wages I order you to start applying for them.
    I will be back later on and expect a full progress report.

    •  blobby..blobby..obese-sibling has been saying that forever/every day..

      ..what i find interesting is david garrett there broadcasting the winz dob-line number..

      ..boasting how he has ‘dobbed me in’..

      ..(unsure for what..?..saying nasty/hurtful things about him..?..)

      ..and urging others to also dob me in..

      ..i tried pointing out to the scum-sucking bottom-dweller that the denizens of kiwiblog have been doing that/boasting of doing that..for years..

      (‘and..and..he smokes pot..!’..)

      ..i also pointed out to garrett that often posts say more about the people saying them..than the target…

      ..and that this was such a case..

      ..he didn’t seem to get it…

      ..(and my favourite comment about garrett was this one:..the quote is from a post about reading-ages..)

      philu (11,010) Says:

      April 2nd, 2012 at 10:47 am

      “..I won’t comment on the rumour that Cr Brewer has asked for his papers to be done as illustrated comics ..”

      i understand garrett was the first politician to ask for that service…(quinn was envious..)

      ..parliamentary services had to pop up the road to weta get an illustrator…

      ..i also understand garrett had ‘fave-wit-colours’/characters he liked the illustrator to use..

      ..and was known to clap his hands with glee..if especially pleased at the results..

      [email protected]

      •  (ahem..!..the quote is from farrar…)

        [email protected]

      • Bunswalla

        We don’t care who it was from or about: TL DR CGAT

      • Boss Hogg

        Sorry WO – off thread topic but when the hell will WINZ start doing drug testing before paying any benefits – every week.

        On topic – you are a consistent winner (Not you Phil, I am talking to our host you EGG), keep up the good work.  I suspect you get job satisfaction like never before – isn’t that great !!  Cheers.

  • Doug

    Just hope you E:mailed the results to Duncan Garner?

  • Impressive.

    • lucia..did you hear that one about the pope..?

      ..he really really likes cats.. much so he is a cat-holic…

      ..(there you you can spread safely around the pews..)

      [email protected]

  • Spiker

     Martyn who?

    • Duncan Brown

      At the risk of giving a serious answer to a facetious question:
      Martyn Bradbury
      (I had to Google it…)

  • Work for a living

     And yet as a blogger there’s zero consequences for posting 100% wrong info eh . . . . Must be nice to live life in this bubble.

    • Greg M

      There is 100% consequences for posting wrong info on your blog.
      410837 people stop visiting your blog, and the usual defamation / libel law still applies. Ask Mallard, Little, et al.
      This is why I am a regular here, yes, it can be personal opinion but it is always backed up by facts already out there in the public arena, or inside info via the tip line.
      10% of New Zealand’s population visits this blog every month. That’s a real achievement.

      • Peter Wilson

        This is a great site, but I doubt very much the stats mean 10% of the population have visited the blog in the last month.

      • Greg M

         Fair comment Peter, but you do get my point, 410,000 visits is a lot in one month. Cheers G

  • kehua

    Well done Cam, the legend grows, best wishes and congrats to SB.