Um of the Day

Winston Peters, the old dog, is back to his idiolectual best with this incomprehensible question in Parliament.

The question was what again?  Something, something, Chinese…

Surely not Shanghai penguins again? Perhaps he meant Manchurian Candidate…that is David Shearer.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Too much of the water of life.

    I trust it was a v good single malt?  Laphroiag, Glen Moranje,  Duffstown Glen Livet??

  • Evan Johnson

    Not bad for an pensioner of his age.  I hope you or I would be just as coherent at the same age and after a Bellamy’s lunch.  Hic.

    • I’d be coherent, I don’t drink.

      • Evan Johnson

        Maybe that is your problem Whaleoil!  A nice glass of red wine at the end of the day would settle your troubled mind!

  • Doug_S

    Pure comedy gold!

  • Troy

    I seriously worry about the mental stability of some of our elected representatives – Cunliffe yesterday with his apparent mental meltdown and today with Winston who seems to be becoming more and more unintelligible with the words he is racing to get out.  Surely our mental health system can come to the rescue?

  • i think it is pretty obvious..

    ..he meant to say ‘manchurian’ .. in ‘manchrian candidate’

    [email protected]

    • We know what he MEANT to say Phil; WO said that. But there was a disconnect between his brain and his mouth.

      BTW; did you see his speech in the General Debate? I know you detest racism Phil, so I’d be interested to know what you thought about it…

  • Adolf Fiinkesein

    It’s high time they put breathalysers onto MPs as they enter the chamber.

    Anyone over 0,05 gets to stay away for the day.

    Oh, yeah – and their party loses their vote.

    That furrow a few brows in Wellington.

  • Troy

    I don’t know if anyone saw Shearer in the general debate today, but if you watch closely those he was surrounded by (side as well as behind) they didn’t seem to be energised by what he had to said.  Goff’s head was down and King didn’t interject upon National’s interjection’s as she normally does.  Robertson is itching to be in charge.  Cunliffe looked at Shearer trying to anticipate what was going to come out next and perhaps still in a state of depression over not being selected as leader.  The party really is in an unstable state.

  • Gazzaw

    According to ZB ‘Crusher’ dropped a really good line today when pressed by the media regarding comments made by Shearer along similar lines to Mallard. She was reported on ZB as saying that she would not be taking legal action against Shearer because no one took any notice of what he says anyway.  

    •  Collins was in fine form this afternoon. She absolutely took Charles Chauvel apart.

    • Gazzaw

      Yes, she is obviously deeply concerned about the pending legal action. I had to laugh at Soper braying gleefully on ZB last night that Collins had painted herself into a corner.  I really think that Soper is losing it.

  • Chris

    I hope JK pulls Maurice aside though and gives him an upper cut for his antics today. It was lame and clumsy. The last thing we need (the nats) is someone offering up the same idiocy we are seeing from the opposition.

  • Liberty

     I wouldn’t be surprised if
    Winston doesn’t last the term.

     A strong
    Speaker has clipped his wings.

    He just sits there fuming.

    With the occasional incoherent

    • Michael

       It will all depend on who follows Lockwood as speaker. If they are not as strong, then Winston may do much better.

  • Bob

    I never much agree with his politics or his methods but he used to be pretty sharp and quick witted, now it seems he is losing it all together. I know he likes his booze but I don’t think his current lack of coherence can be attributed to him being drunk, more that years of booze and advancing years has befuddled him generally.

    Are there any parliamentary rules about what to do if a MP’s mental health deteriorates to the point they can’t string a sentence together? Do thet just humor him, smile nicely and nod like you do when your lovely elderly aunt is rambling a bit? Will someone take him aside and suggest it might be better if he sits quietly and has a nap? Has it happened in the past? Cant imagine he is the first MP to lose his marbles…