Um of the Day – Sue Moroney

Asked for her estimates on the cost of Labour’s latest big ticket spending promise, Sue Moroney secured Um Of The Day…


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  • Boss Hogg

    13 seconds – 4 ums or arrs – not bad.

    Wonder if she used the same costing sums that showed the DPB was affordable……..back when we had a small chance of being able to afford such folly.  IDIOTS.

    • Gazzaw

      Moroney must be getting elocution lessons off Shearer.

  • Aaron

    Clearly you missed Craig Foss’ train wreck of interviews on Checkpoint last night and morning report today. Foss claimed taxpayers were getting an amazing deal on the PPP school but then could give no actual figures of that deal.

    • Roger

      Tell the truth Aaron. He said we wouldn’t give the figures at the moment as they were commercially sensitive. He also pointed out the risk for building maintenance shifts to the owner for 20 years and was no longer an issue for school trustees and teachers, who incidentally got 21st century school.  The train wreck was the hectoring non-listerner of a an interviewer, Mercep. He was disgraceful. He kept answering inane questions like what happens if there is an urgent maintenance demand? Really? He was deaf to the point that under state ownership schools were built that leak – the problem is with the owner – the state.

      Both Mercep this morning and Mary Wilson yesterday were banging on about how these PPP owners would make a profit. No mention of the builders of the leaky schools making a profit back in the day when they were building shoddy product for the Min of Ed; where there is no recourse. PPP will be great if only as a risk mitigator.  

  • WayneO

    I love this gem from Hamilton East in 2008. Amazing what a paint roller and a tin of red paint can do. 

    • maninblack

      that is sensational.

  • BJ

    I do worry about the caliber of politicians that think they have the intellect to decide how this countries tax is spent.

    • jay cee

      being a bit mean to steve joyce and bill english aren’t ypu?

  • Bawaugh

    Actually it quite affordable. We can just add another few million to the national debt. I am sure those nice kids will pay the debt off for us. 

    In reality:Extra paid parental leave is nice but we just don’t have the money right now.

    I can think of a lot of better things to spend this money on. How about more support to get women of the DPB and back into work, or what about funding more illiteracy programs in schools, both options have far better outcomes than what labour is proposing. If Labour is going to be in power next time then it needs to look responsible, it needs to show that it is willing to make the tough decisions and at least be able to balance the budget. It needs to be the party of no, as well as the lollies. Labour should be going out and providing an alternative program of book balancing instead of just saying no to everything. National should retort that they are quite happy to have extra paid parental leave, now could Labour just please tell it which kindergartens it wants closed to pay for it.

    • Boss Hogg

      Stop being so nice, how about

      Debt – Gove and personal – crisis
      Law and order
      Out of control gangs
      Killing SOCK’s
      P epidemic through society – still rather hidden – from beneficiaries to the boardroom, it is real

      All the nice to haves for minority groups can fuck the fuck off as far as I can see until we got some serious surplus funds sloshing around from Oil or similar.

      Another topic – I am having lunch with John Key next week in Singapore so All Y’all tell me what our top five issues as a Nation are.

      • AngryTory

         top five issues as a Nation

        Unions – time for them to be stopped.
        Far too much money flushed on benefits.

        Far too much money flushed on bureaucrats.   follow Greece: cap maximum state salary at average wage (35K).

        Socialist indoctrination in Schools: follow Cameron, just allow any school to be chartered, and to charge any fees.

        Socialist healthcare: again, this just has to stop.

        It’s all here:

      • Kosh103

        In other words Tory fuck the poor and protect the rich.

        If thats the system you want, go live in the US.

      • Boss Hogg

        Thanks Angry – Not listening to Kosh on this as they want everyone to be poor……………..Also, not interested in the top five issues from the sand pit.


    • AngryTory

      Labour should be going out and providing an alternative program of book balancing instead of just saying no to everything.

      But Labour is:
       – massive capital gains tax
       – top marginal tax rate – 65% (up from under Hellen – 49% + 1% ACC + 15% GST)
       – corporate tax rate up to 50%
       – pushing super eligibility out.
       – wealth tax 2.5% off anyone who has more than $1 Million

    • Guestosterone

      Corks in a few hundred thousand fannys is what is required

  • Brian Smaller

    Sue Moroney and her ilk are plain dumb. But, the electorate is plain dumber and Labour know that. Promise them enough and they will vote becaue they still believe in the money fairy.

    • Gazzaw

      Totally agree Brian. A lot of people who should know better blathering on Radio Red this morning about undemocratic processes, Bill English not fair yahdeeyahdee………….

    • Alloytoo

      They believe money grows on trees. If it did of course there would be massive inflation coupled with deforestation. Wonder how the Greens would feel then.

    • Dave

      Brian.   Those labour voters you refer to really do believe in the money fairy.   

      They get that the government takes billions in taxes each year, they see their own existence could be better, they believe they have an entitlement to extra, as the government takes billions, so they won’t miss “a hundred extra a week for me”

      Over the term of the last Labour government, the dependent attitude in NZ grew and is so prevalent it is crippling us now.   Please my Key and Mr English……..   Please reduce Welfare, not increase it.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Maybe the way round stopping people having children and go on the DPB or wanting parental leave is to PAY them NOT to have children.

    Pay these teenage girls $100 pw NOT to have children.  Now how much would that save in downstream costs of schooling, health, police etc.

    • Dave

      I think your on to something there captain.   And NOTHING if they have children, and child put up for adoption if they have no means to support it without state assistance.   

  • watching

    I have no problem with paid parental leave BUT as a taxpayer I don’t want to bloody pay for it. Let the employer pay for it and then watch the Sue Moroneys of this world squawk when people in the demographic  can’t find employment. That will and should be the result of this stupid bill. It is NOT the taxpayer’s job (even if we could afford it) to pay for all and sundry to have time off to have babies and yes I have two children and no I did not get funded by anyone to stay home when they were born and nor did I think I should have.