Um of the Day

After playing gotcha politics (when he said he wouldn’t), and getting a lesson in facts by a well-briefed John Key, the invisible David Shearer’s last question today was unbelievably vague – even by his standards.

“Does his answers relate to a sense, that the incidence of a perception of….”


It’s pretty clear the ‘underpants stealing’ strategy is back in vogue and Mallard’s calling the shots.


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  • Macca

    Labours hope of salvation!!!!!  More like Nationals secret weapon! :-) 

  • i did a commentary on this questiontime..

    ..and i gave shearer performer of the day.. was his best showing ever…(and i have been poisonous/scathing on his earlier outings…)

    ..and genter from the greens was the surprise of the day..

    ..she monstered brownlee..

    ..had him running around the room…squealing defensive-inanities….

    [email protected]

    • Boss Hogg

      You done another upgrade from Class C to Class A in that pipe again Phil?

      Perhaps you can walk on water now………..give it a go – at the deep end

    •  Are you sure you were watching the NZ Parliament Phil; Shearer had another shocker today.

      •  no he didn’t..

        ..he’s been bad..

        ..and now he’s been much better…

        ..try to see things without yr ideological-blinkers

        you just sound/read silly..

        [email protected]

    • Troy

      Any chance of writing sentences that follow each other?  As far as Shearer goes – is that really the best he could have done today?  Day by day Liarbour followers will tire of his lack-lustre style – ah, that’s right, the New Labour Party, with old nasty hacks like Mallard included – yeah right.

    • Jester

      Genter monstered Brownlie???

      I think the only people who considered her performance outstanding is you and judging by her face when asking questions, her.

      I’d put her in the same category as Kosh, someone with a self inflated opinion of oneself.

    •  and genter has now done a further number on brownlee…

      ..this time on breakfast television..

      [email protected]

  • Boss Hogg

    Not many comments coming in on this one……..I suspect we are all speechless.

    Trolls – any witty little comments to add about being able to walk on water or such like??

  • Tony

    It looked to me that Key was saying to himself “What the fuck is he talking about”, and then gave an answer that would be appropriate for whatever Shearer was trying to ask.

  • starboard

    “..and i gave shearer performer of the day.”.

    obviously ya standards have dropped further phool…as Kansas said..”carry on my wayward son”

    • dad4justice

      phool was watching thru bonged out eyes that sit in his greenish – watermelon skull. Anybody that watches parliament should be locked up in a mental ward.

    • Mully

       Ah, see now I think this was funnier from Phil:

      “you just sound/read silly..”

      Takes one to know one, I suppose.

  • and how about that genter..?

    ..monstering brownlee..

    ..he had ‘the fear’ in his eyes at one stage..

    ..that brownlee..

    [email protected].

    • dad4justice

      How about giving up the dope – so big Gerry can get you a job doing demo with me?
      Talk about “the fear” you queer. Get a life.

    • Boss Hogg

      Phil, are you “Tweaking” now?  Ease up, or is it too late.  Picking those spiders off your arms now………… out – people in the garden……..Phil….

  • Adybombs

    Look at Hipkins in the background, even he is laughing and looking at Shearer with a WTF? look on his face

    • Fergus

      and hjpkins is dum as a plank.

  • Stevo

    That only shows  a pathetic grasp of the English language and comprehension. Obviously educated by  left leaning teachers/unions.

    • jay cee

      or lowering his standards to keys mangled vowels.

      • Stevo

        Lowering standards (national) = jibberish

      •  Speaking of mangled vowels, Winston Peters gets more incoherent by the week. As if his “Shanghai Penguins” wasn’t bad enough, yesterday he was trying to get the call to ask a “Supplemenshy Quesshin”!

  • BJ

    How could anyone put a sentence together like that – first of all the combination of words don’t make sense and secondly it was missing some important parts of speech to even come close to making it a question.
    As for Winston mentioned by Inventory2 – I think you’ll find that he has got dementia setting in fast.

  • joe bloggs

    Shearer’s utterly out of his depth and knows it… he’s incoherent with performance anxiety