Waste of time

Sydney Morning Herald

It seems that two sporting shibboleths have been slain. Cold Water Immersion and Stretching:

Dr Shane Brun, an associate professor of musculoskeletal and sports medicine at James Cook University: “There’s not a lot of evidence so far that cold water immersion does a lot for physical benefits of people using it.” And even then he was only just warming up!

Dr Brun again: “The physical evidence suggests stretching does not do much to help the body recover … “

My idea of warming up is a couple of mags down range to take the chill off.


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  • Mike Smith

    “stretching does not do much to help the body recover”? Odd, I thought we stretched as part of a warming process to prevent injury. Hmm…

  •  I find that if i don’t stretch my calves, hamstrings and quads after exercise, I get wicked cramps at night. If I do stretch those muscles after exercise, then I don’t cramp up. So, I find stretching after exercise has some benefit.

  • Mighty1

    I understand that stretching takes the place of a warm down, both remove lactic acid from  the muscles.  If there is no warm down, say a walk after a run lactic acid is not removed and causes the cramp/pain experienced later in the day or the day after hard exercise.

  • Raider580

    Played tons of sports , never stretched or warmed up .Never had an injury. Way overrated old wives tale.

    • Peter Wilson

      For those of us that are not champion athletes, like Raider570 is claiming he is, I would say it’s common sense to warm up, but that doesn’t mean you have to stretch. Simple movement I would say is fine.