What a waste of money

NZ Herald

Where is Stephen McElrea when you need him?

More details have emerged about a new local reality series that delves into the lives of young Maori living their dream on the Gold Coast.

The GC – similar to Jersey Shoreonly not so trashy – follows the nine 20-somethings as they work and party hard with the goal of retiring sometime in their 30s.

No on-screen date has been set but the NZ On Air-funded show starts on TV3 sometime soon.

Though the Mozzies – aka Maori Aussies – play hard in Australia’s “ultimate party town” they are focused on business ventures and building their own personal empires.

They have not forgotten their roots and wear their tattoos proudly, acknowledge their iwi affiliations, and use te reo as well as GC slang.

Cast members include single rugby player Tame Noema, musician DJ Tuini, former X Factor contestants Jade Louise and Nuz, personal trainer Alby Waititi and singer Nate.

Their favourite phrases include “mumsies” (meaning girlfriends), “neff” (friend), “creep on” (scoring girls), “publics” (pubic hair) and “what doing?” (what’s up?).


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  • Salacious T Crumb

    Yay. More vacuous, trite shit clogging the airways. The red button on the remote is getting more and more use.

  • Mark

    Why limit it to Maori? I’ve heard there are a few white NZers living on the Gold Coast as well.

    • Rob F

      I think they’re after “Mozzies”.

  • BJ

    Who the hell cares how successful those that have jumped ship from NZ to Aussie are. Give us some programs to show NZ stories of success by staying in NZ and working hard/playing hard – oh thats right – in this country they will be vilified.

  • Fergus

    funny how they seem to make it there, with NO working for famillies, no instant dole, and many govt. benefits denighed to them. But the exact demographic here, seems to have it’s hand out every 5 minutes for yet another govt. benefit payout!

    • Steve P

      Except that Maori who are motivated enough to up sticks and go to Aus are, a fortiori, not the exact same demographic as here.


      Guess its called work or starve.Seems like a motivation method that is working for the Aussies,and the Mozzies.

  • jay cee

    maybe its to show those unemployed,unskilled maori here that there is a better life than on the dole . only thing is you have to go to australia to get it.