What National losing 4% means, Ctd

Very few new MPs unless a new MP is selected in a safe blue seat. In 2014 there will be no path into parliament as a new list MP, and you will not win any marginal seats from Labour.

National is useless at looking after potential MPs, bringing them into the fold early and making them feel part of a team. They are more likely to make them feel like second class citizens.

The second class citizen thinks that they might as well not bother running in a red seat or a marginal for National in a losing campaign when they have no chance of getting into parliament. They will think they will be better waiting for National to become popular again, and run then.


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  • Really, I couldn’t give a fuck if National wins or loses. They’re just another gang of cultural Marxists only slightly different from the other bunch.

    NZ will not be saved by any of the current crop of losers and racially pandering Marxist scum who fill the seats in the beehive.

    We need another option.

    • Guest

      We need libertarians, Austrian economics and a truly free market!

    • Apolonia

       There are other options, 13 parties contested the last election. Most voters are still in ”a ”first past the post” timewarp

      • Boss Hogg

        13 Socialist, left wing parties to choose from.  The centre line has been erased and been progressively moved to the far left by those sneaky fabians and a variety minority interests and only a few like Redbaiter realise the truth of the matter.

        Meanwhile we sink in debt and welfare – this is fact.

    • @BoJangles

       Join up as a state of Oz

      •  Oh yeah, like OZ really needs NZ.

      • Apolonia

         And have a ginga as PM?

      •  (reply to hogg..)

        it’s a pendulum swinging back..

        ..and it is just starting..

        ..that swing back..

        ..we’ve given your ideas a go for the last couple of decades..

        ..and have ended up with a low-wage/economy/galloping poverty-stats..

        ..3rd world diseases..

        ..and all getting worse and worse..

        ..in short..your ideas have been empiracaly-proven to both suck and blow..

        ..and you lot are just wanting even much more of the same..and faster..

        ..just wanting to turn auckland into port morseby…

        ..and new zealand into a dystopia..

        ..no thanks..

        [email protected]

    • dad4justice

      Yes red, another option please, as this socialist pc sideshow is doing my fucking head in!

      • Polishpride

        So if you feel that strongly vote Act or start another R wing party or campaign to can the whole system and start agin with true democracy not this sham we have right now.

    • Red, we are waiting for your political party alternative. Money where mouth is?

      • dad4justice

        Who needs money to change things?

      • Travdog

        dad4justice: figure of speech.

  • Boss, its all explained with great accuracy here-


    • Boss Hogg

      Thanks for the link – the reality is frightening.  The postings following the article are also very interesting, not enough time to read them all though.

      As for Phil above – what the fuck is he on today?   As I have told him before, It is better to be thought a fool………  Oh thats right, didn’t he do some masters degree in political studies.  That must be why he shows such bong enhanced wisdom.

      Cheers – must get on with some work.  No Easter Monday holiday in Friendly Singapore.

  • ConwayCaptain


    Have you ever been to PNG?

    I was there in the 60’s when Aus ran the place and it was well run.

    Then the UN came in and said they had to have independencve.

    Now we have corruption and Moresby is one of the most dangerous postings in the Diplomatic Corp.

    Have the watermelons and the socialists in we will be in the same boat with LaLa ideas and hand outs to all and sundry.

    If the Left got back in again the NZ$ would PLUMMET and people would not invest money here.

    Unfortunately what with Mana wanting Handouts, Liebour would give handouts to all the bums stiffs and no hopers and the Greens with their LA LA policies as to mining drilling etc we would bne in the shit again

  • “If the Left got back in again the NZ$ would PLUMMET and people would not invest money here.”

    You fucking moron, the left have never been out. There’s fuck all investment now. If Labour got back in things would change fuck all. This country is soon to be an utter fucking train wreck and all we can do is sit back and watch it happen.

    • Apolonia

      Red Labour or blue Labour the results are the same.

      A bloated public service
      An ETS to add costs to our exporters, making them less competitive
      Social engineering e.g anti-smacking, minimum wage etc
      Welfare dependency
      Increasing emigration 
      Greece here we come!!!!!!

    • Boss Hogg

      With a tongue that sharp you must be of the female gender.  I won’t be calling C Conway a moron any time soon – I reserve that sort of contempt for real morons, you will know the type I mean.

      • Unless I am mistaken in my memory Boss, your good buddy Conway has been just as critical of myself.

        The fact remains, he does seem to believe that National offers some degree of relief from Labour. Perhaps if you looked at a section of the spectrum extending over a very short distance, maybe that is true, but if you look at the whole width of the Progressive to Conservative spectrum, there’s nothing.

        The Greek goddess above has it right.

        The problem in NZ is that most NZers are so politically blinkered they don’t realise there’s space to the right of the extreme left National Labour continuum.

    • AngryTory

      The simple FACT that everyone forgets is that the openly socialist Barack Obama, decried by most educated US commentators as an unconstitutional communist, with his signature law about to be eliminated by the supreme court 

      is far, far to the right of any party who has ever been elected to Parliament in NZ 

      let alone part of government.

      Just a few simple policies show this truth;
       * invading anti-freedom “countries”
       * drone assassinations 
       * gun ownership
       * capital punishment
       * nuclear deterrent
       * … with a first-use policy
       * cuts to benefits & social security
       * routine strip searches of crims
       * hell, even the unconstitutional mandate to purchase private health insurance (Compared with every NZ party including ACT & Leftertarians sill having some public provision) 

      Yep. Osama is far to the left of ACT & Leftertarians, let alone National! 

    • Polishpride

      Yes if the right got in there’d be tonnes of investment as everything would be sold to overseas investment. Kiwis wouldn’t own anything. all the money would go offshore and we would be in the same position as America –  Right or Left doesn’t matter it is the current system that is the problem. 

  • Kosh103

    All these people bitching about how NZ is a left wing blah blah blah country – I have an answer for you.


    Pack your bags and leave NZ. Go to a country that will give you the Govt you want.

    Your problem is now solved. You are welcome.

    • Boss Hogg

      I have, for a while.  Living in country with a pragamtic government with long term planning, good education, strong rule of law, high personal savings and no welfarism out of control with a population that tend to stay and work in their own country as they are generally patriotic suggests to me that this is a successful formula.  They started from nothing except location.  No productive land, no minerals.  They now have a higher average income than the US or the UK.

      They are the envy of the region.   Figure it out Kosh

      •  He is just totalitarain communist filth. There is no reasoning with such mentally dysfunctional and amoral animals.

      • Polishpride

        And you left why……? 

    •  Stalinist scum.

      • Kosh103

        Would you like me to help pack your bags Red? Ill even buy your ticket. Just tell me where you are wanting to go.

      • Boss Hogg

        Kosh – what is it that you don’t get about successful outcomes on a National level.

        Minority groups are just that and must get attention comensurate to their size/importance – at best.

        Hello – Hello ??

      • Kosh103

        Boss, what about my post dont you understand.

        I am responding to all the bitching and moaning, and there is no right wing in NZ blather.

        If people are really that unhappy with how NZ is run, then they can leave.

      • Boss Hogg

        Kosh – I do get what you say and it does happen – no argument.   I want to come back to NZ in the not too distant future and I just do not agree with the socialists agenda.

        Again – we can agree to disagree.

        I think many NZ based people would be amazed at how many successful Kiwis are currently out of NZ in very senior posts that will, one day, come back.  This may be a yawn to you, but many will invest in NZ in the future and want to see a succesful NZ.  Not a bankrupt welfare state.  Long term socialist policies are proven to fail unless the country has some lucky wealth to prevent bankruptcy – such as Norway and Australia.  You will not get this very simple truth though.

      • Polishpride

        as much as I disagree with what I assume to be your principles and many of your posts you are actually close to figuring out why things are the way they are. The cultural marxism in the link you posted is by design for a particular purpose. It is not some big leftist agenda that has come in covertly. There is a reason there is no much gratuitous violence, sex, sport and other such rubbish in our culture today. It is by design to keep the publics attention diverted from what is really going on what is happening at the top of the world (those in charge) Take a look at the book ‘behold a pale horse’ especially the chapter on true economics…. then you might start to get an inkling of what is really going on and why.      

    • Agent BallSack

      Shouldn’t you take your own advice in regards to leaving? Plenty of gay friendly countries out there. I suggest Iran.