What the NZ equivalent of Fox News?

? Andrew Sullivan

The US has Fox News, some say that the UK has the Daily Mail as the proxy for Fox News in the UK:

A middle-market tabloid, with a daily readership of four and a half million, it reaches four times as many people as the Guardian, while being taken more seriously than the one paper that outsells it, the Sun. In January, its Web arm, Mail Online, surpassed that of the New York Times as the most visited newspaper site in the world, drawing fifty-two million unique visitors a month.

The Mail?s closest analogue in the American media is perhaps Fox News. In Britain, unlike in the United States, television tends to be a dignified affair, while print is berserk and shouty. The Mail is like Fox in the sense that it speaks to, and for, the married, car-driving, homeowning, conservative-voting suburbanite, but it is unlike Fox in that it is not slavishly approving of any political party. One editor told me, “The paper?s defining ideology is that Britain has gone to the dogs.”

But it raises the question…What is the New Zealand equivalent of Fox News?

Another question…is it time for a NZ Fox News to cater for all of us sick of the left wing media and their pink tinted glasses?