What the NZ equivalent of Fox News?

Andrew Sullivan

The US has Fox News, some say that the UK has the Daily Mail as the proxy for Fox News in the UK:

A middle-market tabloid, with a daily readership of four and a half million, it reaches four times as many people as the Guardian, while being taken more seriously than the one paper that outsells it, the Sun. In January, its Web arm, Mail Online, surpassed that of the New York Times as the most visited newspaper site in the world, drawing fifty-two million unique visitors a month.

The Mail’s closest analogue in the American media is perhaps Fox News. In Britain, unlike in the United States, television tends to be a dignified affair, while print is berserk and shouty. The Mail is like Fox in the sense that it speaks to, and for, the married, car-driving, homeowning, conservative-voting suburbanite, but it is unlike Fox in that it is not slavishly approving of any political party. One editor told me, “The paper’s defining ideology is that Britain has gone to the dogs.”

But it raises the question…What is the New Zealand equivalent of Fox News?

Another question…is it time for a NZ Fox News to cater for all of us sick of the left wing media and their pink tinted glasses?


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  • Vikingonmars

    Does that include the pink tinted politics of the National Party as well?

    • dad4justice

      Good question m8.? They’re all the same these days m8 and I gave up watching TV news when Helen destroyed the nation for the sake of the fags like kosh etc..

  • Roger


  • Vikingonmars

    Great, when will it start.

  • Kosh103

    LMAO – anyone who thinks FOX news offers anything close to the truth has rather large holes in their head where their brains have leaked out.

    • ConwayCaptain

      For once KOSH 103 I agree with you!!!!!!!

      As for TV 1 and TV 3 news they like tgheir programmes are CRAP

    • fifibelle

      Agreed – there’s a difference between being right-wing, and being redneck central. Fox is a long way towards the latter. 

    •  Whale- Can’t we get some relief from this braindead moron and his constantly childish attempts at ridicule, (the Marxist’s favourite weapon)?

      Just a constant stream of infantile nonsense. If this empty headed intellectual coward and loser is truly a teacher, it shows exactly why education in NZ is so completely fucked, and most kids come out of it just walking talking uneducated ignorant of history Marxist robots.

      • Kosh103

        Whats the matter RB – are you a hater of the truth?

        FOX news lies all the time.

        All the time

    • Allanspear

      Before you run your mouth off you should do your research. Independent surveys of US networks show Fox news to be the most ballanced and accurate of them all. If you find that unpalatable, just think what rubbish the other networks have been filling your biased head with.

      • Kosh103

        I watch FOX news. It is far from balanced or fair. At absolute best it is a comedy show.

        This is the news station which proclaimed the teen black kid who was shot because he was walking home from the shops was partly to blame for his own death because he was wearing a hoodey.

        If you think for a moment that the red neck bunch of idiots on FOX represent the truth then you need help.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Agree with Kosh, did I just say that?
       NZ news is just regurgitated crap out of America. I would struggle to call it news, more like propaganda.
      Personally I watch other international News chanels like Russia today and press TV, you just have to filter out there local content. But the rest is far more believable.
      When I say local content, the reporting on there elections was bazaar. The presenters were very careful in what they said, you could see the fear in there eyes and the quiver in there voices. Normally they go in boots and all but you could tell, that they just did not want to be there.

  • Vlad

    Apart from its social/political attitude, the Daily Mail adds plenty of pictures of B celebs in bikinis and lashings of sex stories.  But most of all it is brilliantly designed and edited; a model of how to use journalistic skills to go mainstream on the web.  I suppose the nearest we have had to Fox News was the old “Truth” in the earlier Russell Gault years. 

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Agree with Kosh. Fox is the logical progression of our MSM. They were just the first to arrive there.

  • grumpy

    Lets start a campaign to sell TV1 to Fox………….

    • davewin

       Even better – lets get Fox and Sky to sell us Fox Business. As for Red Necked it isn’t, try some of the small Private Channels in the Northern States for that. But there are Red necks here and we deserve to hear a rational discussion of the reasons we should change – or not.

  • Uppity

    New Zealand badly needs a conservative media outlet but Fox News is not the template.  Under Roger Ailes, Fox News is a sour, angry channel where all the conservative commentators march in lockstep.  There is no diversity of conservative opinion; moderate voices are simply not heard.  Republican apparatchik Sean Hannity bashes Obama from beginning to end of his show, Bill O’Reilly promotes himself, his book and his speaking tours, and the “news” programmes either minimise or ignore big stories of the day that don’t fit their agenda.  Fox News sets the talking points for Republic politicians, but what a rigid, desolate set of talking points they are.  It’s a shame, because it really could be a great channel in the right hands.

    • davewin

       Maybe right wing New Zealand hands. Have you had a look at the private station run by Glen Beck for example, or Pyjamas TV. They show some of the possibilities, but the cost to set up??

      •  ..’glenn beck’..snigger/snort..!..

        ..for the clown/comedic-aspects perhaps..?

        ..and the ‘tears’..?

        ..lordy lordy..!..’the tears’…!

        ..always with ‘the tears’..!

        [email protected]

      • Kosh103

        Glenn Beck??? Are you kidding???? He is 100% tin foil hat nuts.

        You need to watch this….

  • ConwayCaptain

    Icf the govt wants tpo sell off assets it should flog off TVNZ, a crap service, crap news,crap reporters.  Everything run as if they are all CELEBRITIES.  Overpaid and under employed.

    • davewin

       I watch 10 minutes of News on Saturday and Sunday Night. That is enough to cure me of their news for the succeeding week.

    • that piece of lewis black on beck is very very funny…

      ..black is very very funny..

      ..i have stuck it up on whoar…

      [email protected]

      • Kosh103

        And it has the added plus of being a true repesentation of Becks level of crazy.

    • Landy

      TVNZ I suspect has a deep dark dungeon.  In there they chain up anyone who shows up with some talent.   One or two have escaped and fled to Australia.  We lost others to early death.

  • What a crap lot of comments. Really, the perceptions above on FOX news are the stuff of infants. It snot “right wing”. Its not even “right wing” or “redneck” (FFS..!!) If anything, it tilts liberal.

    The limp and boxed in views of NZers on the issue shows the impact of (in NZ) not having a real media, but rather a  collection of socialist propaganda outlets staffed by half educated Marxist apparachiks educated in a politically corrupt university system.

    What a basket case country. Anyone with a brain (and who was able to flee) left long ago.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Looking at yr flag are you in the Deep South?????

  • Correction to first para.-

    What a crap lot of comments. Really, the perceptions above on FOX news
    are the stuff of infants. It’s not “right wing” or “redneck” (FFS..!!) Or even balanced. If anything, it tilts liberal.

    •  brilliant..!

      …are you promising to out-redbaiter redbaiter..?

      ..(cd. someone pass the popcorn..?..)

      [email protected])

      •  aww..!!..it’s you..!

        ..so..redbaiternz is yr international-profile name..?

        ..or yr secret name that is secret from yr main secret name..?..whoar..!

        ..we should search under that..?


        ..for more of yr pearls..?

        ..or is that turds..?

        [email protected]

      • joe bloggs

        wipe your chin Phool – you’re dribbling

  • Peter Wilson

    Whale Oil Radio probably comes close to the mark!

  • Bunswalla

    Fox is a parody of a news channel. It is almost funnier, though completely unintentionally, than the brilliant sendups of its content and presenters delivered 4 nights a week by Stewart and Colbert.

    Fox is a joke, and anyone who watches it and believes anything shown on it seriously needs to get a brain, get out more, and get informed. 

  • mara

    NZ media is uniformly left except for Leighton Smith on radio and maybe Larry Williams, also radio. Thank god for the internet for real news, opinion and debate.

  • SerSydney

    LOL I posted this as a comment yesterday
    If we had a Fox News, WhaleOil would be our Bill O’Reilly. In My Opinion.

  • George

    I consider myself conservative.  Fox news irritates the daylights out of me.  Talking heads and blonde bimbos talking over the top of each other.  They are on a par with the appalling henfests featuring Whoopie Goldberg as some species capable of reasoned thinking.

    NZ TV is infantile and shallow.

    In fact television in general is an exercise in infecting your better judgement with depression.

  • Gpdavis

    TV’s a thing of the past. The net is where it’s at. That’s why we have to fight the government censorship and any public broadband ownership.

  • “If we had a Fox News, WhaleOil would be our Bill O’Reilly. In My Opinion.”

    Probably a pretty fair estimate. Both screaming liberals. O’Reilly’s covering for Obama (he’s not a socialist) has been sickening. His lies over Obama’s eligibility to be President have been cowardly.

    I only hope Whale’s threat to move away from the Nat’s is made good. The Nats are the leftists who are really poisoning NZ’s political discourse. No resistance at all to the left’s long term strategies.

    • SerSydney

      I had hoped it would be taken as a complement. “WhaleOils No Spin Zone”

    • Kosh103

      Now its Billy boy??? LMAO  ohhhh dear.

      I am not a fan of most of what Cam believes – however, I will say this for Cam, he is not a liar.

      Bill O’Reily is a liar. He has been caught out a number of times telling lies, as has FOX news.

      Here is one example.

  • There is only one media Conservative worth a pinch of goat shit and that is Mark Levin.

    I repeat, O’Reilly and most of his co-hosts on Fox News are liberals. Hannity may be the only one who is not.

    • Kosh103

      LMAO – ohhhhh dear. RB taking clueless to a whole new level.

  • brett dale

    We have a left wing version of fox news in “The standard” website. Its a mirror image of it.

    TVNZ is also a good left wing version of faux, their journos celebrating david bain getting found not guilty, their sucking up to helen clarke, the total anti americanism they always show.

  • Mr_Blobby

    I’ll take the liberty to sum up the content so far.
    NZ and US citizens are very unaware, of what is really happening out there in the World around them.
    It’s OK I don’t expect you to get it.
    Getting back to the local situation the first step is to shut down the funding gravy train.
    State TV, Maori TV, radio stations, NZ on Air. The whole lot should be told to stand on there own 2 feet. Have no problem if somebody wants to put there point of view out there but pay for it yourself.
    Miss the likes of Stratos but how do you compete with Government funding.

  • Stanferguson

    Interesting. So New Zealand has no news outlet speaking for “the married, car-driving, homeowning, conservative-voting suburbanite.”

    Does this suggest that left-voters are single, carless, CBD tenants? That seems like a close enough description of the Greens.

    It is not broad enough to cover Labour as well. And that raises questions as to why Labour are positioned as anti-marriage, car-hating and unsympathetic to property owners. Perhaps this is why they are on 27% support? 

  • NZ is a communist Marxist country. Most of its citizens are communists Marxists. Its news media is definitely communist Marxist, most easily identified by means of the main factors that identify Marxism today-

    1. Hate the US.

    2. Hate Christianity

    3. Mock smear and defile anyone who is not a Marxist.

    • Kosh103

      Telling lies again RB I see.

    • Boss Hogg

      RB – Good on you for pushing a few thoughts that should wake a few more people up.  I think the Fabian Socialists are the most insidious enemy that we have.  They have managed to repaint the centre line gradually over many years and will try to continue relentlessly.  I am sick of minority groups such as cum drunk, Jizz gargling homos, religous zealots (read climate believers) and the like having way too much influence on national policy and laws that reduce the rights of the majority.

      Keep up the good fight.

      One last thing – If faggot marriage is allowed then the divorce rate will rise with a multiplier effect.

  • Simo

    I picked the HOS this morningand within 30 seconds had put it down, the negativity, the nasty, the hate was within 10 pages. Enough is enough people, time to move the whole show into the blogs and social media. We have decent debate happening now…………just fricking sick “lets just make stuff up” journalism from these repeaters

  • Whereas MSNBC edits a tape in a direct attempt to inflame rioting blacks and suffers no criticism from the lamers queuing up here to bash FOX News.

    What a collection of bigoted ignorant dumbarses.

    • Kosh103

      No, you are the ignorant dumbarse.

      MSNBC is liberal, and put their own spin on things, no doubt there. As does CNN – and all MUST be taken with a rather large does of salt.

       But when it comes to out right lies, no one beats FOX news.

  • Phar Lap

    L o l ,TV3 is owned by Fox.

    • Vlad

      Lol plus, TV3 is owned by a private equity company; Fox has never had any interest.  On the other hand, Fox owns the old TVNZ Natural History Unit & is an excellent supportive owner.

  • MrV

    Richard Armitage on news:

    • Kosh103

  • Blair Mulholland

    The stereotyping and demagoguery of Fox News in these comments really is ridiculous.  It’s a news channel – the people on it lean right, that’s all there is to it.  Don’t get mad, watch MSNBC instead.

    I would dearly love to see a Fox News equivalent in NZ.  If Alan Gibbs had spent his money on THAT instead of wasting it on ACT Party donations, we might have gotten somewhere in the last twenty years.

    •  “…The stereotyping and demagoguery (sic) of Fox News..”


      yes..’the demagoguery of fox news is ridiculous’..

      ..on that we agree..

      [email protected]

  • Phar Lap

    Just watching a great programme on Charter schools on Fox tv NZ teachers should tune in or look away .

    •  let me guess..the program says they are an unqualified success..?

      ..am i close..?

      [email protected]

      • Phar Lap

        You are just  another dumb durk.

    • Kosh103

      I am sure that they have looked deeply into all the real problems that the US is having with these schools, with the picking and choosing, poor missing out etc…

      Or was it the rosey everything is just great FOX news view?

      • Phar Lap

        I have read most of your uneducated diatribe.for such a long time.Sadly you are so ignorant of the real world and what it has to offer our young children in learning.People like you are so pig ignorant, in most cases you should be tested for stupidity and checked to see whoever employs you, should have you charged with taking money under false pretences.

      • Kosh103

        In other words phar, FOX was as one eyed, as far from the truth as one can get as I described.

        Thanks for confirming that.

  • Phar Lap

    Reply to kookoo 103.You should get help as soon as possible.I knew you were sick in the head,but not that sick

    •  phar lap..you do it is the sign of losing an argument..eh..?

      ..being reduced to amorphous ad-homs..?

      ..you had may as well wave a white flag..


      [email protected]

    • Kosh103

      LMAO – ahhhh how typical of a FOX news fan. Cannot deal with it when someone wont swallow the lies they are pushing.

  • Landy

    Yes, there’s a gap in this country’s media.  
    Not sure about the Fox News template.   Fox seems to be starved of cash.   That shows sadly with the line of chairs and three regulars trying to spin out the news.   But it does represent an alternative political voice.  
    Whale would make a natural commentator on such a channel, but where would the money come from?   Rupert Murdoch is running a bit short I would suspect.

  • Landy

    Real scandal:  how uninspiring the Sky offerings are.   When are they going to get Bloomberg and some more foreign material?