Where did he go wrong?

Sydney Morning Herald

Poor old Malcolm Fraser, he is loved more by pinkos than the Liberals:

These days, Malcolm Fraser is much beloved by the left. As readers of Malcolm Fraser: The Political Memoirs (which Fraser co-wrote with the leftist journalist Margaret Simons) will know, the former Liberal prime minister now receives standing ovations from sandal-wearing intelligentsia at taxpayer-subsidised literary festivals.

My, how the mighty have fallen:

But it was not always so. As Graham Freudenberg pointed out in his 1977 book A Certain Grandeur: Gough Whitlam in Politics, “Fraser’s performance in 1975 was one of the most concentrated, single-minded and effective exercises in political destruction ever undertaken in Australian history”.


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  • Robert Miles

    Although Fraser and Muldoon hated each other, in many ways except on the issue of Mugabe, black african dictators and sportin tours on which Rob Muldoon was right- Fraser and Muldoon were the same type of muddle minded paternalist, industry protection backward looking leaders thrown out of office by much more socially liberal and market leaning leaders. It should be noted that both Fraser and Muldoon were at least strong supporter of Reagans foreign policy although Fraser differed in actually buying FFGs and F-18s, ( However TWA spy Chris Boyce told a congressional committee that the CIA were just as keen to restrict top grade US intelligence product supply to Fraser as Whitlam and nothing had changed.) Nevertheless in some ways Whitlams govt was actually more liberal because the brilliant Aus Treasury sec John Stone managed by stealth to abolish import licensing and introduce low tarrifs meaning 40 competitive F5000 cars were m into Aus 1975 and Aus opened up. It was very much against the thrust of Whitlams govt which introduced  a highly bureacritised  control  of social policy and housing permits .

  • Vlad

    Responding to your random mention of F5000 cars in this account of Malcolm Fraser, I would also point out that he had a small but excellent collection of early Lancias.  And as a further non-sequitur, my favourite Australian PM was John Gorton.    

  • @BoJangles

    And as a further non-sequitur