Why Mallard chose a career in politics over banking?

The Local

I think I have found why Trevor Mallard chose a career in politics over banking:

A German banker and his secretary caught having sex in his 56th floor office are facing punishment – not for romping in the office but for wasting work time, Bild newspaper reported on Wednesday.

A colleague walked in on the pair as they were sprawled across the banker’s desk high up in the Helaba bank headquarters in Frankfurt.

But the punctilious co-worker was less shocked by what they were doing than the fact that neither of them had ‘clocked out’ prior to their extra-curricular activities, violating bank regulations.

As far as managers were concerned, the thrust of the affair was not that the pair were getting down and dirty on a desk – but that they were technically bonking on the bank’s time.

Luckily for Mallard, MPs (or Labour Party blondes) don’t have to complete those pesky private sector timesheets.


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  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Just goes to show the Nazis haven’t changed much since 1940.

    I mean seriously “……..the thrust of the affair was…….bonking on the bank’s time.”

    The report must have been written by a Frenchman. 

  • Clever Trevor never moved past a grope in the car park anyway, he’d never make the 56th floor

  • Gazzaw

    I’m surprised that Mike….much travelled ex banker & current wanker hasn’t posted yet.

    Maybe he’s f**ked off back to the UK and left us ignorant colonials to get on with it. Here’s hoping.

  • Pukakidon

    MIke the well traveled banker, was his secretary, bent over the table.


    I thought it was because he can’t count?

  • Robert Anderson

    Oh this stuff happens on the High Commisioners Table in London to if I recall. Wasn’t that “performer” a high ranking National Party Leader?
    Pink is Pink, left or right.

    • Gazzaw

      Robert, I maybe wrong but I thought that it was an ex Labour MP.