Why stop there, go for the Olympics

Sydney Morning Herald

Apparently shearing should be a commonwealth sport…why stop there, why not get it into the Olympics. Perhaps Colin King can be enlisted to promote the sport world wide along Parekura Horomia and then parliament have get some use out of the pair of them:

Federated Farmers of New Zealand spokeswoman Jeanette Maxwell says shearing’s time has come: “Surely, time has come to elevate shearing’s sporting status to the ultimate world stage? One way would be to make shearing a demonstration sport at a Commonwealth Games, if not the Olympics itself … top shearers are athletes who take it to another level.” Cue the boys up the back: “Shearing? Shearing? I’m not shearing my sheep with anyone!”


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  • Mike Smith

    Are they serious about this? Surely not…

  • Mighty1

    Shearing sheep for a day is equivalent to running a marathon, these guys do it day after day..

    • Mike Smith

       My friend grows rice in Japan. What next rice growing at the Olympics?

  • Richard McGrath

    NZ could host the inaugural Shearing World Cup… 

  • Peter Wilson

    Well, they do have shooting at the Commonwealth Games, and Archery at the Olympics…..go figure….

    Of course they won’t have shearing….not enough contestants across different countries to start with.

    • Frederico

       …The shooting targets are made of clay, archery bulls-eyes are wooden boards…what should you think the shearers should use???…1980s car seat covers?
      Stupid idea!….yes the best shearers, as Colin King was, are world class athletes and well deserve the recognition, but their desire for world wide adulation, i’m sorry to say, is selling out and not going to give the shearing profession the boost its looking for!!…IMHO

  • jay cee

    further,higher, faster. is the olympic motto.the only criteria shearing would reach would be “faster”
    how would you manage a herd of sheep to get exactly the same amount wool on each.
    it will be another one of those “sports” that rely on the opinion of judges rather than the measuring tape or stop watch.