Why you can’t have a no rooting rule in politics

Sydney Morning Herald

Lenore Taylor explains why it is almost impossible to have a no rooting rule in politics…it doesn’t stop a no dickheads rule though:

If every MP who has ever had an affair, or ever tried to have an affair, was forced to resign, there would be some empty seats on both sides of federal parliament.


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  • Whafe

    The truth in that statement from Lenore Taylor would have a fair amount of truth in NZ politics as well….

    The old root sniffer dog would have a fair few with a puckered sphincter should they get rooted out by the root sniffer dog….

  • Geez when did politicians get snipped – of course they have sex other than with their spouse just that none of us are likely to be jealous of anyone that had stooped low enough to want to admit to having had one…..

  • Dr Wang

    “Lenore Taylor explains why it is almost impossible to have a no rooting rule in politics…”

    Might be possible if everyone wore Darien Fenton masks?…just wondering…

    • Richard McGrath

      I don’t know… beer goggles can transform the most hideous of visual insults into a thing of great beauty.

  • Blair Mulholland

    Politics is show business for ugly people (unless you’re Sarah Palin or Yulia Tymoshenko).  The options for ugly people getting laid are limited, so what does anyone expect?