Will Labour be forced to do the same here?

Brisbane Times

Contrast Gillard’s government with the Labour party here. Gillard is slashing state sector jobs, yet Labour in new Zealand thinks every state sector job is sacred:

MORE than 1500 federal public servants are set to lose their job, as the Gillard government prepares to release a tough budget in May that could trigger even greater job losses in the bureaucracy.

Most of the initial 1500 jobs expected to be shed will be based in Canberra, and are a result of a government attempt to save about $500 million on public servants. But even more jobs could now be cut as a result of next month’s budget, in which the government will pare back its expenditure to try to deliver a surplus. Public sector unions yesterday warned that cuts that went too deep would ultimately hurt the economy.

Labour are dreaming if they think they can come to power in 2014 and continue to grow a bloated public sector.


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  • Macca

    Labour massively blew out our own public sector during their 9 years to get the unemployment figures looking good – of course 99.9% of left wing voters are icapable of agreeing with that!

    When National says white, Labour HAS to say black!  They just can’t help themselves as they believe that this is the roll of an effective opposition ie. dissagreeing with EVERYTHING the government says – whether its a good idea or bad.

    To that end, I don’t think that Labours own ego will allow them to reverse their stance.  Heaven forbid, we can’t make cut backs of useless jobs!  We’re socialists!  Lets just tax those nasty rich pricks a bit more so they can all leave our shores and then we’ll blame it on Nationals policies!

    • Gazzaw

      How much money does the PSA pour into the labour party coffers? Therein lies the answer to the one of the main reasons for the creation of thousands of extra public service jobs during labours nine years in power. The vast majority of those new employees would have been beholdent to hullen for their jobs and become loyal union members.  

      • The PSA? None. Other unions? A lot, but the PSA is non-affiliated.

    • jay cee

      of course for 9 years national agreed whole heartedly with labour eh? as for comparisons with australia lets not forget that they have a two tier system ,state and federal so there should be room to move on public servant reduction.. 

  • Apolonia

    Blue Labour won’t even do it here!

  • Fergus

    The lucky country…….Oh that was BEFORE gillard (and Rudd).

  • Killjoy

    “Labour are dreaming if they think they can come to power in 2014”

    • Kosh103

      Dont bet on it.

      • Killjoy

        There is no way I’d bet on Labour winning the election in 2014 but thanks for the advice anyway Kosh ;)

      • Kosh103

        Well if this new poll isnt rouge, and is the start of a pleasing trend, it will take very little of a shift for Labour to lead the next Govt.

        Just remember, being the party with the most seats does not make you the Govt.