Will Shearer last till Labour Weekend?

NZ Herald

With Stuart Nash departing as Chief of Staff David Shearer is now left exposed to the underhand machinations of Trevor Mallard, the puppet master of Labour. It was telling that despite continued SMOGs and faux pas like his ticket scalping episode that he went completely un-challenged or even remotely disciplined. Even after falsely accusing and defaming people in parliament and then defaming a minister outside of it Labour continues to give Mallard a free reign. For some reason they think he is a strategic genius, forgetting his utterly inept performance as campaign strategist in the 2011 General Election.

You now have to question whether or not David Shearer can make it through as leader to Labour Weekend, which this year is October 22. Grant Robertson, with Mallard as his numbers man must be feeling pretty confident right now…Labour weekend for Shearer seems a long, long way away…can he make it?

James Elliot in the Herald on Sunday doesn’t seem to think so:

Which brings us back to the living or, rather, also the living dead in the form of Labour leader David Shearer.

To be honest, I felt obliged to toe tag him with the title Labour leader just to help identify him.

He seems to be the least visible figure on the national political scene.

So it was hardly a good idea for him to radically alter his appearance by shaving his head for charity. He needs to be reminded that charity begins at home but right now he looks homeless and everything else-less.

It’s as if he should be on a missing person’s list, reportedly last seen somewhere in Central Wellington with bank accounts and political capital untouched. Maybe he will be added to the drowning statistics, pulled under by one of the many undercurrents swirling around in the Labour caucus. Or maybe he could just be asleep at the wheel, in which case suddenly veering to the right will likely be fatal.

Whichever way it goes you do get the feeling that unless there’s some kind of second coming he could become just another public holiday statistic.

One wonders what odds the TAB would offer on him surviving to the aptly named Labour Weekend.


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  • Whafe

    The invisible man will not even be noticed when he should be gone by Labour Weekend….. The vast majority in Labour like the fact he is the INVISIBLE Man

  • Scanner

    Rather see the headline “Will Mallard last till the weekend” what awesome qualifications he has serial rooter, serial slanderer, serial liar, and weapons grade pest.

    As long as they have this rocket scientist in charge of their strategy they will continue to go nowhere, thank god.

    • Scanner

      I forgot to add “The Tow Behind Toy” Curren who seems to think “Trade Me” Trev is just the ducks nuts (pun intended), together with all the other dead wood / protected species that the Labour party seems intent on hanging onto.

      Whilst mallingerers like King, Mallard, Goof, and co occupy the opposition benches it continues to make the watermelons look good, FFS they need to sharpen up as we will need more than devine intervention if the greens ever get near the steering wheel.

      • Apolonia

        Labour deserve Mallard. At least he’s not in a classroom indoctrinating kids.

    •  With a record like that he’s definitely PM material….!!

  • Polishpride

    If I was Shearer I would be keeping under the radar right now and talking to people in the real world so that he can determine what should be Labours policies moving forward. Any good leader that takes over an entity that was in serious trouble at the time he took over would  spend time understanding the issues and putting in place measures to fix the problems. They certainly wouldn’t let small distractions from the sidelines get in the way of doing that.  

  • Phar Lap

    Every time i hear or read financial comments uttered or muttered by Shearer,i despair.Two things stand out as him being a financial ignoramus.We  have heard his schoolboy comments on the so called paid parental leave vote bribe.His latest is a Capital Gains Tax    in 2014  to pay for a proposed  R and D  vote catching bribe.The estimated cost SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.Wonder how long it would take to gouge that type of money from property owners,Certainly not in a couple of months,seems he is like the fat female known as Moroney all bullshit and jelly beans,firing off at the lip before doing the research.