Will they fund a sequel

Sydney Morning Herald

Despite objecting strenuously to the original film and depiction of Borat and Kazakhstan it seems there has been a benefit to the country:

A senior Kazakh official has credited the comedy film Borat for helping increase tourism in the Central Asian state, the news agency Tengrinews reports.

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen created the fictional character Borat, purportedly a Kazakh reporter, for the 2006 satirical film that represented Kazakhs as misogynist, racist and stupid.

But Kazakhstan has increased the number of tourist visas tenfold since the release of Cohen’s movie, Foreign Minister Yerzhan Kazykhanov said.

“And I thank you that you have attracted tourists to Kazakhstan,” Kazykhahov said.

Kazakhstan’s authoritarian leadership in the months after the movie came called Cohen’s depiction of the ignorant and bigoted Borat as insulting, and not typical of residents of the energy-rich country.

The character Borat’s negative depiction of Kazakhstan returned to international headlines last month when officials at a Kuwaiti sports tournament accidentally played the fake version of the Kazakh national anthem, which Cohen wrote for the movie, in honour of a Kazakhstan athlete’s gold medal performance in a shooting competition.


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  • jackhenderson00

    I guarantee there will be a sequel.

    • Travdog

      Retirement of Borat character
      A third film by Baron Cohen was released in 2009 — based on another of his characters: Brüno, a gay Austrian fashion reporter. Universal Studios is reported to have produced the film with a budget of $42 million.
      Rupert Murdoch announced in early February 2007 that Baron Cohen had signed on to do another Borat film with Fox. This was contradicted, however, by an interview with Baron Cohen himself stating that Borat was to be discontinued, as he was now too well known to avoid detection as he did in the film and on Da Ali G Show.  A spokesman for Fox later stated that it was too early to begin planning such a film, although they were open to the idea.
      Baron Cohen subsequently announced that he was “killing off” the characters of Borat and Ali G because they were now so famous he could no longer trick people.

      That should about cover it……

      • Dabbygabbyknows

        later on? no sequel? a revisit? if there’s a dollar to be made…

      • Travdog

        Well i guess anythings possible. Cher said she was on her final world tour about 15 years ago so……

  • James

    His new one The Dictator” looks good….funny as hell going by the trailer…..

  • Sooty

    They could get more tourist by having a public hanging of Borat. I offer to pull the trap.