NZ Herald

Qantas has apologised for serving up a plate full of maggots. This is David Farrar’s preferred airline now that he is cross with Air New Zealand changing their air points system:

Qantas has apologised to a Melbourne passenger who found maggots in her airline food.

The woman was flying home from the US last week, when she found a packet of trail mix was infested with maggots.

The airline said it has contacted the supplier and is investigating the incident.

I don’t really know why they apologised, that is a high protein meal with more calories than most kids in South Auckland go to school with.


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  • Orange

    I know it isn’t the point of the post, but when I was in Sth Auck the kids would have $20 bills in their pocket to buy lunch with, ie. a fair bit of money but poor budgeting and organisation skills so it ended up being wasted on junk food.

  • BJ

    And this makes the news? I’ve seen maggots in packaged spices from overseas on a supermarket shelf and just suggested the management check them out. Why be a shitstirrer and go to the media?

  • Gazzaw

    What a load of bollocks. Trail mix is just nuts, raisins etc, a bit like what we call scroggin. No self respecting maggot would go anywhere near the stuff. Probably just weevil grubs as found in many a respectable pantry. Good try for a free flight – airlines make such great targets.

    • WayneO

      Yea just juvenile pantry moths, completely harmless. The best pantry in the world can become victim to these little buggers. 

    • Aster

       weevil or maggot its probably the most nutritional snack any airline has served. I take from your post you think weevils are acceptable, I don’t order anything that wriggles

  • Brian Smaller

    Given the quality of most airline food it was probably an improvement.