May 2012

Highly Suspicious

The judge in the Bill Liu case has released his written judgement and it isn’t good reading for Shane Jones.

A High Court judge has ruled that the way Chinese millionaire Yong Ming Yan was granted citizenship was “highly suspicious”.

Justice Timothy Brewer has just published his full written verdict against Yan – also known as Liu Yang and Bill Liu – who last week was found not guilty on charges of using documents to fraudulently gain immigration status and citizenship.

Then acting Internal Affairs Minister Shane Jones granted citizenship despite the Department of Internal Affairs advising against it.

The Labour MP has been stood down from the party’s front bench pending an investigation as to why citizenship was granted.

Justice Brewer said looking at the evidence as a whole, “it proves a situation that is highly suspicious”.


Rob Hosking isn’t so generous:

“It’s clear, from what is on the public record, that the likelihood of Mr Liu passing any objective good character test may be about as high as Kim Dotcom becoming Weight Watcher of the Year”

Here is the paragraph from the judgement:

Txts from New York

the tipline

Jones to leave, Beaumont packing her bags, Ctd

More info has come in to the tipline concerning the imminent resignation of Shane Jones.

It seems he has been talking loud and long up in Kaitaia about his resignation to anyone who will listen.

He has also just recently leased an office in Whangarei in his own name.

Tick tock.

Mental Health Break

NZ Horrid: 31 May


Stairway to Heaven

the tipline

A Fisher Price toy record player from the 1970s playing a custom CNC milled record.

There’s more information on how the record was made and how to make one yourself at

Cat Fight

NZ Herald

Jamie Ridge and some GC slapper are going to have a cat fight:

Jaime Ridge is to take on a bikini-clad reality television star from The GC in an unlikely boxing bout scheduled for July.

Ridge, the daughter of former Kiwis captain and All Black Matthew Ridge, has been training for her televised boxing debut, to be held on July 5.

The 18-year-old is understood to be fighting reality star and glamour model Rosanna Arkle from TV3’s controversial show about “mozzies”, The GC, in the undercard match at the KFC Godfather of Fight Nights.

A source said Arkles was insisting on fighting in just a bikini. Fairfax Media reported the fight would consist of three two-minute rounds, and said Arkle, from Whangerei, flew into Auckland yesterday.

The fight was set to be confirmed today at 11am.

The main fight at the event, to be held at the SkyCity Convention Centre, is between heavyweights Shane Cameron and American Monte Barrett.

Random Impertinent Questions

What does a local community board chairman, drinking and driving and a Manukau Police cell have in common?

Why hasn’t the board member fessed up?

Has this board member had altercations in the past involving alcohol?

Quote for the Day

The Telegraph

Margaret Thatcher is one of the greatest politicians ever:

When Margaret Thatcher was in her pomp, one of her aides was asked what would happen if she were to be run over by a bus. He thought for a moment and then shook his head. “No,” he said firmly. “The bus wouldn’t dare.”

Jones to leave, Beaumont packing her bags

English: New Zealand Labour MP Carol Beaumont ...

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the tipline

The tipline has been humming this morning with news about Shane Jones.

Several sources have confirmed that he is not happy with David Shearer for throwing him under the bus…the word is he even dropped the C-bomb in terse discussions with Shearer. He is set to announce his exit rather than wait around for up to year while the Auditor-General peers into his affairs as a minister.

On that note it is also rumoured that Carol Beaumont is packing her bags to take up her place on the list when Jones exits in short order.

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