20 Years

For The Spanish Bride



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  • Symgardiner

    Nice work!

  • Is that for you and your missus Cam? Congrats if it is, and a nice duo of music videos – My wife and I for 32 yrs now….

  • Rufus

    Cool – great to see it still works.  Congratulations you two! 

    I’m aiming for at least 70 years – my wife’s grandparents managed it so how hard can it be :-)

  • Petal

    Congrats you two!!!  

    Full credit to SB for hanging around your sorry carcass Cam ;)

    I have my own SB, and sometimes I don’t know why I was never put at the kerb with the rest of the recyclables!

  • BJ

    Maybe you should turn off your computer for the day

  • jonno1

    Congrats WO, well done. 43 years for us tomorrow – going to Jersey Boys! BTW, the first 40 years are the worst, so you’re halfway there…

  • Beenthere

    Congratulations Whaleoil, it’s almost embarrassing given the comments above, that I’ve only been married 8 years..

  • wiltinpenis

    Well done Cam and SB – and all you other ‘stay hards’.
    For our 20th, I got the classic heart,rose, name on banner, tattoo on my arm.
    Went down a treat. Go for it Cam!! 

    Now it’s 38 years coming up.