A better sauce bottle

Fast CoExist and Andrew Sullivan

One of life’s problems has been solved by boffins at MIT…how to get sauce from a bottle…quicker and with less effort. I do wonder though how many people will end up with a plate full of sauce dumped on their food?

When it comes to those last globs of ketchup inevitably stuck to every bottle of Heinz, most people either violently shake the container in hopes of eking out another drop or two, or perform the “secret” trick: smacking the “57” logo on the bottle’s neck. But not MIT PhD candidate Dave Smith. He and a team of mechanical engineers and nano-technologists at the Varanasi Research Group have been held up in an MIT lab for the last two months addressing this common dining problem.

The result? LiquiGlide, a “super slippery” coating made up of nontoxic materials that can be applied to all sorts of food packaging–though ketchup and mayonnaise bottles might just be the substance’s first targets. Condiments may sound like a narrow focus for a group of MIT engineers, but not when you consider the impact it could have on food waste and the packaging industry. “It’s funny: Everyone is always like, ‘Why bottles? What’s the big deal?’ But then you tell them the market for bottles–just the sauces alone is a $17 billion market,” Smith says. “And if all those bottles had our coating, we estimate that we could save about one million tons of food from being thrown out every year.”



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  • Would never happen here – too many people in this country would focus on the negative idea of researchers wasting money of such a stupid idea – it just shows – you sometimes have to look beyond the obvious.

  • Captain_Hindsight

    I’d have thought the answer was simple.  Just make the sauces a little more free flowing.

    Still, as all good physicists know, the answer is to swing the bottle in a arc, using centrifugal force to move the sauce to the cap end.  After checking the cap is secure of course.

  • MrV

    Almost as slippery as Winston Peters.