A Good Start, Ctd

Jami-lee Ross spoke on the third reading of the Employment Relations (Secret Ballot for Strikes) Amendment Bill.

He sledged Winston Peters from the get go, then Andrew Little and Trevor Mallard…he has promise….with all that sledging. Good to see good hard sledging of members opposite.

Meanwhile the bill has passed 61-60, and New Zealand workers now have a little bit more freedom and democracy with the forcing of unions to now hold secret ballots for strike action.

The next time the Maritime Union calls for strike action they will now have to have a secret ballot. No longer will the bruthas be able stand over the members.

Well done Tau Henare for ensuring a good start is made on reforming our industrial relations landscape for the better.


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  • Arnold

    Brilliant speech…..bloody harpie women though…..how anyone could be opposed to folks exercising their right to a secret ballot is below me…..where is the MSM on this, i heard nothing! 

    • Troy

      I watched Fenton’s contribution to the debate – what a crow!  Living in the past without a doubt, afraid that unions will fall apart and lose their muscle – the bitch is really fucked up.

  • Timandtim

    Well done whale oil and owl to get the Andrew little comment on employers as parasites in parliament. The highest honor to you both. Any chance of getting Andrew little rebuttal on here

    • Jester

      Just watched Little rebuttal its hardly worth it Tim.

      If he is an alleged Prime Minister in waiting then this country if fucked!

  • Badmac

    Why only 61.60. Didn’t the labour party support the rights of workers to show their bosses what they really want, or does “workers” just mean people who fund the Labour party.

  • Dave

    Of course Labour won’t support it as they are scared the Union Bosses might stop their big donations to the Labour party. Labour don’t really care about workers they are too busy looking after themselves.

  • johnbronkhorst

    agreed….who exactly would oppose this?….Point them out, because they are same people that bleat about democratic “rights”, but would deny workers those same rights.

  • Damn Jami-Lee has the fire in him :) Excellent speech and even better sledge bombs.
    Our next Minister of Labour?
    Good job Jami-Lee

    Oooo he invokes Port of Auckland and damn Labour/Greens are in a roar – ouch must of hit Labour in their collective go-nads on that one

    And I see the Speaker is delivering a few pointers and smack downs to Labour and The Greens on the way out. 

  • Wayne

    Labour are in a shambles, that is blantantly clear – they don’t know what they stand for and, what and whom they support

    By opposing this Bill they have effectively scored an own goal – supporters of “workers rights” – yeah right!!

    It’s all about keeping cozy with their funding source.

  • Owl

    Watched Andrew Little rebuttal – Is Andrew Little for real? – firstly the EMPU has foreign exchange earnings all over their books – so can’t see how he can accuse John Keys of anything there.

    Secondly their Union Executive is decided by secret ballot – isnt this ammendment just a trickle down through the process but finally here is a thought –

    Q: Why do laws get passed like this?
    A: Because there is something inherently wrong with the system.

    We have laws on speed limits because we know if we speed we can kill people.
    We have laws on how medicine is prescribed
    We have laws on drug and alcohol
    We have laws on dogs licenses

    Why because there is something inherently wrong – the ammendment was brought in by an ex-Union officer – Tau Henare – that speaks volumes – he identified something inherently wrong

    What is the problem – none as far as I can see

  • He did a great job of talkin’ all over our favourite TV Labour lady (what do you guys call her?) on this morning’s Breakfast show too…..has he had hair stapling – totally strange look?

    • johnbronkhorst

      Socialist cindy….aka Jacinta Ardern

  • Sheppy

    Watching that debate makes me dread an alliance of Greens / Labour / NZF and friends, the country’d be screwed if they got in. What a sad bunch!

  • Totally amateurish parliamentary procedure knowledge from Roche too. 

  • Bunswalla

    Impressive stuff from Jami-lee. sharp dresser too. Tony Ryall will have to be in his toes…

    This bill and the left’s opposition to it exposes the role and the mindset of the unions for what it now so clearly is. Nobody in favour of democracy, nobody in favour of the rights of workers could possibly oppose this bill.

    The only possible reason for opposing it is that you believe in union thuggery, intimidation, standover tactics and coercion. I guess that’s what they believe in then. It’s clear who’s pulling the strings of Labour, Greens and NZF.

  • toby_toby

    Great speech, Jami-lee will go far. Conversely, wasn’t Denise Roche just absolutely awful ‘untruths’ whine?

    I’m astounded that NZF voted against this bill. I see nothing wrong with the concept of the bill and believe that Labour and Greens only voted against it out of political dogma. They know it is right to allow secret ballots but the unionists simply cannot stomach the thought of not being able to bully union members. That is why Labour and the Greens are vile.

    But NZF? Why? Winston would have you believe that they don’t support Govt or Opposition; that they are against bad legislation. Well they proved that ethos is untrue. They are still pissed off that National wants nothing to do with NZF. I only hope that by 2012, voters will have realised that NZF achieves nothing of worth in parliament and that votes should go instead to National.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    The reason why Labour won’t vote for this, is the same reason why a turkey won’t vote for an early Christmas.

  • Phar Lap

    All the female    screaming skulls .Lie-bour, “Greens” etc etc  were like a bunch of banchees at a wake.The wake was for the mentality of a bunch of sick pathetic losers.Imagine that shower of shit running the treasury benches.Suely our great nation deserves better  future than that lot.

  • Guest

    Cut it anyway you like…Andrew Little still called employers parasites. He is not gods gift to business. He has actually owned a business. How dear he says he stands in the trenches with small businesses men and fight everyday….he is making those employers staff unionized members to come back in a years time and ask for more out their hard working grafting nature as he described.
    Who is parasitic?