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Inventory have a good summary of facts on the Bill Liu affair…this is one bone he has been chewing on and has the best coverage of the whole case:

Nine months before Liu was granted New Zealand citizenship, David Cunliffe received advice from Immigration New Zealand officials. That advise was that Liu was suspected of having multiple identities and multiple passports. On that basis, Cunliffe, then the Immigration Minister was asked to consider revoking Liu’s permanent residence. Cunliffe chose not to take this course of action.
So here are some links to ponder:

NZ Herald 7/4/2010: The citizenship was granted nine months after officials advised the Immigration Minister at the time, David Cunliffe, that dual identities allegedly used by Yan were grounds to revoke his permanent residency. 

Stuff 19/5/2012: Three months later, bank accounts he held in Australia were frozen and in June 2007, $4m was sent to the Chinese Government. Yan was not convicted of any offence – he agreed to the repatriation without an admission of liability – but allegations swirling around him were so serious immigration officials suggested his permanent residency be revoked.

NZ Herald 31/1/2009: By 2007 Immigration officials recommended Liu’s permanent residency be revoked on grounds that he had allegedly provided false information.

NZ Herald 4/7/2009: The citizenship was granted nine months after officials advised the Immigration Minister at the time, David Cunliffe, that dual identities allegedly used by Liu were grounds to revoke his permanent residency. 

And lastly, InvestigateDaily 3/12/2011:
Jones, as Associate Immigration Minister, was presumed to have seen immigration files on Yang Liu, in addition to his role as delegated Internal Affairs Minister. It was in that latter role that Jones gave Liu New Zealand citizenship, against the explicit warnings of officials who told him Liu’s identity was believed fake and that his citizenship application was fraudulent.

Internal Affairs sources have told TGIF that a recommendation also went to the Minister of Immigration recommending Liu’s permanent residency be revoked while it was still possible to do so, but the Minister overturned it.

TGIF spoke to then Immigration Minister Clayton Cosgrove who denied any involvement with the Liu case and said such cases would normally have been handled by the Associate Minister. Cosgrove subsequently told us this week he’d received a verbal briefing from officials confirming they believed Liu’s residency had been obtained fraudulently, and that he was under investigation. But Cosgrove reiterated he had never seen Liu’s file or received any written briefing.

Yet our OIA request to the Immigration Service for the file to Shane Jones recommending residency be revoked turned up a surprise answer:
“Papers of that nature were sent to a previous Minister of Immigration and are withheld,” confirmed Api Fiso, the Group Manager for Border Security at the Immigration Service.

With Cosgrove out of the picture, that left his predecessor David Cunliffe in the gun. It now appears Cunliffe was, like Jones, explicitly warned about Yang Liu’s fraudulent residency application, yet for inexplicable reasons chose not to revoke the Labour party donor’s visa when he had the chance.

There are plenty more links that we could list, but we reckon that we’ve risen to Judge Holden’s challenge, and then some.


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  • Jimmie

    Good summary of dirty deeds done dirt cheap. The only issue I have is the statement

    yet for inexplicable reasons chose not to revoke the Labour party donor’s visa when he had the chance.’Its pretty obvious that the reason why his visa wasn’t revoked and he was fast tracked to Citizenship is because of his donations & fundraising for Labour.

    The shame of all this is that the ex-ministers themselves are not in the dock with Liu.

    A dodgy Chinaman trying to buy his way into NZ is one thing, Ministers of the Crown accepting his bribes is something else entirely.

    Also where was Ms Clark in all this? She was supposedly the boss of these guys and I’ve got 5 cents that says that she knew all about it – Liu must have had some hold over them all for what they did.   

  • Russell Belding

    It must be hard to resist easy party donations. Kim DotCom’s flowers and fireworks and Bill Liu’s dollars. Unspoken and tacit agreements might be involved. The trail of influence might be hard to track done. WO has a list here that suggests David Cunliffe and Shane Jones appreciate campaign funds. Another publice service from WO. Thanks.

  • Cheers for the link WO. There is a real stench over this whole Bill Liu case, with neither Cunliffe nor Shane Jones looking as though they have displayed (at best) good judgment.

    Interestingly, the Herald has broken its silence this morning, to announce that David Shearer doesn’t think that this is “as serious” as the John Banks allegations. So much for his commitment not to indulge in “gotcha politics”. 

    • Argon

      You should give Shane Jones a break, now the tax-payer is no longer picking up his ‘movie-buff’ tendencies someone else will have to.

      You also might want to check your summaries for 7/4/2010 and 4/7/2009 they would appear to be identical.

    • ” David Shearer ……. commitment not to indulge in “gotcha

      I am so over this argument guys – WTF? – if we applied the “we’ll never do this type of thing” to any parliamentary party they’d never open their mouths – it’s like fifty years of Irish arguing over who started the fighting…..

  • ConwayCaptain

    This is smelling as much as a 5 day old dead snapper

    • Gazzaw

      Casper doesn’t think that there is any cause for concern. Let’s hope that JK has the gonads to go for the jugular. The public deserves an answer.

  • johnbronkhorst

    So I was right!!??…There is NO END to lengths and corruption that labour will not stoop to, in govt or opposition, to attempt toget or keep the reigns of power. Funny how that is what they ALWAYS accuse National of. Someone once said to me…..”Careful about tarring everyone with the same brush, as you are likely to get some on YOURSELF!!!!!!!

  • Pukakidon

    This is rank.    These corrupt politicians seem to have no bounds.  This behavior needs to be smashed as soon as possible.  We are becoming as corrupt as the Asian countries where bribes and back hand deals are now expected or have become common place.

    I am sick of the Labour jerkoffs moaning when an arsehole like John Banks has been doing back hand deals with a foreigner in our country and then they try and justify the same action of their  corrupt political party.

    I don’t care what party these vermin are from, there needs to be direct action taken. Bankshas been proven to be a devious bastard and although he has not done anything illegal his honesty has been found wanting, there needs to be an immediate bi-election to clean this dick out.  This immigration corruption is a disgrace and needs to be investigated by an independent body and anyone involved should lose their job and/or do some time inside. 

    This is another reason why people are moving away.  This country is becoming a joke and more akin to a third world country than first world.

  • parorchestia

    Terrible.  What a dreadful action by the LABOUR Minister.

  • AngryTory

    So Jones, Cuntliffe, Cosgrove, King, Goff, Cullen & Hellen should be in Paremoremo for 14 years. 

    • Russell Belding

      No AngyTory! Too severe. Pare was not built to handle this sort of load.

    • Pukakidon

      The useless leader of the Labour party Shearer condones this dishonest behavior.   The guy is an ineffectual do nothing, who is letting his party run amok.

  • Apolonia

    Follow the money.

    • Le Sphincter

      We did . 2 payments of $25,000 as requested.
      And Banks did again when touting for the Act party according to the party president

      • Phar Lap

         How about the $200K put in the bucket in the Jade cafe.All donations of course,at that time there were 4 Lie-bour Cabinet ministers in the building shaking hands with Asian diners.All anonymous of course ,just like our man for all reasons and seasons John Banks,anonymous donations.Not often you are right,and as usual you are wrong again.

  • Phar Lap

    Listen just after 5 tonight on the Larry show.Hear Shearer eat his lies.

    • Le Sphincter

      Caught out  again by the ‘Cry me a river’ Williams  who touts  these fake interviews all the time.

      Its only a call to the office  of  such and such  and someone says we will  call you back. No commitment !

       but Leisure Suit Larry runs it up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes.

      •  Le Sphincter is talking out his ar**hole again. Williams did indeed interview Shearer, and it’s quite likely the worst interview Shearer has ever given. Williams absolutely sliced and diced Shearer. I almost felt sorry for him.

  • davcav